Vinyl Records

Tomorrow we will be holding our Vinyl Record & Musical Memorabilia Auction from 10am; so we asked auctioneer and valuer Rupert Willows to tell us about his favourite lot.
Big Star are perhaps the ultimate “cult band”. Although they never achieved massive sales (in part down to poor distribution from Stax) they are a group that command devotion from their loyal fans.
I first discovered their music in a record shop in Wellington, New Zealand on an adventure in my early 20s. Being alone on the other side of the world and feeling a little bit fragile I picked up the CD compilation of their first two albums, #1 Record and Radio City “featuring the excellent September Gurls” the hand written sticker on the case read.
Their heartfelt power pop became the soundtrack for the rest of my trip and has always been something I have come back to when I’m feeling pangs of nostalgia.
Flicking through boxes and boxes of records for the upcoming Vinyl Records and Music Memorabilia sale I was excited to come across a copy of the hard to find September Gurls 7” single. This record is a perfect entry point to a brilliant band and would make a fantastic addition to any collection of records.