When the Green World’s your Oyster, Celebrate with Pearls

When the Green World’s your Oyster, Celebrate with Pearls!

By Elizabeth Talbot

The word “pearl” suggests either a silky sphere or the colour white in a range of tonal variants; we envisage precious gems, formed within marine oysters or freshwater water mussels, and expect them to be perfectly creamy/white. However, pearls (whether saltwater or freshwater) naturally occur in a variety of body and overtone colours, (some of them highly sought after and therefore very expensive), including gray, purple, black, pink, champagne, chocolate, blue, lavender, and – very appropriately in this context - green.

The pearl is the traditional symbol for a 30th anniversary and 2021 marks the 30th Anniversary of Salvo, a go-green motivated entity of specialist network and platform combined which, since its inception in 1991, has had as its mantra “Reclaim, Reuse, Repeat”. As it says on its website:

“Salvo is the marketplace for architectural antiques, garden, decorative, salvage and reclaimed building materials. Salvo was established to promote the reuse of materials from demolition with the aim of reducing the amount of salvageable material that ends up in landfill.

Salvo is a resource that supports the reclamation industry by providing demolition alerts, a worldwide directory of salvage-related businesses, fairs, for sale listings and Salvo online shop, where you can buy from trusted Salvo Code dealers.

Salvage has always been appreciated for its connection with history, but it should also be increasingly appealing for the environmental benefits of reuse and its essential relationship with our future.”

To celebrate its special year, Salvo is to staging Salvo Fest, a four-day digital festival of reclamation and reuse, with videos, demonstrations, and events, taking place 16 – 19 June. As well as covering architectural salvage, antiques, and reclaimed building materials, they are introducing reclaimed fashion and home fashion - setting the scene for Salvo’s next 30 years as the resource for reuse, to help people not only build, but dress their home and family for a positive world future. See www.salvoweb.com.

Having interacted with Salvo for the last three decades, TW Gaze Diss Auction Rooms are pleased to announce that they will be hosting the closing event of the festival: a special Architectural Salvage & Garden Statuary auction on Saturday 26 June at their premises on Roydon Road, Diss. The auction contains approximately 600 lots of fine features for house and garden, prime project ingredients and finishing touches; an extensive selection to appeal to all tastes and pockets. Fully illustrated catalogues and auction information will be found at www.twgaze.co.uk. Further enquiries to sale organizer, Robert Kinsella, r.kinsella@twgaze.co.uk.