Vintage Fashions & Furnishings

“Vintage” sales have been proudly promoted on our catwalk of auctions for several years and have been titled as such for many seasons. We identified a gap in the market for auctions dedicated to costume and textiles in the late 1990’s and have held several specialist sales each year ever since.

The fashion for vintage clothing is firmly in the spotlight. Currently this trend is encouraged by top designers who include “the look” in their collections and which is emulated by high street names; fashion writers encourage the “mix and match” approach to wardrobe management and the need for “thrift” in today’s economic climate is also harnessing an appreciation for clothing from the past with inspiration gleaned from times of rationing. Associated with this is a revival in the organisation of tea and hanger dances; many garments and accessories such as dresses, hats, gloves and shoes (especially from the 1940’s) are bought to be worn.

The public’s insatiable appetite for watching period dramas necessitates the sourcing of period garments and costume accessories by film and television companies. This extends to soft furnishings and interior feature pieces and these are also of interest to private collectors, interior designers and specialist retail outlets.

Three “Vintage Fashion and Furnishings” sale are held every year managed by Debra Brown who transferred to TW Gaze having worked in the Costume Department of the BBC.

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