Go Green with the Shine & Glitter this Christmas

Go Green with the Shine & Glitter this Christmas 

By Elizabeth Talbot


Sparkle, excitement; even a horse or two!!

‘Tis panto season, how very true;

But the preview here, of that and this,

Is for the auction at TW Gaze in Diss!


Christmas 2022 is going to be testing and probably tough for many, if not most, of us. However, in my experience, the human spirit has a way of defying the worst interpretation of a situation to make the best of things. So, as was demonstrated by the statistics on spending during Black Friday last week, austerity is possibly boosting people’s determination to enjoy Christmas, if nothing else!

Spending in commercial outlets is essential and there are many things that we can only acquire on the High Street, be that the physical or the virtual one. However, there is nothing like an auction-rooms for providing uniqueness when it comes to buying something special, either as a gift for a dear one, or a festive feature for festooning your home. You might even find a treat for yourself!

Not only can you source something quirky, individual, characterful, and stylish, but you can find beauty, lasting quality, value for money and investment potential. Plus, in modern parlance, the purchase of pre-loved items rather than brand new is better for the environment and doesn’t have to equate to a large price-tag. In addition, there is the adventure which accompanies the seeking, finding, and chasing of a lot when buying at auction, which cannot be rivalled in other purchasing scenarios; not-to-mention the satisfaction to be had recalling, and the fun to be had recounting, how you undertook to secure the gift.

So, look no further than TW Gaze Diss Auction Rooms, which are hosting their annual two-day Christmas spectacular on Thursday 8 & 9 December. On day one alone of their annual Christmas Special sales, there are over 700 lots of treasures, beautifully displayed in the Waveney Room: a veritable Aladin’s Cave of silver, jewellery, clocks, luxury watches, fine art, rare glass, ceramics, and decorative pieces, including an extensive private collection of exquisite antique scent and vinaigrette bottles. It is impossible to represent the whole ensemble adequately here, and not everything that glitters is gold; but nestled amongst the shine and glimmer, stable-mates to a pair of life-size mid-20th Century Indian carved and stained wood Marwari horses (which graced someone’s sitting room until very recently), are plenty of pieces to catch the eye.

For example, an 18th Century rent table of octagonal form is an unusual enough piece of furniture these days, but the fact that it is decorated all-over with scrolled foliate marquetry makes it extraordinary. Granted, it needs restoration, but it is a gem, estimated at £1,800 – 2,400. For tables of the dining variety are all manner of tasty-looking additions to ensure your board is dressed to impress, including eye-catching china services, vintage cutlery, serving utensils, dishes, and napkin rings. The boldest piece is a magnificent silver plated on copper domed meat / turkey warmer by James Deakin and Sons, with gadrooned and beaded rim, the hollow base-platter intended to be filled with hot water to keep the meat warm. A piece of Victorian inventiveness, the simplicity of the design makes it usable today; but the weight, even without a bird, makes it a two-person lift! However, at £200 – 300, it sounds tempting. Meanwhile, for the cheese course, a selection of unusual pieces of Doulton Lambeth includes a Stilton cheese dish and cover, incised sgraffito with lions, horses, stags, deer, and donkey, "Ye Fable", by Hannah Barlow. Distinctive in style, the Doulton buff-coloured ware is highly prized, especially when decorated by important artists such as the Barlow sisters, who were famed throughout their employ at the factory in the late 1800/ early 1900’s. This piece is estimated at £400 – 600, so not to be sniffed at. There is also a similar Doulton/ Barlow oil lamp, one from a selection of rare lamps; others include Nailsea glass and very pretty porcelain.

For those in search of liquid gold, there is a veritable array of wines and spirits, especially whiskeys, and this is obviously the perfect time to indulge! Decanters, claret jugs and sets of light-catching drinking glasses round off the menu of delights. So, if you crave interactive entertainment, live drama, and colourful characters, this could be one of the best shows in town. “Oh no it couldn’t!” “Oh yes, it could!” You can also buy a souvenir of your great day out: fully illustrated catalogues are to be found at twgaze.co.uk, with details of viewing and Café 1857 open on site. 



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