Breaking with Tradition after 163 Years!

Breaking with Tradition after 163 Years!

by Elizabeth Talbot

Friday is the day, under normal circumstances, TW Gaze holds its weekly auctions; every week except Good Friday, when we sell on Maundy Thursday, and the one Friday we miss at Christmas. We hold sales on many Thursdays throughout each year plus hold a couple of Saturday sales most months, too.

Not since its founding in 1857 has TW Gaze been unable to hold its auctions. We provided unceasing valuable services to the community throughout both World Wars and even the Great Depression did not stop us.
For those for whom our regular auctions set life's rhythm, feed a passion, or provide a social hub, our absence will take some getting used to. We're missing you, too. However, the important thing now is for us all to stay safe and well. Our auctions will be up and running just as soon as possible and we look forward to welcoming you back then.

To fill the void, if any of you have fond or funny memories or images of Diss Auction Rooms to share, we'd be delighted to receive them. Please email


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