Preparing for your Valuer Visit During COVID19

Preparing for your Valuer Visit During COVID19

Essential Guidance to be Followed

During these unprecedented times, there is a need to make both our customers and valuers feel safe and comfortable during the valuation. This document is intended to allay any concerns and help to make the safety requirements of the visit clear and concise.
Some of the following points may not be directly applicable to your appointment, but as the valuer’s visit approaches, we ask that you take the following relevant points into account:

On the lead-up to the visit…

- Should you exhibit any COVID19 symptoms (including fever, loss of sense of smell / taste or a persistent cough), we ask that you contact the auction rooms on 01379 650306 and cancel the valuation visit. This can be rescheduled at a later date.
- Where possible, please lay out small items on display (e.g. on a table or bed). No “rummaging” or unpacking is to be undertaken by the valuer.

On the day of the visit…

- The initial meet and greet is to take place on the doorstep, garden or in a well-ventilated area.
- Where possible, please leave doors open for clear access and windows open for ventilation.
- A maximum of two people allowed to meet the Valuer at the property. We ask that remaining members of the household, particularly children, have no contact with the valuer and isolate in another area of the house.
- After the initial meet and greet has taken place, the client can either isolate in another area of the house or leave the property until the conclusion of the visit. Alternatively, we ask clients to wear their own PPE (personal protective equipment), for example gloves and mask if deemed necessary and if 2m distancing cannot be maintained.
- The debrief is to take place in the garden (weather-permitting) or in a well-ventilated area / room with social distancing taken into account.
The precautions our valuer will be taking on the day…
- The Valuer will be equipped with appropriate PPE prior to entering the premises. Protective gloves (and a mask if deemed necessary) will be worn for the duration of the visit.
- The Valuer is supplied with equipment including antibacterial gel and wipes to sanitise where necessary.
- The Valuer will be observing social distancing rules and keeping the amount of items handled to a minimum.

Additional Information:

- Our aim is to ensure you feel safe and comfortable throughout the valuation process.
- Please have a conversation with the Valuer if you are unclear about how they are operating.
- The valuer will also appraise each visit and reserve the right to stop the instruction and leave the premises if deemed unsafe.
- It is the client’s responsibility to sanitise where necessary following the valuer visit.