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Available to view Friday 16 July 9am-12noon. By appointment on Monday and Tuesday of sale week and from 1pm on saleday.

Location: The Deben Room
Date: 22nd July 2021
Starts: 2:00 pm

Lots in auction: 405
Online deadline: 22nd July 2021, 1:30 pm
Contact: Rupert Willows

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Lot 5001 – Sale Price: £80.00

THE ROLLING STONES: A Rolling Stones '66 tour poster 51cm x 72cm (a/f - torn along creases, pin holes and marks to corners) together with a large Pace International poster of Mick Jagger at Hyde Park 131cm x 85cm, Corgi Books 'Mick Jagger Is Ned Kelly' booklet and Decca discography booklet (4)

Lot 5002 – Sale Price: £12.00

A large Bob Dylan Birmingham NEC Never Ending Tour poster, approx. 150cm x 50cm

Lot 5003 – Sale Price: £130.00

Two 1950s/60s autograph books containing autographs by Benny Hill, Honor Blackman, Barbara Shelley, Lionel Blair, Max Bygraves, Eric Sykes, Tommy Cooper, Tom Courtenay, Alan Freeman. One page beaing a full set of Beatles signatures, believed to be secretarial.

Lot 5004 – Sale Price: £48.00

ELADIO RIVADULLA: A framed and glazed screen printed film poster 'Los Que Tuvieron Coraje' starring Dirk Bogarde and Akim Tamiroff, 1954, 84cm x 63cm

Lot 5005 – Sale Price: £100.00

A framed and glazed Pietro Psaier Factory Proof print of John Lennon, bearing signature AP Andy Warhol 15/25, 75cm x 59cm

Lot 5007 – Sale Price: £95.00

A framed and glazed Mouse Studios psychedelic poster 'Family Dog Presents 13th Floor Elevators + Quicksilver Messenger Service, Avalon Ballroom San Francisco', pin holes to corners, 49cm x 35cm

Lot 5008 – Sale Price: £20.00

Two 1970s Brain/Metronome posters; Grobschnitt (87.5cm x 52cm) and Novalis (59.5cm x 84cm) (2-both unframed and rolled in original mail order tube)

Lot 5009 – Sale Price: £600.00

A 1960's Osiris OA114 Pink Floyd CiA V UFO psychedelic poster designed by Hapshash & The Coloured Coat (Michael English and Nigel Waymouth), unframed 75.5cm x 50cm

Lot 5010 – Sale Price: £22.00

'The Art Of Stuart Sutcliffe', a framed and glazed print of an abstract painting by the original Beatles member, with replica report letter from Eduardo Paolozzi

Lot 5011 – Sale Price: £200.00

A framed and glazed 1960's 'I Was Lord Kitchener's Valet' poster from the famous Portobello Road Boutique, 74cm x 48cm (a/f)

Lot 5012 – Sale Price: £48.00

A reproduction Osiris OA103 psychedelic poster for The Jimi Hendrix Experience at The Filmore, designed by Hapshash & The Coloured Coat

Lot 5013 – Sale Price: £15.00

Three music related books to include 'The Crack In The Cosmic Egg; Encyclopedia Of Krautrock, Komische Musik & Other Progressive, Experimental & Electronic Musics From Germany', 'The Story Of The Blues' by Paul Oliver and 'Music Master' record catalogue (3)

Lot 5015 – Sale Price: £38.00

BRIAN ENO: An Island Records Eno press kit including promo photograph, biographies etc

Lot 5016 – Sale Price: £28.00

Fourteen assorted Bob Dylan related books and magazines including Oh No! Not Another Bob Dylan Book, Tarantula, Rolling Thunder Logbook, Isis fanzines, Leyandas (Argentinian) etc

Lot 5017 – Sale Price: £190.00

FRANK ZAPPA/MOTHERS OF INVENTION: An original production script for the 1971 film '200 Motels' (a/f- front board loose, generally worn and dirty) together with '200 Motels' 2xLP, UDF 50003 (media VG/VG+, sleeve VG+, with booklet, no poster)

Lot 5020 – Sale Price: £15.00

Assorted sheet music, magazines, tour programmes and other music ephemera including The Beatles, The Who, Frank Zappa, Cambridge Folk Festival etc

Lot 5021 – Sale Price: £10.00

An Elvis Presley book and collectors plate, Beatles mug and plate and a novelty guitar shaped clock

Lot 5022 – Sale Price: £50.00

A framed Elvis Presley 'Loving You' replica gold disc, ltd edition 16/250, Cliff Richard 'Living Doll' replica gold disc and framed Westlife CD single with autographed picture (3)

Lot 5031 – Sale Price: £160.00

A Simon & Patrick cedarwood acoustic guitar with soft case

Lot 5032 – Sale Price: £20.00

A Leviathan Guitar Co. DG-4 NL acoustic guitar with blonde natural body and tortoiseshell effect guard, shaped bridge, soft case

Lot 5033 – Sale Price: £5.00

A Tatra Classic classical acoustic guitar, soft cased

Lot 5035 – Sale Price: £190.00

A DeArmond M-75 electric guitar, serial number 8019049

Lot 5037 – Sale Price: £12.00

Two harmonicas including 'Echo' and 'Super Chromonica' by Hohner

Lot 5039 – Sale Price: £28.00

A Leslie Organ speaker cabinet with Jensen Special Design Speaker type C12N

Lot 5040 – Sale Price: £240.00

A Marshall JCM 2000 amp head and Marshall 1960 cab with leads and channel selector

Lot 5041 – Sale Price: £250.00

A pair of Rogers Studio 1a speakers

Lot 5043A – Sale Price: £25.00

A Technics RS263AU cassette deck

Lot 5044A – Sale Price: £250.00

Five Arcam hifi items to include Delta 70 CD player, Alpha 6 amplifier, Delta 290 amplifier, Delta 280 tuner and Alpha 5 Plus tuner

Lot 5045 – Sale Price: £35.00

A pair of TDL RTL2 floor standing speakers

Lot 5046 – Sale Price: £65.00

A Marantz CD65II compact disc player, Sony DTC-690 Digital Audio Tape (DAT) deck and Pioneer CT-200 cassette tape deck (3)

Lot 5047 – Sale Price: £320.00

A Leak Trough Line II FM tuner, Variscope Stereo and Stereo 20 amplifier (3-a/f)

Lot 5048 – Sale Price: £60.00

A Tascam DA-30 Mk II tape recorder

Lot 5049 – Sale Price: £70.00 (inc)

A boxed Yamaha AX-400 amplifier and K-142 cassette deck (2)

Lot 5050 – Sale Price: £18.00

A 1970's HMV model 2346 teak radiogram

Lot 5051 – Sale Price: £25.00

A Numark CDMIX1 professional CD mixing console

Lot 5052 – Sale Price: £60.00

A pair of Monitor Audio MA6 speakers

Lot 5053 – Sale Price: £12.00

A pair of Mission bookshelf speakers

Lot 5054 – Sale Price: £35.00

A Philips CDR 950 audio CD recorder

Lot 5055 – Sale Price: £22.00

A Hitachi SR 503-L stereo reciever

Lot 5056 – Sale Price: £45.00

A Wharfdale Vardus VR10 surround sound system

Lot 5057 – Sale Price: £32.00

A Diesis DA310 integrated amplifier and Diesis DA300 power amplifier (2)

Lot 5058 – Sale Price: £80.00

Three Leak hifi items to include a Delta 75 receiver and two Delta 30 amplifiers

Lot 5059 – Sale Price: £10.00

A pair of Welltech headphones on charging base, a Pro-Sound YU-37 dynamic microphone and a Joseph Joseph world clock

Lot 5060 – Sale Price: £65.00

A 1950's wooden cased Bang & Olufsen Grand Prix 506 K radio

Lot 5061 – Sale Price: £95.00

A 1950's wooden cased Bang & Olufsen Grand Prix 506 K radio

Lot 5062 – Sale Price: £75.00

An Art Deco Murphy AD94 MW/SW black Bakelite radio, back replaced

Lot 5063 – Sale Price: £48.00

An oak Regal gramophone and a quantity of 78's

Lot 5064 – Sale Price: £110.00

An HMV model 101 portable gramophone

Lot 5065 – Sale Price: £55.00

A Mission DAD 7000 CD player and remote control

Lot 5066 – Sale Price: £50.00

A pair of JPW AP3 speakers

Lot 5067 – Sale Price: £32.00

A Pioneer PD-S 801 CD player with remote and assorted cables including Audioquest and a pair of Linaeum speakers (one a/f)

Lot 5068 – Sale Price: £20.00

A Griffin & George Ltd. Xenon Stroboscope strobe light

Lot 5069 – Sale Price: £60.00

A Yamaha CT-400 stereo tuner and CA-600 stereo amplifier (2)

Lot 5070 – Sale Price: £12.00

A vintage Roberts radio

Lot 5071 – Sale Price: £35.00 (inc)

A boxed pair of Wharfedale Diamond III speakers

Lot 5072 – Sale Price: £10.00 (inc)

A Decca Sound B5414 record player and speakers (a/f)

Lot 5073 – Sale Price: £35.00

A vintage Hacker portable record player

Lot 5074 – Sale Price: £12.00

A Sony CMT-NE3 hi-fi system with speakers

Lot 5075 – Sale Price: £20.00

A Teac CR-H230 CD receiver and a Cambridge Soundworks FPS1600 surround sound system

Lot 5076 – Sale Price: £22.00

A JVC KD-10 stereo cassette deck and boxed JVC R-S77 digital synthesizer stereo receiver (2-a/f)

Lot 5077 – Sale Price: £12.00

A Pioneer KEH-P5900R car cassette player/CD changer and a Pioneer CDX-P25 six disc multi CD player (2)

Lot 5078 – Sale Price: £20.00

A 1960's Murphy A256 portable record player

Lot 5079 – Sale Price: £22.00

A vintage Murphy portable record player and a Roberts transistor radio

Lot 5081 – Sale Price: £95.00

An Akai 4000DS reel to reel tape recorder

Lot 5083 – Sale Price: £22.00

An Ampro model 731 reel to reel tape recorder

Lot 5084 – Sale Price: £48.00

A Sanyo MR-929 reel to reel tape recorder

Lot 5085 – Sale Price: £22.00

A 1950's Ferrograph tape recorder with Wearite tape deck

Lot 5086 – Sale Price: £5.00

A Europhon 723T transistor radio

Lot 5087 – Sale Price: £25.00

A Croydon Precision Instrument Co. Type 12 laboratory potentiometer

Lot 5088 – Sale Price: £80.00

A box of assorted boxed and loose radio valves

Lot 5089 – Sale Price: £42.00

A 1950's Braun 99UKW valve radio

Lot 5090 – Sale Price: £30.00

A boxed Cambridge Soundworks Megaworks speaker system

Lot 5091 – Sale Price: £15.00

A Ferguson Videostar camera and accessories and a Telefunken 1900m video recorder

Lot 5092 – Sale Price: £25.00

A Canon XEED SX50 multimedia projector in carry case with manual, leads and remote etc

Lot 5093 – Sale Price: £18.00

Two vintage wooden cased radios (a/f) and a cased Aldis projector

Lot 5094 – Sale Price: £20.00

A vintage Roberts R707 radio

Lot 5095 – Sale Price: £15.00

A boxed Unisound Professional microphone, Condor microphone, A01 ''Miniature'' FM wireless microphone, various loose items, leads etc.

