Auctioneer Elizabeth Talbot Meets Local Author Jenni Keer

Local author Jenni Keer celebrated the publication in paperback form of her second book with a special event at Diss Auction Rooms last Thursday.

“The Unlikely Life of Maisie Meadows” was released initially as an e book in the summer and has subsequently been turned into a paperback edition. The backdrop to the story is a provincial auction house and Jenni gleaned much of her insight into this world by visiting TW Gaze and talking at length with auctioneer Elizabeth Talbot and her colleague and Modern Design specialist, James Bassam. “James’ vast knowledge of his subject greatly influenced elements of the story” admits Jenni. “My husband restores antique furniture, but I knew nothing of post-war art and design. As soon as James started showing me pieces consigned for his sales and explaining their significance I was hooked.”

The audience at the “Meet the Author” and book-signing event sat and listened to a very entertaining conversation as Jenni was interviewed by Elizabeth about the book and its inspiration, about Jenni’s life, her passion for supporting libraries and what it takes to become a published author. There were Q & A’s and plenty of audience interaction. Elizabeth said “It was a pleasure to be able to host this very special evening in honour of Jenni’s book. James and I were delighted to be able to assist Jenni from the early days as her story took shape and it has been quite an interesting experience to witness the creative process from a privileged vantage point. It is great to be able to support a local author and we had fun setting the stage to reflect some of the main themes Jenni incorporates (and yes, the gnome is relevant!). What’s more, I can now add “interviewer” to  my CV”. The event was free but donations were taken for the East Anglia Air Ambulance.

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