Charity of the Year 2020

We are pleased to announce the TWG Charity of the Year 2020 will be Pancreatic Cancer UK

Lisa Dennis (member of our Auction team) writes:

“I am over the moon T W Gaze has chosen Pancreatic Cancer UK to sponsor as their charity this year.

I have worked at T W Gaze for a few years now, at the auction rooms you will see me on a Thursday, it is an enjoyable job interacting with the public, our regular customer's and of course the wonderful world of everything that comes into our sale rooms to be sold on and loved again.


Why Pancreatic Cancer, well I imagine if you sit and think for a moment you will of known or have loved somebody who has died with this terrible cancer.

I lost my husband to this cancer 23 years ago, a young man at the time.  What he suffered from this illness was extreme, due to the fact it is so hard to recognise the early signs even by healthcare professionals and of course ourselves.

Early signs for this cancer are crucial.  There has been little funding and research into pancreatic cancer for the past 40 years, due to this the survival rate has flatlined.

Awareness and research = survivors.

So the opportunity to raise awareness as well as money by TWGaze choosing this little known about cancer this year is fantastic.    There are Pancreatic cancer pins you are able to buy in our offices and collection boxes for you to support this cancer with us."