Lot 5096 – Sale Price: £22.00

A Ministry Of Sound MOSTT1000 DJ turntable

Lot 5097 – Sale Price: £90.00

A Thorens TD 150 turntable

Lot 5098 – Sale Price: £150.00

A Technics SL-1800 direct drive turntable, plastic lid damaged

Lot 5099 – Sale Price: £45.00

A Dual 506 belt drive turntable

Lot 5100 – Sale Price: £40.00

A Harman Kardon Soundsticks II speaker system comprising sub woofer and two speakers

Lot 5101 – Sale Price: £55.00

A Pioneer SA-510 stereo amplifier and TX-41OL stereo tuner (2)

Lot 5102 – Sale Price: £50.00

A Creek 4040 S3 integrated amplifier and Creek T40 stereo FM tuner (2)

Lot 5103 – Sale Price: £32.00

A Murphy A 900 SR ' Stereo Cube' radiogram with one speaker

Lot 5104 – Sale Price: £400.00

A Quad 606 power amplifier, Quad 34 control unit and Quad FM4 tuner (3)

Lot 5105 – Sale Price: £900.00

A J.A Michell 'Prisma' Transcriptor turntable in transparent acrylic casing, raised on outswept metal legs, with Ortofon f/ff cartridge

Lot 5105A – Sale Price: £950.00

A Garrard model 301 turntable in bespoke wooden case with three tone arms

Lot 5106 – Sale Price: £110.00

A Musical Fidelity X-A1 amplifier

Lot 5107 – Sale Price: £35.00

A 1920's B T-H (British Thompson-Houston) C2 horn speaker

Lot 5108 – Sale Price: £20.00

A boxed pair of Canon S-30 wide imaging stereo speakers

Lot 5109 – Sale Price: £22.00

A Sony ST83 stereo tuner

Lot 5110 – Sale Price: £220.00

A pair of Quad Electrostatic speakers serial numbers 17127/17128

Lot 5111 – Sale Price: £160.00 (inc)

A pair of Quad ESL-63 Electrostatic speakers, serial numbers 020627/020628

Lot 5112 – Sale Price: £28.00

A Sanyo VTC 9300 Betacord VCR and a quantity video cassettes

Lot 5113 – Sale Price: £20.00

A JVC Color Video Camera with Canon TV zoom lens etc

Lot 5115 – Sale Price: £90.00

Twenty one assorted LPs by 1960's and 70's artists including Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Van Morrison, Mu, Skylark, Family, the Eagles, Bob Dylan, Buffalo Springfield, The Beach Boys, Joe Walsh, Curved Air, Pink Floyd, Simon and Garfunkel and The Moody Blues (media and sleeves generally VG/VG+)

Lot 5116 – Sale Price: £20.00

KRAFTWERK: 'The Man Machine' LP, Capitol E-ST 11728 (media and sleeve VG+)

Lot 5117 – Sale Price: £32.00

Ten 1950's field recording lacquer disks recorded by Jack Bryant of Cromer and released on his own ''A Cromer Recording'' label

Lot 5118 – Sale Price: £48.00

Thirteen assorted Reggae LP's including Prince Fari, Earl George, The Jubilees,Dennis Brown, Donald + Lulu With The Wailers, Delroy Wilson, John Holt, compilations etc (media and sleeves G-VG+) and a 10'' dub plate (G) (14)

Lot 5119 – Sale Price: £20.00

Approximately 30 Disco, Soul, Motown and other 7'' singles including Ziggie Addy, Stevie Wonder, Wayne Gibson, Curtis Mayfield, The JB's etc (media generally VG, some promos)

Lot 5120 – Sale Price: £100.00

A collection of mostly 1950's and 60's LPs including Jackpot of Hits compilation, Beatles Abbey Road misprint etc (approx. 30, media and sleeves generally VG/VG+)

Lot 5121 – Sale Price: £30.00

A collection of House and Techno 12'' singles including The KLF, Fluke, Pleasure Box and The Shamen together with two The Shamen LP's and one EP (16- some duplicates, media and sleeves generally VG+)

Lot 5122 – Sale Price: £30.00

MOTORHEAD: Three LP's to include 'Ace Of Spades', 'Another Perfect Day' and 'No Remorse' together with 'Ace Of Spades' 7'' single (4-media and sleeves generally VG/VG+)

Lot 5123 – Sale Price: £40.00

ACDC: Three LPs to include 'For Those About To Rock We Salute You', 'Powerage' and 'Back In Black' (3-media generally VG/VG+, sleeves G+/VG)

Lot 5124 – Sale Price: £12.00

RUSH: 'Rush' LP, Mercury 9100 011 (media and sleeve VG+)

Lot 5125 – Sale Price: £20.00

Approximately 175 assorted Classical CDs

Lot 5126 – Sale Price: £20.00

STEVE REICH: 'Music For 18 Musicians' LP (media EX, sticker to front of sleeve, otherwise VG+)

Lot 5127 – Sale Price: £55.00

Classical: Franz Schubert, Sonata in A Minor For Arpeggione and Piano/Frank Bridge, Sonata For Cello and Piano, Mstislav Rostropovich cello, Benjamin Britten Piano, Decca stereo LP, SXL 6426, repress (media and sleeve EX)

Lot 5130 – Sale Price: £12.00

Approximately 135 assorted Opera CD's

Lot 5131 – Sale Price: £75.00

A collection of predominantly 1980's LPs including Everything But The Girl, The Cult, Laura Branigan, The Beat, Bangles, Phil Collins, The Cars, Randy Crawford, Adam And The Ants, Aretha Franklin, Echo And The Bunnymen, Grace Jones, Billy Idol, Heart, 5 Star, Stray Cats, Mike And The Mechanics, Alison Moyet, Madness, the Policfe, Pet Shop Boys, Queen, Barry White, Roxy Music, U2, Transvision Vamp, T'Pau, Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, Thompson Twins (35-media generally VG/VG+, sleeves G+-VG+)

Lot 5132 – Sale Price: £70.00

A collection of Prog Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Space Rock and other LPs including Hawkwind, Man, Curved Air, Family, Fleetwood Mac, Barclay James Harvist, Badger, Collosseum etc (media and sleeves generally G+/VG)

Lot 5133 – Sale Price: £95.00

A box of mixed LPs including Frank Zappa, BB King, Peter Green, Dire Straits, Focus, Dave Edmunds, ELO, Art Garfunkel, Steeleye Span, CSNY, Stephen Stills, The Groundhogs, David Bowie, Bob Marley, Genesis etc (approx. 60 P-VG, some duplicates)

Lot 5134 – Sale Price: £55.00

A collection of predominantly 1960's 7'' singles including the Who, Small Faces, The Beatles, The Monkees, Ray Charles, Lovin' Spoonful, The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown etc (mostly VG)

Lot 5135 – Sale Price: £55.00

Assorted singer/songwriter and Folk LP's including Donovan, Joni Mitchell, Simon & Garfunkel, Judy Collins, Leonard Cohen, Neil Young, Joan Baez, James Taylor, Cat Stevens, Emmylou Harris etc (approx. 60, G-VG, some duplicates)

Lot 5136 – Sale Price: £120.00

A collection of Frank Zappa, Mothers Of Invention, Captain Beefheart and related LPs includin Freak Out! (1970's reissue, white label, one disc only), Transparency, Over-Nite Sensation, Sleep Dirt, Apostrophe (x2), Orchestral Favourites, Frank Zappa Meets The Mothers Of Prevention, Zoot Allures, Studio Tan, Broadway The Hard Way, Joes Garage, Roxy & Elsewhere, Ship Arriving Too Late To Save A Drowning Witch, In New York, Joes Garage Act 1, The Grand Wazoo, One Size Fits All, Zapped compilation, Absolutely Free, Uncle Meat. Francesco Zappa, Boulez Conducts Zappa, Chungas Revenge, Them Or Us, Burnt Weeny Sandwich, Bongo Fury, Jazz From Hell. Captain Beefheart; Strictly Personal (x2). Dweezil Zappa; My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama and Havin' A Bad Day. Flo & Eddie; Flo & Eddie and The Phlorescent Leech & Eddie. Geronimo Black; Geronimo Black (36-media G-VG+, sleeves generally G+/VG)

Lot 5137 – Sale Price: £40.00

Mixed LP's including Paul Simon, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Waits, Don Henley, Dwight Yoakam, The Steve Miller Band, Donald Fagan, Simon & Garfunkel, Michael McDonald, Benny Martin, Dion, Bill Haley, Duane Eddy, It's A Beautiful Day, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Rickie Lee Jones etc (approx. 40- media and sleeves G-VG)

Lot 5138 – Sale Price: £15.00

Approx 80 assorted CD's including Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Mick Harvey, Martha Wainwright, Badly Drawn Boy, Gruff Rhys, Cowboy Junkies etc

Lot 5139 – Sale Price: £25.00

Twelve assorted LP's including Creedence Clearwater Revival, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Little River Band, Harbour Light, Prelude, Area Code 615, The Albion Dance Band, Stephen Stills, Blood, Sweat & Tears, Cat Stevens, Bo Harald, Prins Oscar and Delaney & Bonnie & Friends (12-media and sleeves generally VG+)

Lot 5140 – Sale Price: £50.00

THE BEATLES: 'Magical Mystery Tour' reissue LP, PCTC 255(media and sleeve EX) and 'The Beatles' (White Album) PCS 7068, embossed lettering, No. 0536278, with four photographs, poster and original black inners (sellotape to poster corners, media and sleeve otherwise VG+/EX) (2)

Lot 5141 – Sale Price: £35.00

TRAFFIC: 'John Barleycorn Must Die' LP, ILPS 9116 (media VG+, sleeve EX) and 'Best Of Traffic' LP, ILPS 9112 (media EX, sleeve VG+)

Lot 5142 – Sale Price: £8.00

TEN YEARS AFTER: 'Stonedhenge' LP, Deram SML 1029 (media VG+, tape repair to sleeve, otherwise VG+)

Lot 5143 – Sale Price: £15.00

DONALD FAGEN: 'BBC Rock Hour Special #403' transcription LP with cue sheet (media VG+)

Lot 5144 – Sale Price: £20.00

PINK FLOYD: 'The Wall' 2xLP, Harvest SHDW 411 (media VG, sleeve EX) with sticker

Lot 5145 – Sale Price: £12.00

'Woodstock- Music From The Original Soundtrack And More' 3xLP, SD 3-500 (media VG, sleeve VG+)

Lot 5146 – Sale Price: £45.00

FREE: 'Tale Of Sobs' LP, ILPS 9089, UK first press on pink Island bulseye label (media and sleeve G+/VG), 'Free' LP, ILPs-9104 on Island pink i label together with a later repress of 'Tons Of Sobs' and two numbered copies of 'The Free Story' (5)

Lot 5147 – Sale Price: £60.00

JIMI HENDRIX: 'Smash Hits' LP on Track Record together with 'Electric Ladyland', 'Are You Experienced' and 'Isle Of Wight' LP's on Polydor (4-media mostly VG+, sleeves mostly VG)

Lot 5148 – Sale Price: £90.00

A collection of English Psychedelic, Progressive, Folk and other LP's including The Soft Machine, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Yes, The Liverpool Scene, Eno, Wishbone Ash, Jethro Tull, Hawkwind, David Bowie, Racing Cars, Magna Carta (Vertigo Swirl label) Crowdy Crawn, Brenda Wootton, Quintessence, Frogmorton, John Martyn, The Nice, The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band and Vivian Stanshall (22-media and sleeves G-VG+) together with Pink Floyd 'Ummagumma' and Jeff Beck 'Truth' (no sleeves)

Lot 5149 – Sale Price: £20.00

A collection of mostly 1980's and 90's 12'' singles including New Order, Squeeze, Blondie, Blancmange, David Bowie, Bangles, Clannad, The Cars (picture disc), Billy idol, Electronic, EMF, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Freestyle Fellowship, Boy George, Junior, Marillion, The Police, Pet Shop Boys, Roxy Music, Starship, The Stranglers, Donna Summer, Shannon, Tina Turner and Jackie Wilson (27-media and sleeves generally VG/VG+)

Lot 5150 – Sale Price: £130.00

A collection of Rock and Heavy Metal LPs and 12'' singles including Iron Maiden, Saxon, Black Sabbath, Kiss, Grand Prix, Boston. Bon Jovi, Europe, Survivor, Van Halen, David Lee ROth, Scorpions, Whitesnake, UFO, Gary Moore, The Michael Schenker Group, Rainbow etc (31- media G+-VG+, sleeves generally VG/VG+)

