An amazing fantasy

Fans of the superhero genre will probably have a favourite version of the Spiderman story. Maybe a favourite actor who played Peter Parker across the numerous film and television versions, and in many cases this will relate to the first time they became aware of orphan Peter and his journey to superhero.

So what about the first time he ever appeared? Well that was in an anthology comic book series called Amazing Fantasy. The brain child of writer-editor Stan Lee and artist Steve Ditko, he first surfaced in issue #15 in August of 1962, during a period called the Silver Age of Comic Books. You will not be surprised to hear that this comic is now much sought after for collectors of all things Spiderman and when copies surface on the open market they create a fair bit of interest; Superhero collectors being a voracious breed.

Therefore, with interest appropriately expected across the whole world, on Wednesday 1 June at 2pm we are expecting some very competitive bidding when we hold a single owner collection of Silver Age Comics. A focused sale, it includes a Marvel Comics "Amazing Fantasy" No. 15 (1962), pence copy, which will close the sale. There are other lots of interest for Hulk collectors and Iron Man fans, and the sale will be available to view on Tuesday 31 May 10-4pm and from 8.30am on the sale day. The catalogue is available to bid on live through the-saleroom or commission bids can be left via


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