Lot 5151 – Sale Price: £22.00

Assorted Disco, Motown and other LP's and 12'' singles including Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, Labi Siffre etc (20 - media and sleeves generally VG)

Lot 5152 – Sale Price: £65.00

Assorted 1960's and 70's LP's including Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Grand Funk Railroad, Bob Dylan, New Riders Of The Purple Sage, Stillwater, Little River Band, Jim Croce, Stephen Stills, Boz Scaggs, The Osark Mountain Daredevils, Ry Cooder, Bob Seger, The Eagles, Jackson Brown, Arlo Guthrie, David Crosby and Graham Nash, Robbie Robertson, Gregg Allman, 'Different Strokes' compilation, Neil Young, Bob Weir and The Beach Boys (30-media and sleeves G-VG) together with Jimi Hendrix 'Band Of Gypsies' (no sleeve)

Lot 5153 – Sale Price: £15.00

Two 7'' single storage boxes

Lot 5154 – Sale Price: £110.00

PINK FLOYD: Assorted LP's including 'Dark Side Of the Moon', 'A Nice Pair', 'Delicate Sound Of Thunder', 'Wish You Were Here', 'A Momentary Lapse Of Reason', 'Meddle', 'Ummagumma' and 'A Collection Of Great Dance Songs' (8-media and sleeves mostly VG/Vg+)

Lot 5155 – Sale Price: £35.00

LED ZEPPELIN: 'Led Zeppelin II' LP, 588198 on red/plum Atlantic labels (media and sleeve VG) and 'Untitled' (Four Symbols) LP, repress, K50008 (media and sleeve VG+)

Lot 5156 – Sale Price: £45.00

THE ROLLING STONES: Assorted LP's and 12'' singles including 'Some Girls', 'Let it Bleed', 'Gimme Shelter', 'Solid Rock', 'Aftermath', 'One Hit (To The The Body)', Metamorphosis', 'Flowers', 'Get Stoned', 'Made In The Shade', 'It's Only Rock N Roll', 'Through The Past, Darkly' and 'Rock And A Hard Place' (14-mostly VG/VG+)

Lot 5157 – Sale Price: £48.00

BOB DYLAN: Twelve LP's to include 'Another Side Of Bob Dylan', 'The Times They Are A Changin', 'The Freewheelin Bob Dylan', 'New Morning', 'Greatest Hits' and 'More Greatest Hits' (x2), 'The Freewheelin Bob Dylan', 'The Times They Are A Changin', 'New Morning', 'Blood On The Tracks', 'Highway 61 Revisited' and 'Street Legal' (media and sleeves G+-VG+)

Lot 5158 – Sale Price: £75.00

THE BEATLES: Thirteen assorted LP's including 'Abbey Road', 'Let It Be', Silver Beatles' (picture disc), 'The Beatles Featuring Tony Sheridan', 'Something New', 'Rock N Roll Music', 'Beatles For Sale', 'Love Songs', 'A Hard Day's Night', 'Please, Please Me', 'A Collection Of Beatles Oldies', Revolver' and 'Magical Mystery Tour' (media G-VG+, sleeves P-VG+)

Lot 5159 – Sale Price: £110.00

A box of mixed LPs including Led Zeppelin, The Who, Status Quo, Free, Queen, T Rex etc (approx. 60 media and sleeves generally G+/VG)

Lot 5160 – Sale Price: £95.00

A box of assorted Prog Rock LPs including Pink Floyd, Uriah Heep, Yes, Genesis, ELP, Focus, Here & Now, Greenslade, Steve Hillage etc (39-media and sleeves generally G+/VG)

Lot 5161 – Sale Price: £70.00

A box of approximately 250 7'' singles including Chic, The Equals, Paul Simon, Donna Summer etc

Lot 5162 – Sale Price: £55.00

Approximately 30 mixed LP's including Jonathon Richman & The Modern Lovers, Iggy Pop, Alice Cooper, Van Morrison, Wet Willie, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Dire Straits, The Sharks, Wings etc (media generally VG/VG+, sleeves F-VG+) together with a collection of mixed 7'' singles (F)

Lot 5163 – Sale Price: £75.00

A collection of mixed LP's including Chicken Shack, Santana, Mike Oldfield, Alan Parsons Project, Barclay James Harvest, Jean Michel Jarre, America, Eric Clapton, Paul Simon, Jeff Wayne's War Of The Worlds, Roxy Music, Bruce Springsteen etc (approx. 60, mostly G+/VG, some duplicates)

Lot 5164 – Sale Price: £50.00

A collection of predominantly 1980's 7'' singles including Prince, The Housemartins, Culture Club, Julian Cope, Everything But The Girl, Vice Squad, The Wonderstuff, Van Halen, INXS, The Cult, Transvision Vamp, Kate Bush, Gary Numan, Voice Of The Beehive, The Sisters Of Mercy, Joy Division etc (approx 150, generally VG)

Lot 5165 – Sale Price: £35.00

Approximately 115 mixed 7'' singles including Madonna, U2, The Pretenders, Michael Jackson, Joan Jett, Debbie Harry, Eddy Grant, Fun Boy Three, ELO, Toto, Hazel O'Connor, Roxy Music, Donna Summer, Queen, Culture, Dexy's Midnight Runners, Banarama, Dire Straits, Level 42 etc (generally VG/VG+)

Lot 5166 – Sale Price: £45.00

A collection of asorted 7'' singles including Blondie, Madness, Dexy's Midnight Runners, Soft Cell, Culture Club, Gary Numan, Fleetwood Mac, Isley Brothers, The Undertones etc (approx. 120, mostly VG/VG+)

Lot 5168 – Sale Price: £22.00

A collection of mixed 7'' singles including Prince, John Lennon, Scott English, Motorhead, Rush, Madonna, Nina Dimone, Third World, Saxon etc (approx. 110, media generally VG)

Lot 5169 – Sale Price: £20.00

A case of mixed 7'' singles including Metallica, David Bowie, Stevie Wonder, Pet Shop Boys, The Lightning Seeds, Bob Dylan, Queen, U2, The KLF, The Clash etc (approx. 100, generally G+)

Lot 5170 – Sale Price: £48.00

A collection of Beatles and related LP's and 12'' singles including 'Help!', 'Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band', '1967-1970', John Lennon, Yoko Ono, The Rutles, Julian Lennon, Ringo, Paul McCartney, Wings (19, G-VG, some duplicates)

Lot 5171 – Sale Price: £35.00

A collection of Rock LP's and 12'' singles including Motley Crue, Status Quo, Aerosmith, Guns N Roses, Slade, ZZ Top, Meat Loaf and Deep Purple (17, media and sleeves P-VG+)

Lot 5172 – Sale Price: £70.00

THE BEATLES: Eleven assorted LP's including 'Magical Mystery Tour', 'Rubber Soul', 'A Collection Of Beatles Oldies', 'Revolver' 'Help!','With The Beatles' '20 greatest Hits', '1962-1966' and '1967-1970' (media and sleeves G-VG+)

Lot 5173 – Sale Price: £20.00

A collection of mostly 1980s LPs and 12'' singles including 'Now' compilations, Eurythmics, UB40, Squeeze etc (approx. 25, generally VG)

Lot 5174 – Sale Price: £10.00

Four Christmas LPs to include 'It's Christmas Time With The Stylers', 'Phil Spector's Christmas Album', 'It's Christmas In Motown' and 'The Ventures Christmas Album' (4-media VG+, sleeves VG)

Lot 5175 – Sale Price: £30.00

A box of Rock LP's including Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix etc (generally G+/VG)

Lot 5176 – Sale Price: £120.00

A box of 1950's and 1960's 7'' singles including The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Small Faces, Willie Mitchell etc (approx. 85, generally VG+)

Lot 5177 – Sale Price: £180.00

A box of Rock and Heavy Metal LPs including Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Angel Witch, Demon, Ozzy Osbourne, ACDC, Judas Priest, Motorhead etc (approx. 65- media and sleeves generally G+)

Lot 5178 – Sale Price: £110.00

A box of mixed LPs including Ramones, Led Zeppelin, Lou Reed, Bob Dylan, Carly Simon, Blue Oyster Cult, The Groundhogs, David Bowie etc (approx. 40, generally G+/VG)

Lot 5179 – Sale Price: £48.00

A collection of 1980's and 90's LPs and 12'' singles including Enya, U2, All About Eve, T'Pau, Clannad, Go West, Hothouse Flowers, Wet Wet Wet, INXS, EMF, A-Ha, Then Jericho, Simple Minds and Sinead O' Connor (35-media and sleeves generally VG+)

Lot 5180 – Sale Price: £20.00

Approximately 50 Synth Pop, Techno, Hip Hop and other 7'' singles including Blancmange, Pet Shop Boys, Betty Boo, The Shamen, The Beatmasters, Thompson Twins, Gary Numan, Ultravox, Snap!, Soft Cell, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Digital Orgasm, Paul Hardcastle, Eurythmics, Dream Warriors etc (generally VG/VG+)

Lot 5181 – Sale Price: £38.00

Approximately 70 mixed 7'' singles including T Rex, Ike And Tina Turner, John Kongas, The Kinks, John Lennon/Yoko Ono, Ramsey Lewis, Lulu, Chris Montez, Manfred Mann, Curved Air, Free, The Steve Miller Band, Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger, Buddy Holly, Genesis, Hudson-Ford, Family, Fleetwood Mac, The Moody Blues, Dave Edmunds, The Doors, Big Country, Bread, David Bowie, Atomic Rooster, Aphrodite's Child, The Allman Brothers Band, The Monkees, Len Barry, Badfinger, Wings, Yes, Stevie Wonder, Jackie Wilson, Ten Years After, Jimmy Reed, Tommy Tucker, Small Faces, Steely Dan, Jefferson Airplane, The Rolling Stones, Ram Jam, Pink Floyd, Mike Oldfield, Rod Stewart, Reperata & The Delrons (generally VG/VG+)

Lot 5182 – Sale Price: £120.00

Approximately 100 assorted Punk, New Wave, Ska, indie and other 7'' singles including Electronic, Orange Juice, New Order, Echo And The Bunnymen, The Members, Malcolm McClaren, Madness, Stary Cats, The Real People, The rAinmakers, Rezillos, The Police, Squeeze, Martha And The Muffins, P.I.L, Iggy Pop, Ian Dury, The Clash, Beautiful Losers, The Blue Aeroplanes, Bad Manners, Billy Idol, Blondie, Bow Wow Wow, Adam And The Ants, The Art Of Noise, The Vapors, Patti Smaith, The Style Council, Skids, The Belle Stars, The Specials, The Stranglers, Siouxsie And The Banshees, Sex Pistols etc (generally VG/VG+)

Lot 5184 – Sale Price: £35.00

A collection of approximately 80 predominantly Rock N Roll LP's including Elvis Presley, Little Richard, Roy Orbison, Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis, Cliff Richard, The Shadows etc (media and sleeves mostly G+/VG, some duplicates)

Lot 5185 – Sale Price: £60.00

ELVIS PRESLEY: A large box of assorted Elvis LPs (approx. 110, generally G+)

Lot 5186 – Sale Price: £95.00

QUEEN: Ten assorted Queen and Freddie Mercury LPs including 'News Of The World' 'Queen II', 'Jazz', 'A Night At The Opera' etc (media and sleeves generally G+/VG)

Lot 5187 – Sale Price: £20.00

KATE BUSH: Three LPs to include 'Never For Ever', 'The Kick Inside' and 'Hounds Of Love'

Lot 5188 – Sale Price: £32.00

HAWKWIND: Six LPs including 'Warrior On The Edge Of Time', 'Quark Strangeness and Charm', 'In Search Of Space', 'Choose Your Masques', 'Roadhawks' and 'Hall Of The Mountain Grill' together with 'Night Of The Hawks' 12'' single (7-media and sleeves generally G+/VG)

Lot 5189 – Sale Price: £38.00

THE ROLLING STONES: 'The Rolling Stones' LP, LK 4605, unboxed red and silver Decca ear label, ''Mona'' listed as track A4 (media and sleeve VG+)

Lot 5190 – Sale Price: £75.00

BOB MARLEY: A collection of Bob Marley and the Wailers LPs including 'Wings Of Reggae' 4xLP boxset, 'Uprising', 'Kaya', 'Live!', 'Chances Are', 'Survival', 'Natty Dread', 'Legend' (x2), 'Confrontation' and 'Exodus' together with ZIGGY MARLEY: 'Concious Party' LP (11- media and sleeves generally G+/VG)

Lot 5191 – Sale Price: £28.00

A collection of LP SLEEVES ONLY including Eno, Stefan Grossman, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Cream, Ginger Bakers Airforce, Iron Butterfly, Rolling Stones and Mose Allison (16- G+-EX)

Lot 5192 – Sale Price: £60.00

QUEEN: Assorted LP's including 'Queen II', 'A Night At The Opera' etc (P-VG, some missing sleeves)

Lot 5193 – Sale Price: £28.00

A collection of eighteen mostly Disco and Soul LP's including Rufus and Chaka Khan, Dobie Gray, Grand Central Station, Roberta Flack, Grover Washingtonv Jr., Patrice Rushen, Alexander O' Neal, Diana Ross, Womck and Womack, Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind And Fire and Phil Spector (18- media and sleeves G-VG)

Lot 5194 – Sale Price: £30.00

Mixed LPs including The Pretenders, Judie Tzuke, Stevie Wonder, Bruce Springsteen, Roxy Music, Lene Lovitch, Dire Straits, Genesis, Elvis Costello, Carole King, Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel, Joan Armatrading, David Bowie, Big Country, Bread etc (23- media generally VG/VG+, sleeves G+-VG+)

Lot 5195 – Sale Price: £35.00

TERRY REID: 'Seed Of A Memory' LP, ABCL 5162, black labels (media EX, two price stickers to sleeve, otherwise VG+)

Lot 5196 – Sale Price: £10.00

Seven CBC Radio Canada radio transcription records and three library music records (10 - media VG/VG+, sleeves G - VG)

Lot 5198 – Sale Price: £30.00

Five Country and Bluegrass LP's on the Folkways label to include The Virginia Mountain Boys, Glen Neaves & The Virginia Mountain Boys, 'Mountain Music Bluegrass Style' compilation and 'American Banjo Scruggs Style' compilation (media VG+/EX, sleeves EX)

Lot 5200 – Sale Price: £30.00

Fourteen Country and Bluegrass LP's on the Old Homestead label including Ernest V.Stoneman, The Dixie Gentlemen, Charlie Moore And The Dixie Partners, Paul Adkins, The Wilson Brothers, Fiddlin' Chubby Anthony With Big Timber Bluegrass, The Stanley Brothers, Jimmy Martin, Harold Morrison & the Maple Hill Boys, Laurel Mountain Boys, Larry Sparks, Red Smiley And The Bluegrass Cut-Ups, The Easter Brothers With The Green Valley Quartet and Jim Eanes, Bobby Atkins & The Countrymen (14--media generally VG+/EX)

Lot 5204 – Sale Price: £55.00

Forty five assorted Country and Bluegrass LP's including Sam ''Porky'' Hutchins, Raymond Fairchild, Red Smiley and The Bluegrass Cut Ups, Lefty Frizzell, Jana Greiff, Northern Lights, Jim & Jess McReynolds, Doc Watson, Jimmy C Newman, The Sullivan Family, Jim Eanes, Shenandoah Valley Quartet etc (45-media and sleeves generally VG+)

Lot 5205 – Sale Price: £75.00

Fifty four Country and Bluegrass LP's on the Rebel Records label including Del McCoury And The Dixie Pals, The Bluegrass 45, The Outdoor Plumbing Company, The Seldom Scene, The Country Gentlemen, Buck Ryan, Larry Sparks, The Goins Brothers, '70 Song Bluegrass Collection' boxset etc (54-media generally VG+/EX, sleeves VG-EX)

Lot 5209 – Sale Price: £28.00

Thirteen Country and Bluegrass LP's on the Stetson label to include Rose Maddox, Red Foley and Ernest Tubb, Speedy West, Johnnie And Jack, The Carter Family, Loretta Lynn, The Wilburn Brothers Show, Tex Ritter, Bill Monroe And His Bluegrass Boys and Hylo Brown (13-media and sleeves VG+/EX)

Lot 5210 – Sale Price: £38.00

Thirty assorted Country and Bluegrass LP's on the Starday, Power-Pak and Gusto labels including Hylo Brown, Stanley Brothers, Wilma Lee And Stoney Cooper, Jimmy Martin, Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs, Lulu Belle & Scotty, The Kentucky Colonels, Bill Cliftion, Larry Sparks, The Lonesome Pine Fiddlers, Don Reno, Red Sovine, Moore & Napier, Stringbean And His Banjo etc (30-media and sleeves generally VG+/EX)

Lot 5212 – Sale Price: £60.00

A collection of mixed LP's including Colosseum, ELP, Paul Simon, Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, ELO, Rod Stewart, Steely Dan, Elton John, Moody Blues, 10cc etc (approx. 60, mostly G+/VG, some duplicates)

Lot 5213 – Sale Price: £55.00

Assorted LP's including Cream, The Doors, Arlo Guthrie, Dave Clark Five, Dave Mason, The Walker Brothers, The Yardbirds, Twiggy, The Who, Jefferson Airplane etc (approx. 50, P-VG)

Lot 5214 – Sale Price: £20.00

A collection of predominantly 1970's 7'' singles including Meat Loaf, Deep Purple, ACDC, Peter Shelley, Alice Cooper, Ian Hunter, Squeeze, Gary Moore, Nina Simone, The Police, David Bowie etc (approx 200, generally G+/VG)

Lot 5215 – Sale Price: £15.00

A collection of mixed 7'' singles to include some Hip Hop, House, Reggae and other genres, artists include Desmond Dekker, Pluto Shervington, De La Soul, Children Of The Night, Eric B and Rakim, Salt N Pepa, Fat Boys, Bomb The Bass, Rob Base & D.J. E-Z Rock together with a small quantity of assorted 12'' singles (ranging from F to VG+)

Lot 5216 – Sale Price: £70.00

Thirty seven assorted Piano Jazz LP's including Keith Jarrett, Marcus Roberts, Art Tatum, Ramsey Lewis, Sammy Price, The Horace Silver Quintet, Derek Smith Trio, Willie ''The Lion'' Smith, Bobby Enriquez, Martial Solal, Lennie Tristane, Ray Bryant, Oliver Jones Trio, Hank Jones, John Lewis, Mal Waldron, Marian McPartland, Duke Pearson, Thelonius Monk, Andre Pervin, Foe Alloney, Toshiko Akiyoshi,Barbara Carroll, Monty Alexander, Dave Brubeck (37 media and sleeves generally VG+)

Lot 5217 – Sale Price: £110.00

Approx 180 Jazz CD's including Miles Davis, Kenny Dorham, Jimmy Deuchar, Kevin Dean Quartet, Elliot Caine, Mike Lee, Thad Jones, Masahiro Yoshida, Eddie Henderson, Roy Hargrove, Dizzy Gillespie, Derrick Gardner, Maynard Ferguson, Digby Fairweather, Art Farmer, Don Ellis, Wes Montagomery, Lorry Corwell, Charlie Byrd, Shan Arsenault, Lee Ritenour, Joe Pass

Lot 5218 – Sale Price: £95.00

Eight assorted Jazz reissue LP's on the Blue Note label to include Dizzy Reece 'Blues In Trinity' BLP 4006, Lou Donaldson 'Lush Life' BST 84254 and 'The Natural Soul' BST 84108, George Braith 'Two Souls In One' BN 148, Cliff Jordan and John Gilmore 'Blowing In From Chicago' BN1549, Fred Jackson 'Hootin N Tootin' BLP 4094, Sonny Red 'Out Of The Blue' BLP 4032 and Hank Mobley Sextet 'Hank' BN-1560 (8-media and sleeves generally VG+/EX)

Lot 5219 – Sale Price: £100.00

Approx 180 Jazz CD's including John Coltrane, George Crowley, Snake Davis, Ravi Coltrane, Kenny Drew Jr. Sextet, Ornette Coleman, George Coleman, Richie Cole, Al Cohn, Tony Coe, Arnett Cobb, Paul Desmond, Eddie ''Lockjaw'' Davis, King Curtis, Matt Criscoalo, Sonny Criss, Dylan Cramer, Hank Crawford, Phil Woods, Barney Wilen, Ben Webster, Sadao Watanabe, Tim Warfield, Von Freeman, Stanley Tarreatino, Femi Kuti, Alec and John Dankworth, Emma Cantons, Charlie Parker and Lester Young

Lot 5220 – Sale Price: £28.00

A collection of Jazz related books including ''Jazz Giants - A Visual Retrospective'', ''The Birth Of Be Bop'', Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, Dexter Gordon, Bill Evans, Clifford Brown etc (27)

Lot 5220A – Sale Price: £12.00

DON CHERRY: 'Don Cherry' LP, Horizon SP-717 (media and sleeve VG/VG+)

Lot 5221 – Sale Price: £85.00

Approx 180 Jazz CD's including Stanley Turrentine, Jean Toussaint, Barbara Thompson, Joe Temperley, Gregory Tardy, John Surman, Wayne Shorter, Sonny Stiff, Tommy Smith, David Sanbora, Pharoah Sanders, Ronnie Scott, Tubby Hayes, Tom Scott, Karen Sharp, Andy Shepard, Charlie Parker, Weather Report, Jimmy Scott, Stephane Grappelli, compilations etc

Lot 5221A – Sale Price: £5.00

A framed and glazed print of an American jazz group

Lot 5223 – Sale Price: £75.00

Approx 180 Jazz CD's including Red Garland, Errol Garner, Bill Evans, George Eales, George Duke, Brian Dee, Stanley Cowell, Chuck Corea, Sonny Clark, Dave Brubeck, Paul Bley, Charlie Haden & Chris Anderson, Geri Allen, Monty Alexander, Stephane Galland, ChristianFinger, Diana Krall, Ettan Jones, Carol Kidd, Etta James, Billie Holiday, Mel Torme, Claire Martin, Catmen McCrae etc

Lot 5224 – Sale Price: £140.00

Approx 180 Jazz CD's including Nat Adderley, Louis Armstrong, Nick Malcolm Quartet, Chet Baker, Charles Mingus, Fufus Reid, Jaco Pastorius, Mingus Big Band, Franco Baggiani, Donald Byrd, Clifford Brown, Ruby Braff, Terence Blanchard, Guy Barker, Bix Beiderbecke, Benny Bailey, Idris Muhammad, Art Taylor, Buddy Rich, Max Roach, Ron Carter, Kyle Eastwood, Harry Miller, Charles Mingus, Chico Hamilton, Charlie Watts, Lalo Schiffrin, Don Sebesky, Reptet, Oliver Nelson etc

Lot 5225 – Sale Price: £42.00

Twenty five assorted Jazz LP's including Oscar Pettiford, Duke Jordan Trio, George Young, Frank Wess, Lew Tabackin, New York Jazz Quartet, Brew Moore Quartet, Ray Brown/Jimmy Rowles, The Geoff Hamilton Quintet, Monty Budwig, Howard McGee, Scott Hamilton, Gato Barbieri, Gene Ammons All Stars, The Jorge Anders Septet, Shorty Rogers And His Giants, George Adams-Don Pullen Quartet (25-media and sleeves generally VG+)

Lot 5226 – Sale Price: £110.00

Approx 180 Jazz CD's including Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, Carla Bley, Count Basie, Toshiko Akiyoshi, Art Blakey, Joe Zawinul, Ray Barretto, Stan Kenton, Quincy Jones, Dave Holland, George Crantz, Gato Barbieri, Cannonball Adderley, Earl Bostic, The Becker Brothers, James Carter, Greg Albright, Grey Abate etc

Lot 5227 – Sale Price: £50.00

Twenty six assorted Jazz LP's including Arnett cobb, Carmen ''The Eagle'' Leggio, Paul Desmond, Eddie ''Lockjaw'' Davis, Alan Barnes Quartet, Rocky Boyd Quintet, Al Cohn & Zoot Sims, Illinois Jacquet, Dannie Richmond, Mel Lewis, JPJ Quartet, Snub Mosely, Bill Harris, Charles Lloyd etc (26-media generally VG/VG+)

Lot 5228 – Sale Price: £48.00

Twenty five assorted Jazz LP's including Billy Mitchell, Danny Moss Quartet, sam Most, Bjarne Nerem, Lennie Niehaus, Charlie Parker, The Bill Perkins Quartet, Supersax, Lennie Tristano, Red Mitchell, Billy Strayhorn's Septet, Thatd Jones & Mel Lewis, The Warren Vache Trio, Joe Newman & Joe Wilder, Buddy DeFranco & Tommy Gumina, Milt Jackson, Ted Curson etc (25-media and sleeves generally VG+)

Lot 5229 – Sale Price: £110.00

Approx 180 Jazz CD's including Sonny Rollins, Don Rendell, Joshua Redman, Art Pepper, Jean Toussaint, Diego Rivera, Dick Morrisey, Hank Mobley, David Murray, David ''Fathead'' Newman, Dick Oats Quartet, Charlie Parker, Bud Powell, Michel Pornecianni, Oscar Peterson, David Newton, Thelonius Monk, Les McCann, Benet McLean, Eugene Maslov, Junior Mance, Julian Joseph, Ahmad Javial, Andrew Hill, Gene Harris, Herbie Hancock etc

Lot 5230 – Sale Price: £35.00

Ten assorted Organ Jazz LP's including Jimmy Smith, Ronnie Foster, Wild Bill Davis, Gene Ludwig, Reuben Wilson, Harry Stoneman and Rhoda Scott (10-media and sleeves generally VG+)

Lot 5231 – Sale Price: £55.00

Twenty five assorted Jazz LP's including Milt Jackson, Marlowe Morris Quintet, Terence Blanchard/Donald Harrison, Gary Burton, Leroy Vinnegar, Richie Cole, Lanny Morgan, Charles McPherson, The Dave Bailey Quintet, Dick Morrisaey, ''Baby Face'' Willette, Nat Adderley etc (25-media and sleeves generally VG+)

Lot 5232 – Sale Price: £35.00

Twenty five assorted Jazz LP's including Sonny Stitt, Lew Tabackin Trio, Milt Buckner and Buddy Tate, Horace Parlan, Tommy Whittle, The Jazz City Workshop, Paul Quinchette, Ike Quebec, Gene Ammons, Johnny Hodges, Harold Land, Tommy Turrentine, illinois Jacquet, Bill Evans, The Art Ellefson Quartet, Shake Keane etc (25-media and sleeves generally VG+)

Lot 5233 – Sale Price: £38.00

Twenty five assorted Jazz LP's including Virgil Gonzales, Dexter Gordon, Fats Navarro, Red Rodney, Shorty Rogers, Kenny Dorham, Slim Gaillard, Eddie Jefferson, Andy Simpkins Quintet, Bob Magnusson Quintet, Lionel Hapton, The Don Weller Spring Quartet, Shake Keane, Chuck Folds, The Modern Jazz Quartet etc (25- media and sleeves generally VG+)

Lot 5234 – Sale Price: £55.00

Twenty five assorted Jazz LP's including Dexter Gordon, Out Of the Blue, John Handy, Phil Woods, Dave Brubeck, Bud Shank, Freddie Hubbard, Ben Webster/Joe Zawinul etc (25-media and sleeves generally VG/VG+)

Lot 5235 – Sale Price: £90.00

Approx 180 Jazz CD's including McCoy Tyner, Steve Turrer, Phil Ranelin, Kai Winding, Jay Jay Johnson, Slide Hampton, Curtis Fuller, Dave Valentin, Hubert Laws, Kate Williams, Randy Weston, Lennie Tristane, Stan Tracey, Cecil Taylor, Art Tatum, Horace Silver, Joe Sample, Ramsey Lewis, Billy Brandt, complilations etc

Lot 5236 – Sale Price: £10.00

Fourteen assorted Jazz guitar LP's including Larry Coryell and Philip Coryell, Joe Pass, Jim Hall, Barney Kessel, Cooper-Wright Quintet, Django Reinhardt, George Benson, Kenny Burrell and Tal Farlow (14-media and sleeves generally VG+)

Lot 5237 – Sale Price: £65.00

Nine assorted Soul-Jazz and Jazz-Funk reissue LP's including Odell Brown, Dorothy Ashby, Clifford Brown, Idris Muhammad, Eddie Harris, Clarence Wheeler & The Enforcers, Shirley Scott and Grant Green (9- media generally VG+, sleeves EX)

Lot 5238 – Sale Price: £30.00

Eight assorted Jazz LP's including Hugh Masekela, Peter King, Hubert Laws, Abdullah Ibrahim, Junior Mance, John Handy, Full Faith & Credit Bi Band (promo) and Hank Crawford (8-media and sleeves generally VG/VG+)

Lot 5239 – Sale Price: £20.00

JIMMY FORREST: 'Sit Down And Relax' LP, reissue PR 7235 (media and sleeve VG+)

Lot 5240 – Sale Price: £75.00

Approx 180 Jazz CD's including Clare Teal, Tierney Sutton, Dakota Staton, Nina Simone, Marlena Shaw, Diane Schuur, Diana Reeves, Esther Phillips, Sarah Moule, The Four Freshman, Anita Wardell, Sarah Vaughn, Gil Scott-Heron, Jon Hendricks, Johnny Hartman, Sammy Davis Jr., Johnny Adams, Ian Shaw, Gregory Porter, Mark Murphy, Bobby McFerrin, Doctor John, Al Jarreau etc

Lot 5241 – Sale Price: £12.00

A collection of Jazz related books including Carol Friedman 'The Jazz Pictures', Lee Tanner 'The Jazz Image; Masters Of Jazz Photography', David Meeker 'Jazz In The Movies' etc (7)

Lot 5242 – Sale Price: £110.00

Fifty assorted Jazz LP's including Sphere, Kunihiko Sugano Trio+1, Roy Hargrove, Tommy Chase, Don Lanphere Quintet, Wynton Marsalis, Mike Metheny, Randy Sandke, Glenn Zottola, The Mel Lewis Orchestra, Cal Tjader, George Cables, Gerry Niewood, Barney Kessel, The Young Lions, John William octet, Tony Coe, The John Crocker Quartet, Yusef Lateef, Branford Marsalis, Dave Peel Octet, Clark Tracy Quintet, Peter King, Don Sebesky, Matrix, Carla Bley, The Don ellis Orchestra, Jack DeJohnette, Jan Garbarek, The Milcho Leviev Quartet, Pat Metheny, Mitchell Forman, Don Grolnick, Tommy Chase, Keth Jarrett, Lester Bowie, The John Von Ohlen/Steve Allee Big Band, Lee Konitz, Hilton Ruiz, L.A.4, Mick Pyne Quartet, Andy Sheppard, World Saxophone Quartet and The Curtis Fuller Quintet (50-media and sleeves generally VG+)

Lot 5243 – Sale Price: £38.00

Twenty assorted Jazz drummer LP's including Buddy Rich, Art Blakey, Chico Hamilton, Joe Morello, 'Drum Night At Birdland Featuring Art Blakey, Philly Joe Jones, Charlie Persip and Elvin Jones', Shelly Manne, Louis Bellson, Jo Jones etc (20-media and sleeves VG-EX)

Lot 5245 – Sale Price: £100.00

Approx 180 Jazz CD's including Dexter Gordon, Wardell Gray, Scott Hamilton, Donal Harrison, Joe Harrior, Antonio Hart, Tubby Hayes, Johnny Griffin, Gerry Mulligan, Benny Golson, Stan Getz,Jimmy Forrest, Bill Evans, Lou Donaldson, Eric Dolphy, Woody Shaw, Arturo Sandoval, Red Rodney, Shorty Rogers, Gerard Presencer, Lee Morgan, Blue Mitchell, Freddi Hubbard, Booker Little, Chuck Mangione, Hugh Masekel, Wynton Marsalis etc

Lot 5246 – Sale Price: £110.00

Forty five Jazz-Funk, Fusion and other LP's including Mahavishnu Orchestra, James Taylor Quartet, Eric Gale Ed Palermo, Hank Crawford, Lou Rawls, Chuck Mangione, Blue Mitchell, Doc Severiason, Bob James, Esther Phillips, David Liebman, Benson & Farrel, Francy Boland, Joe Williams, Jermy Steig, Joe Thomas, Bob James Three, Urbie Green, Miroslave Vitous, Stanley Clarke, Herbie Hancock, Gabor Szabo, Jay Haggard, Jim Mullen & Dick Morrissey etc (45-media and sleeves generally VG+)

Lot 5248 – Sale Price: £100.00

Approx 180 Jazz CD's including Lee Konltz, Yusef Lateef, Ronnie Laws, Bradford Marsalis, Jackie McClean, Illinois Jacquet, Duke Ellington and Johnny Hodges, Joe Henderson, Bobby Jasper, Roland Kirk, Peter King, Barbara Dennerlein, Wes Montgomery, Ray Charles, Curtis Stigers, Jack McDuff, Shirley Scott, Jimmy Smith, Lonnie Smith etc

Lot 5249 – Sale Price: £110.00

Forty six Jazz-Funk, Fusion and other LP's including Lalo Schifrin, Sadao Watanabe, The Brecker Brothers, Moe Koffman, Larry Coryell, Tom Browne, Eddie Henderson, Zephyr, Joe Sample, Tom Scott, Stanley Turrentine, Grover Washington Jr., Fernie Watts, Dick Morrissey, Barbara Thompsons, The Crusader, Earth, Wind And Fire etc, (45 media and sleeves generally VG/VG+)

Lot 5250 – Sale Price: £65.00

Thirty seven assorted piano Jazz LP's including Mick Pyne, Duke Ellington, Ralph Sutton, Kenny Drew Quartet, Jackie Byard & Howard Riley, Ross Tompkins, John Coates Jr., Bud Powell, Art Tatum, Michael Petrucciani, Earl Hines, Michael LeGrand, Les McCann, Scott Joplin, Shirley Horn Trio, Hampton Hawes Quartet Ahmad Jamal, Stan Kenton, Errol Garner, Red Garland, Keith Greko, Alan Branscombe, Art Hodes, Jay McShann (37-media and sleeves generally VG+)

Lot 5251 – Sale Price: £45.00

A collection of LP's by Jazz vocalists including Della Reese, Sarah Vaughan, Janis Siegel, Georgia Brown, Irene Reid, Parker Brown, Patty Austin, Amanda Ambrose, Billie Holiday, Mahalsa Jackson, Ella Fitzgerald etc (approx 85, media and sleeves generally VG/VG+)

Lot 5253 – Sale Price: £12.00

Two Jazz LPs to include THE DAVE BRUBECK QUARTET: 'Time Out' STFL 523 (media and sleeve VG+) and 'Jazz Is Here To Stay' 2xLP compilation, Verve 2632 016 (media VG, sleeve VG+)

Lot 5254 – Sale Price: £38.00

Twelve assorted Latin-Jazz and Bossa Nova LP's including Astrud Gilberto, Paulo Moura, Arturo Sandoval, Coleman Hawkins, Byrd, Juan Amalberts Latin Jazz Quintet, George Shearing, Laurindo Almeida And The Bossa Nova All Stars and Art Pepper & Conte Coadoli (12 media and sleeves generally VG+)

Lot 5255 – Sale Price: £65.00

A collection of Jazz and other LP's including Richie Cole, Louis Armstrong, Jimmy McPartland, Hoagy Carmichael, Bobby McFerrin, Al Jarreau, Ray Charles etc (approx 60 media and sleeves generally VG/VG+)

Lot 5256 – Sale Price: £90.00

Approx 190 Jazz CD's including Milt Jackson, Bobby Hutcherson, Lionel Hampton, Victor Feldman, Tim Collins, Gary Burton, Roy Ayres, Alan Barnes, Pharez Whitted, Kenny Wheeler, Malachi Thompson, Moder Jazz Quartet, Cal Tjader, Johnnie Dodds, National Youth Jazz Orchester, Keith Jarrett/Gary Peacock/Jack De Johnette, Billy Mitchell, Lester Young, Matt Ulery, Erroll Garner, Quasimode, Phil Woods, Liane Carroll, Ella Fitzgerald, Liane Carroll, Chie Ayado, Deborah Brown etc

Lot 5257 – Sale Price: £38.00

McCOY TYNER: Six LP's to include 'Reflections' M-47062, 'Fly With the Wind' M-9067, 'Cosmos' BN-LA460-H2, 'Tender Moments' reissue BNS 40042, 'Nights Of Ballads & Blues' reissue IMP-221 and 'Live At The Musicians Exchange Cafe Ft.Lauderdale, U.S.A.' GATE 7021 (6-media and sleeves generally VG+)

Lot 5258 – Sale Price: £32.00

ART FARMER: Nine LP's to include 'Interaction' HA-K 8135, 'Big Blues' 0063.039, 'Trumpets All Out' reissue XTRA 5010, 'Meet The Jazztet' reissue GCH 8092, 'Crawl Space' CTI 7073, 'Gentle Eyes' MSL 1013 and 'Art Farmer Quintet Featuring Gigi Grace' reissue 0JC-241 (9-media and sleeves G-VG+)

Lot 5259 – Sale Price: £32.00

DIZZY GILLESPIE: Sixteen LP's to include 'The Champ', 'Digital At Montreux', 'The Trumpet Kings At The Montreux Jazz Festival 1975', 'Diz and Getz', 'Swing Low Sweet Cadillac', 'Dizzy Gillespie's Big Four', 'The Big Band Sound Of Dizzy Gillespie', 'Body And Soul', 'Musician, Composer, Raconteur', 'Dee Gee Days', 'New Faces', 'The Dizzy Gillespie Big 7 At The Montreux Jazz Festival 1975', 'The Trumpet Summit', 'The Bop Session' and 'Gillespie En Vivo' (16-media and sleeves generally VG/VG+)

Lot 5260 – Sale Price: £12.00

MAYNARD FERGUSON: Eight LP's to include 'Dimensions', 'Maynard '61', '''Straitaway'' Jazz Themes', 'A Message From Newport', 'Big Bop Nouveau', 'The Big Band Sound Of Maynard Ferguson', 'The Maynard Ferguson Sextet' (media F) and 'New Vintage' (8-media and sleeves generally VG/VG+)

Lot 5261 – Sale Price: £45.00

MILES DAVIS: Eleven LP's to include 'Four & More- Recorded Live In Concert' reissue PC 9253, 'A Tribute To Jack Johnson' reissue CBS 70216, 'Miles Davis At Carnegie Hall' reissue CBS 85554, 'The Birth Of the Cool' reissue, violet labels CAPS 1024, 'Bags Groove' reissue PR 7109, ''Sketches Of Spain' reissue SBPG 62327, 'In Paris Festival International De Jazz- May 1949' CBS 82100, 'Odyssey!' reissue XTRA 5050, 'Bitches Brew' reissue S64010 (loss to front cover), 'My Funny Valentine' reissue PC 9106 and 'Blue Christmas' promo CBS 21070 (11-media and sleeves G+-EX)

Lot 5262 – Sale Price: £42.00

DONALD BYRD: Eight LP's to include 'Jazz Lab' reissue CL 0998, 'And Then Some' white label ERL 50067, 'Chant' LBR 1024, 'Love Byrd' K52301 'Words, Sounds, Colours And Shapes' ELK 52 427, 'Thank You For F.U.M.L (Funking Up My Life)' 6E-144, 'Quartet-Quintet' reissue RM 152 and 'Black Byrd' reissue BLP-LA 047 (8-media and sleeves VG-EX)

Lot 5263 – Sale Price: £25.00

CLIFFORD BROWN: Nine LP's to include 'Clifford Brown All Stars' reissue EXPR-1032, 'Clifford Brown in Paris' PR 24020, 'The Beginning And The End' reissue KC32284, 'Jam Session' reissue EXPR-1012, 'Clifford Brown And Max Roach At Basin Street' reissue, promo, 6336 707, 'Raw Genius Live At Beehive Chicago 1955 Vol.1' SMJ-6185M, 'Raw Genius Live At Beehive Chicago 1955 Vol.2' SMJ-6186M and 'Pure Genius Volume 1' K52 388 (9-media and sleeves generally VG/VG+)

Lot 5264 – Sale Price: £22.00

CHET BAKER: 'No Problem' LP SCS 1131 (media VG+, sleeve EX) and 'Studio Trieste' LP, CTI 9007 (media VG+, sleeve VG) (2)

Lot 5265 – Sale Price: £18.00

TUBBY HAYES: Three reissue LP's to include 'Introducing Tubbs' LA 16019, '...After Lights Out' JASM 2015 and 'On The Air' HRKLP 8156 (3-media and sleeves generally VG+/EX)

Lot 5266 – Sale Price: £20.00

LES McCANN: Five LP's to include 'Much Les' SD1516, 'Layers' reissue 4M107, 'Swiss Movements' (with Eddie Harris) SD1537, 'Music Lets Me Be' AS-9329 and 'Les McCann The Man' SP-4718 (5-media and sleeves generally VG)

Lot 5267 – Sale Price: £38.00

ART PEPPER: Seven LP's to include 'Omega Alpha' LBR 1039, 'The Art Of Pepper Vol. II' ST-2030, 'Smack Up' COP 031, 'Art Pepper Quintet Live At Donte's' FSR-5001, 'Tete-A-Tete' (with George Cables) GXY-5147, 'Landscape' GXY 5128 and 'Art Pepper Today' GXY-5119 (7-media generally VG+, sleeves generally VG/VG+)

Lot 5268 – Sale Price: £35.00

JOHN COLTRANE: Four LP's to include 'Expression' SIPL 502, 'Black Pearls' reissue 0JC-352, 'The Last Trane' reissue 0JC-394 and 'Duke Ellington And & John Coltrane' limited edition reissue IMP-166 (4-media and sleeves generally VG+/EX)

Lot 5269 – Sale Price: £20.00

CANNONBALL ADDERLEY: Five LP's to include 'In Person' C 062-80 029, 'Them dirty Blues' RLP 12-322, 'Country Preacher ''Live'' At Operation Breadbasket' E-ST 404, 'Nancy Wilson/Cannonball Adderley' T1657, 'Mercy, Mercy, Mercy! Live At ''The Club''' ST2663 and 'Still Talkin To Ya' (no sleeve) RM-117 (6-media G-VG+, sleeves F-VG+)

Lot 5270 – Sale Price: £10.00

GERRY MULLIGAN: Eight LP's to include 'Revelation' (with Lee Konitz) BND 4016, 'Little Big Horn' (signed ''Maureen with thanks! Gerry Mulligan'') GRP-A-1003, 'Walk On The Water' AMLP 837, The Fabulous Gerry Mulligan Quartet' VJD 504/1, 'The Fabulous Gerry Mulligan Quartet' VJD 504/2, 'Gerry Mulligan Meets The Sax Giants' volumes 1,2 and 3 and 'Walking Shoes (8-media and sleeves generally VG/VG+)

Lot 5271 – Sale Price: £25.00

QUINCY JONES: Five LP's to include 'Scuse These Bloos' ESQ 322A, 'Sounds...And Stuff Like That!!' SP 4685, 'Ironside' AMLP 8005, 'Quincy Jones' MFP 50441 and 'I Heard That!!' AMLM 63705 (5-media and sleeves generally VG/VG+)

Lot 5272 – Sale Price: £22.00

GIL SCOTT HERON: Three LP's to include 'Secrets' (with Brian Jackson) AB 4189, 'Tales Of Gil Scott Heron' ESDLP021 and 'The Best Of Gil Scott Heron' 206 618 (3-media and sleeves generally VG)

Lot 5273 – Sale Price: £18.00

STAN GETZ: Ten LP's to include 'Cal Tjader-Stan Getz Sextet' VIJ-6382, 'Line For Lyons' (with Chet Baker) SNTF 899, 'In Scandinavia ''The Early Days'' Volume Two' rarities no.64, 'The Best Of Stan Getz' CBS 84236, 'Stan Getz With Cal Tjader' 30 AM 6069, 'The Master CBS 2158, 'In Concert' GATE 7004, 'Moonlight In Vermont' VJ 539, 'Brothers And Other Mothers' SJL 2210 and 'Stan Getz Gold...Happy 50th Stan' (10-media and sleeves generally VG/VG+)

Lot 5274 – Sale Price: £10.00

NINA SIMONE: Three LP's to include 'Nuff Said' (media and sleeve VG), 'Little Girl Blue' (media G, sleeve G+) and 'Heart & Soul' (media VG, sleeve G) (3)

Lot 5275 – Sale Price: £18.00

ORNETTE COLEMAN: Two LP's to include 'The Art Of The Improvisers' SD 1572 (media VG, sleeve EX) and 'Free Jazz' ATL 50 240 (media EX, sleeve VG) (2)

Lot 5276 – Sale Price: £22.00

LEE MORGAN: Two reissue LP's on the Blue Note label to include 'Charisma' BST4312 (media and sleeve EX) and 'Candy' BLP-1590 (media VG+, sleeve EX)

Lot 5277 – Sale Price: £20.00

JACKIE McCLEAN: Two reissue LP's on the Blue Note label to include 'Swing Swang Swingin' BN 4024 and 'Action' BLP 4218 (2-media and sleeves EX)

Lot 5278 – Sale Price: £8.00

Two Jazz LP's to include Victor Feldman with Tubby Hayes, Dizzy Reece, Jimmy Deuchar 'Transatlantic Alliance' JASM 2002 and Don Rendell Nine 'Earth Music' promo, SPJ515 (2-media VG+/EX, sleeves VG/VG+)

Lot 5279 – Sale Price: £12.00

GEORGE COLEMAN: Two LP's recorded live at Ronnie Scott's to inclxude 'Live' white label, N 121 and 'Playing Changes' JHR 2002 (2-media and sleeves VG/VG+)

Lot 5280 – Sale Price: £10.00

A print depicting a Jazz band and another depicting a saxophone together with a signed photograph of Alan Barnes (3-all framed and glazed)

Lot 5281 – Sale Price: £48.00

SONNY ROLLINS: Nine LP's to include 'Sonny Rollinsn With The Modern Jazz Quartet' reissue 0JC-011, 'Volume 2' reissue BLP 1558, 'Tour De Force' reissue 0JC-095, 'Sonny Rollins And The Contemporary Leaders' reissue COP 018, 'No Problem' M-9104, 'The Freedom Suite Plus' M7007, 'Great Moments With Sonny Rollins' 301829, 'East Broadway Run Down' reissue IMPL8035 and 'Sonny Rollins' (Italian compilation) (9-media generally VG+, sleeves generally VG)

Lot 5282 – Sale Price: £20.00

MARK MURPHY: Two LP's to include 'This Must Be Earth' PMS 1001 (media G, sleeve VG) and 'Kerouac, Then And Now' MR 5359 (media VG, sleeve VG+) (2)

Lot 5283 – Sale Price: £38.00

STAN TRACEY: 'The Seven Ages Of Man' LP, SCX 6413 (media VG+, sleeve VG)

Lot 5284 – Sale Price: £30.00

BILL EVANS/JIM HALL: ''Intermodulation' mono LP, VLP 9145 (media and sleeve VG+)

Lot 5285 – Sale Price: £40.00

A collection of Jazz CD's and boxsets including ''The John Adams Earbox'', Bill Evans ''The Secret Sessions'', ''The Complete Clef/Verve Count Basie Studio Recordings'', Miles Davis ''Walkin'' (limited edition 197/220 in metal case, bootleg), Miles Davis ''The Complete In A Silent Way Sessions'', Miles Davis ''Kind of Blue'', Charles Mingus, ''Blues & Roots'', Dave Brubeck, ''Time OUt'' and ''Absolutely Essential 3CD Collection'', Chet Baker ''Young Chet'', Diana Krall ''A Night In Paris'', Julie London ''Julie...At Home/Around Midnight'', Miles Davis ''Porgy & Bass'' and Charlie Parker ''Charlie Parker'' (14)

Lot 5286 – Sale Price: £10.00

THE FRANK WESS QUARTET: 'The Frank Wess Quartet' LP, Prestige/Moodsville Volume 8, MVLP 8 (media and sleeve VG+)

Lot 5287 – Sale Price: £45.00

JOE HARRIOTT: 'Personal Portrait' mono LP, SX 6249 (media VG, sleeve G+)

Lot 5288 – Sale Price: £22.00

THELONIUS MONK/SONNY ROLLINS: 'Work!' LP, mono 1959 reissue, PRLP7169 (media and sleeve VG)

Lot 5289 – Sale Price: £12.00

CHARLES MINGUS: 'Mingus At Antibes' 2xLP reissue SD 2-3001 (media VG+, sleeve EX) and 'Mingus Dynasty' LP reissue CBS 21101 (media and sleeve VG+) together with MINGUS DYNASTY: 'Live At Montreaux' LP, WEA 99145 (media VG+, sleeve VG) (3)

Lot 5291 – Sale Price: £32.00

Five assorted Jazz and Fusion LPs including Ray Russell Quartet 'Dragon Hill' CBS Realm Jazz 52663, George Duke 'The Aura Will Prevail' BAP 5064, John McClaughlin 'Extrapolation' 2310 018 and 'Devotion' Douglas 4 and Mahavishnu Orcherstra 'Birds Of Fire' CBS 65321 (media and sleeves generally VG/VG+)

Lot 5292 – Sale Price: £25.00

Two Reggae 12'' singles to include AUGUSTUS PABLO: 'Full Up/East Man Sound' on the Rockers label and BLOOD SISTER: 'My Love Don't Come Easy' SCD 006 (2-media G)

Lot 5292A – Sale Price: £38.00

SEX PISTOLS: 'Spunk' LP, unnofficial, original 1977 pressing, plain white sleeve (media G+/VG)

Lot 5293 – Sale Price: £22.00

THE CURE: 'Seventeen Seconds' LP, FIX 004, textured sleeve (media and sleeve EX)

Lot 5294 – Sale Price: £110.00

THE CURE: 'Wish' 2xLP, UK first pressing, Fiction Records fixh 20, with original printed inners and discography insert, hype sticker to front cover (media and sleeve VG+)

Lot 5295 – Sale Price: £150.00

THE CURE: A collection of nine LP's to include 'Disintegration' (FIXH 14), 'Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me' (FIXH 13), 'The Top' (FIXS 9), 'Pornography' (FIXD 7), 'Faith' (FIXD 6), 'Seventeen Seconds' (FIXD 4), 'Japanese Whispers' (FIXM 8), 'The Head On The Door' (FIXH 11) and 'Boys Don't Cry' (SPELP 26) (9-media and sleeves generally VG+)

Lot 5296 – Sale Price: £18.00

SUEDE: 'Animal Nitrate' 12'' single, NUD4T (media EX, approx. 1'' split to top of sleeve, otherwise EX)

Lot 5297 – Sale Price: £30.00

MARTHA VELEZ: 'Fiends & Angels' LP, London SHK 8395 (media G+, sleeve VG+)

Lot 5298 – Sale Price: £48.00

TYRANNOSAURUS REX: 'Unicorn' LP, Regal Zonophone SLRZ 1007, blue labels (media VG+, sleeve VG/VG+) and T.REX: 'Electric Warrior' LP, HIFLY 6 with pictorial inner (media and sleeve VG+, no poster)

Lot 5299 – Sale Price: £38.00

Twenty three assorted 1980's LP's and 12'' singles including The Clash 'Sandanista', Elvis Costello And The Attractions, The Human League, UB40, Undercover, The Tubes, Big Audio Dynamite, Menace, Heaven 17, The Style Council, Roxy Music, The Alan Parsons Project, Joe Jackson, Phil Collins, Malcolm McClaren, Madness, Chris Rea and Ultravox (23-media and sleeves generally VG)

Lot 5300 – Sale Price: £95.00

SWANS: Three LP's to include 'Body To Body Job To Job' (YGLP 4), 'The Burning World' (MCG 6047) and 'Children Of God' 2xLP (33 PROD 17) together with 'Time Is Money (Bastard)' 12'' EP (4-media and sleeves generally VG+/EX)

Lot 5301 – Sale Price: £22.00

PUBLIC ENEMY: Three LP's to include 'It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back', 'Fear Of A Black Planet' and 'Apocolypse 91...The Enemy Strikes Black' (3-media VG, sleeves VG+)

Lot 5302 – Sale Price: £30.00

A collection of mixed LPs and 12'' singles including Alice Cooper, 10CC, Chic, Bronski Beat, Golden Avatar, Genesis, Greg Kihn Band, Phil Manzanera, Tomas Dolby, Dire Straits, China Crisis, Diana Ross, Big Audio Dynamite, UB40 etc (approx. 45, media and sleeves mostly VG+/EX)

Lot 5303 – Sale Price: £65.00

THE BEATLES: 'Aiuto!' (Help!) LP, Italian mono pressing PMCQ 31507 (media F, sleeve G+) together with 'The Beatles' (White Album) LP (no poster or photo's No.0569021 (media VG+, sleeve VG), 'Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band' (media VG+, sleeve EX), 'Please Please Me' (media and sleeve VG+), 'With The Beatles' (media EX, sleeve, VG+), '1962-1966' (media and sleeve EX) and '1967-1970' (media EX, sleeve VG+) (7)

Lot 5304 – Sale Price: £5.00

FRANCOISE HARDY: 'FH 1' LP and 'Francoise Hardy In English' LP (2-media VG, sleeves VG+)

Lot 5306 – Sale Price: £22.00

JOHN MAYALL: Four LPs to include 'Blues Breakers' (SKL 4804), 'A Blanket In Blues' (ABCL 5187), 'Blues From Laurel Canyon' (SKL 4972) and 'A Hard Road' (SKL 4853) (4-media EX, sleeves VG-EX)

Lot 5307 – Sale Price: £28.00

Seven assorted Blues LPs including Koko Taylor 'I Got What It Takes' SNTF 687, Hound Dog Taylor 'Live At Florences' JSP 1020, JB Hutto & The Houserockers 'Live-Volume One' CR 30182, Snooks Eaglin 'Down Yonder (Snooks Eaglin Today)' SNTF 752, 'Negro Folklore From Texas State Prisons' compilation 236 511, Roy Brow 'Hard Luck Blues' GD-5036X(2) and 'Rhythm And Blues' compilation (6-media and sleeves G-VG+)

Lot 5308 – Sale Price: £30.00

Assorted Blues LP's including Big Bill Broonzy, Elmore James, Bessie Smith, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Leadbelly, Muddy Waters, Memphis Slim, Josh White, Sonny Boy Williamson etc (12 - generally VG/VG+)

Lot 5309 – Sale Price: £55.00

DAVID BOWIE: Seven LPs to include 'The Rise And Fall of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars' SF827 (media and sleeve G), 'Low' PL 12030 'Hunky Dory' SF8244, 'Statlon To Station APLI 1327, 'Diamond Dogs' APLI-0576, 'Young Americans RS1006 and 'Stage PL 02913 together with 'Sorrow', 'Golden Years,' 'Heroes,' and 'Scary Monsters And Super Creeps 7'' singles

Lot 5310 – Sale Price: £22.00

SPIRIT: Four LPs to include 'Twelve Dreams Of Dr. Sardonicus' (Epic 64191), 'The Family That Plays Together' (CBS 63523), 'Feedback' (Epic EPC 64507) and 'Spirit' (Epic 31457) (4-media and sleeves generally EX)

Lot 5311 – Sale Price: £30.00

Assorted Indie, Punk, New Wave and Ska LPs and 12'' singles including The Stranglers, Gang Of 4, Stiff Little Fingers, Orange Juice, Squeeze, Madness, The Higsons, The Planets, The undertones, The Beat, Eddie And The Hot Rods, Pete Shelley and The Boomtown Rats (15-media EX, sleeves VG+/EX)

Lot 5312 – Sale Price: £8.00

THE BELOVED: 'A Hundred Words' 12'' single HARP 2T and 'This Means War' 12'' single (white label) HARP 3T (2-media and sleeve VG+)

Lot 5313 – Sale Price: £22.00

KEVIN COYNE WITH SIREN: 'Dandelion Years' 3xLP boxset, BUTBOX 1 (media and box VG+)

Lot 5314 – Sale Price: £25.00

THE VELVET UNDERGROUND: 'Andy Warhol's Velvet Underground Featuring Nico' 2xLP compilation, MGM 2683006 (media and sleeve EX)

Lot 5315 – Sale Price: £22.00

ENO: 'Here Come The Warm Jets' LP, ILPS 9268 (media EX, sleeve VG+)

Lot 5316 – Sale Price: £32.00

BOB DYLAN: Two 12'' singles to include'Everything Is Broken' and 'Baby Stop Crying' (media and sleeves VG+) together with nineteen Bob Dylan 7'' singles (G-VG+)

Lot 5318 – Sale Price: £60.00

A collection of assorted Goth Rock LP's to include THE SISTERS OF MERCY: 'Floodland', 'First And Last Always' and 'Temple Of Love' 12'' single THE MISSION: 'The First Chapter', 'Children', 'Gods Own Medicine' and 'V' (Severina) 12'' single THE LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH: 'The Method To our Madness' and BAUHAUS: 'Burning From The Inside' (9-media and sleeves generally VG+)

Lot 5319 – Sale Price: £75.00

DAVID BOWIE: Seven LP's to include 'Hunky Dory', 'Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars', 'Station To Station', 'Low', 'Heroes', Lodger' and 'Scary Monsters' (7-media and sleeves generally VG+)

Lot 5323 – Sale Price: £38.00

BOB DYLAN: Four unofficial release LP's including 'Gaslight Tapes' 3xLP boxset, 'A Rare Batch Of Little White Wonder' volumes 2 and 3 and 'The Best Of Bob Dylan (Original Recordings)' (4 media and sleeves generally VG+)

Lot 5324 – Sale Price: £48.00

KEVIN COYNE: Eight LP's to include 'Babble' (with Dagmar Krause), 'Millionaires And Teddy Bears', 'Bursting Bubbles', 'Sanity Stomp', 'Politicz', 'Pointing The Finger', 'In Living Black And White' and 'Beautiful Extremes 1974-1977' (8-media and sleeves generally VG+)

Lot 5326 – Sale Price: £28.00

BOB DYLAN: Two unofficial release Never Ending Tour concert LP's to include 'Precious Memories' (with Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, Japan 8-3-86) and 'UK Tour 1991' (Glasgow SEC 3-2-91) (2-media and sleeves VG+)

Lot 5327 – Sale Price: £28.00

BOB DYLAN: Three unofficial release LP's to include 'Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been? (His Gotham Ingress)', 'Talkin Bear Mountain Massacre Picnic Blues' and another (3- media G+-VG+)

Lot 5328 – Sale Price: £55.00

BOB DYLAN: The Bootleg Series Volumes 1-3 (Rare And Unreleased) 1961-1991' 5xLP boxset and 'Biograph' 5xLP boxset (2-media VG+/EX, boxes and inners EX, both with booklets)

Lot 5329 – Sale Price: £48.00

PETER HAMMILL: Eight LP's including 'The Future Now', 'Over', 'Nadir's Big Chance', 'In Camera', 'The Silent Corner & The Empty Stage', 'Fools Mate', 'Vision' and Il Rock' Italian magazine compilation (8-media and sleeves generally VG+)

Lot 5330 – Sale Price: £48.00

NEIL YOUNG: Nine LP's to include 'Ragged Glory', 'Freedom', 'Landing On Water', 'Life', 'Old Ways', 'Everybody's Rockin'', 'Trans', 'Reactor' and 'Hawks And Doves' (9-media and sleeves generally VG+)

Lot 5331 – Sale Price: £75.00

A collection of mixed Prog Rock, Hard Rock and other LPs including Tony McPhee, ZZ Top, Peter Green, The Edgar Winter Group, Uriah Heep, Dustdevils, Johnny Winter, Quiet Sun and Deep Purple (11- media and sleeves generally EX)

Lot 5332 – Sale Price: £30.00

VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR: Five LP's including 'Godbluff', 'Still Life', 'World Record', 'The Quiet Zone/The Pleasure Dome' and 'Vital' (5-media VG+, sleeves G+-VG+)

Lot 5333 – Sale Price: £38.00

PETER HAMMILL: Seven LP's including 'Modern' (with Graham Smith, unofficial), 'Skin', 'The Margin', 'Enter K/Patience' 2xLP, 'Sitting Targets', 'A Black Box' and 'PH7' (promo) (7-media and sleeves generally VG/VG+)

Lot 5334 – Sale Price: £75.00

VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR: Five LP's including 'The Aerosol Grey Machine', 'The Least We Can Do Is Wave To Each Other', H To He Who Am The Only One', 'Pawn Hearts' and '68-71) (5-media and sleeves generally VG/VG+)

Lot 5335 – Sale Price: £35.00

A collection of mixed Jazz, Fusion and other LPs including Weather Report, Nova and Wilton Felder, also Linton Kwesi Johnson and Terry Oldfield (7-media and sleeves generally EX)

Lot 5336 – Sale Price: £40.00

Mixed Rock and Pop LPs include WARREN ZEVON: 'Warren Zevon' and 'Sentimental Hygiene' STEELY DAN: 'Pretzel Logic', 'Countdown To Ecstasy', 'Katy Lied' and 'The Royal Scam' and STEVE MILLER BAND: 'The Joker' and 'Anthology' (8-media and sleeves generally EX)

Lot 5337 – Sale Price: £30.00

HAWKWIND: 'X In Search Of Space' LP, UAG 2902 (media EX, sleeve VG+, with 'The Hawkwind Log' booklet)

Lot 5338 – Sale Price: £65.00

NEIL YOUNG: Nine LP's to include 'Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere', 'After The Gold Rush', 'Harvest', 'On The Beach', 'Zuma', 'Comes A Time', 'American Stars N Bars', 'Rust Never Sleeps' and 'Live Rust' (9-media and sleeves generally VG+)

Lot 5340 – Sale Price: £18.00

GENESIS: Four LP's to include 'The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway', 'Rock Theatre', 'Genesis Live' and 'The Best...' (4-media EX, sleeves VG+)

Lot 5341 – Sale Price: £38.00

GENESIS: Two unofficial release LP's to include 'Genesis' 8 55 40 and 'On Broadway Live In Paris' together with 'The Best...' 2xLP and Peter Gabriel 'Walk Through Fire' 12'' single (4-media and sleeves generally EX)

Lot 5342 – Sale Price: £22.00

GENESIS: 'And Then Here Are Three 2xLP unofficial release on orange and white vinyl (media and sleeve EX)

Lot 5344 – Sale Price: £38.00

GENESIS: Three unofficial release LP's to include 'The Rarest Live', 'The Rarest Live Vol.2' and 'The Rarest Live Vol.3' (3-media and sleeves EX)

Lot 5346 – Sale Price: £22.00

GENESIS: 'Invisible Life' LP, unofficial release GEN-1462/2 (media and sleeve EX)

Lot 5347 – Sale Price: £50.00

GENESIS: Four unofficial release LP's to include 'The Bedside Yellow Foam', 'As Though Emerald City', 'Awed Man Out' and 'You'll Love Us Live' (4-media and sleeves EX)

Lot 5349 – Sale Price: £55.00

Four assorted Prog/Psychedelic LP's including Kevin Ayres 'Joy Of A Toy', Daevid Allen 'Banana Moon', Gong 'Camembert Electrique' and Faust 'The Faust Tapes' (media and sleeves generally VG)

Lot 5351 – Sale Price: £30.00

A 1960s ''Discarrier'' orange plastic record carrier made by The Lehman Corfield Company containing assorted 7'' singles

Lot 5353 – Sale Price: £10.00

LITTLE FEAT: Three LPs to include 'Sailin' Shoes', 'Down On The Farm ' and 'Time Loves A Hero' together with LOWELL GEORGE: 'Thanks I'll Eat It Here' LP (4-media generally VG+/EX, sleeves EX)

Lot 5355 – Sale Price: £8.00

MICHAEL JACKSON: Nine assorted 7'' singles (generally VG)

Lot 5356 – Sale Price: £55.00

NEIL YOUNG: Six LPs to include 'Zuma', 'Comes A Time', 'Freedom', 'Tonight's The Night', 'Hawks And Doves' and 'Life' together with BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD: 'Buffalo Springfield Again' LP (7-media and sleeves generally EX)

Lot 5357 – Sale Price: £20.00

NEIL YOUNG AND CRAZY HORSE: 'Sleeps With Angels' 2xLP, 1994 European pressing, Reprise Records 9362-45749-1 (media EX, sleeve VG/VG+)

Lot 5358 – Sale Price: £150.00

BLACK SABBATH: Two LPs on Vertigo Swirl labels to include 'Black Sabbath Vol.4', 6360 071 (media VG+, sleeve EX) and 'Master Of Reality' 6060 050 (media EX, embossed box sleeve VG) no swirl inners

Lot 5359 – Sale Price: £38.00

THE DOORS: Four LPs to include 'L.A. Woman', 'The Soft Parade', 'Strange Days' and 'Weird Scenes Inside The Goldmine' (4-media ansd sleeves EX)

Lot 5360 – Sale Price: £100.00

9.30 FLY: '9.30 Fly' LP, Ember NR5062 (media EX, textured sleeve VG+)

Lot 5361 – Sale Price: £45.00

FRANK ZAPPA/MOTHERS OF INVENTION: Two unofficial release LPs including 'Hot Rats At The Olympic' (red vinyl, TMQ 71059) and 'In Europe' (WWA 13) (2-media and sleeves VG)

Lot 5362 – Sale Price: £20.00

Approximately 30 assorted Rock and Heavy Metal 7'' singles and picture discs including Budgie, Samson, Sammy Hagar, ZZ Top, The Rods, Deep Purple, Def Leppard, Alice Cooper, Bon Jovi, Black Sabbath, Bachman Turner Overdrive, Golden Earring, Europe, Boston, Argent, The Edgar Winter Group, Whitesnake, Gillan, Meat Loaf, Van Halen, Scorpions, Kiss, Saxon, Rainbow, Gary Moore (generally VG/VG+)

Lot 5363 – Sale Price: £10.00

STEVE HACKETT: 'Voyage Of The Acolyte' LP, Charsima CAS 1111 and 'Please Don't Touch' LP Charisma CDS 4012 (2-media and sleeves EX, small Hatter labels on both)

Lot 5364 – Sale Price: £30.00

Four assorted Frank Zappa and captain Beefheart LPs to include 'Over-nite Sensation', 'Bongo Fury' '2 Originals' (2xLP combined release of 'The Spotlight Kid' and 'Lick My Decals Off, Baby) and 'The File Series' (4-media and sleeves generally EX)

Lot 5365 – Sale Price: £25.00

42 Tamla Motown 7'' singles (generally G+/VG)

Lot 5366 – Sale Price: £22.00

HOWLIN' WOLF: 'Evil' LP, chess Vintage Series CH-1540 (media EX, sleeve VG+) and 'The London Holwlin' Wolf Sessions' LP featuring Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood, Bill Wyman and Charlie Watts, Rolling Stones Records COC 49101 (media and sleeve EX)

Lot 5367 – Sale Price: £65.00

Five assorted Blues LPs to include Lightnin' Hopkins 'The Roots Of Lightnin' Hopkins' (Folkways Records FTS 31011, Skip James 'Greatest Of The Delta Blues Singer' (Melodeon MLP 7321), Robert Johnson 'King Of The Delta Blues singers' (CBS Archive Series BPG 62456), Hammie Nixon 'Tennessee Blues Vol.3' (albatross VPA 8277) and Blind Boy Fuller 'Truckin' My Blues Away' (Yazoo 1060) (5-media and sleeves generally EX)

Lot 5368 – Sale Price: £15.00

Thirteen assorted Motown 7'' singles including Stevie Wonder, Thelma Houston, Jimmy Ruffin etc (media generally VG/VG+)

Lot 5369 – Sale Price: £38.00

Four assorted African 7'' singles to include JAMES ACHIEN'G EQUATOR BOYS: 'Adwaro Nyisou/Baba Ne Onyisa' (Nairobi- Equator Records 7 EU 261, media VG), NUTA JAZZ: 'Azimio La Arusha/Tanzania Ni Inchi Yetu' (Nairobi- African Beat 7-5040, media VG), ORCHESTRE SINZA: 'Bilombe Ya Africa/Sophie Ya Motema' (Kenya- Pathe PF 11585, media G+) and ROCHEREAU ET AFRICAN FIESTA: 'Libala Ya 8 Heures De Temps/Tuson' (Kenya Pathe OP 1018, media VG)

Lot 5370 – Sale Price: £110.00

THE BEATLES: A collection of Beatles and related LPs including 'Please Please Me' (x2), 'A Hard Days Night', 'The Beatles' (White Album), 'Help!', 'Abbey Road', 'Yellow Submarine', 'Beatles For Sale', Rubber Soul', 'Revolver' (x2), 'With The Beatles', 'Let It Be', Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band', 'A Collection Of Oldies', 'Ram' and 'Imagine' (17- media and sleeves mostly G+/VG)

Lot 5371 – Sale Price: £200.00

LED ZEPPELIN: 'Led Zeppelin' LP SLEEVE ONLY, Atlantic 588171, turquoise lettering (four small holes in back cover, otherwise VG+)

Lot 5372 – Sale Price: £10.00

Sixteen Rolling Stones 7'' singles (16-generally G+/VG)

Lot 5373 – Sale Price: £65.00

THE BEATLES: A 1988 roll top 'bread bin' containing sixteen CD albums, with booklet

Lot 5375 – Sale Price: £18.00

CHRISTIAN DEATH: Four LP's including 'Atrocities', 'The Wind Kissed Pictures', 'Past, Present And Forever' and 'An Official Anthology Of ''Live'' Bootlegs' (4-media and sleeves generally VG/VG+)

Lot 5376 – Sale Price: £20.00

Twenty Elvis Presley 7'' singles (generally G+/VG)

Lot 5377 – Sale Price: £5.00

Twelve Bob Dylan 7'' singles (12-generally G+/VG)

Lot 5378 – Sale Price: £120.00

A collection of ten assorted Krautrock, Prog, Avant Garde and experimantal LPs including Spacebox 'Spacebox' (SP1), Liliental 'Liliental' (Brain 0060.117), Din A Testbild' 'Programm 1' (Innovative Communication KS 80.002) and 'Come Into My Satistactory' (American Phonograph NCH LP001), Pellmell 'Only A Star' (Venus V78PM-F1006), Francois Breant 'Sons Optique' (Egg 900.553), Der Plan 'Geri Reig' (Warning 003) and 'Normalette Surprise' (Ata Tak WR007), Reifenstahl 'Die Wundwaffe' (Ink Records 006) and 'Das Abendprogramm' compilation (Riskant 004) featuring Theatre Of Hate, Eisturzende Neubauten, The Honeymoon Killers, Die Gesunden Kommen and Schlafose Nachte (10-media and sleeves generally VG+/EX)

Lot 5379 – Sale Price: £25.00

MOONDOG: 'Moondog' LP, 1969 UK pressing, CBS 63906

Lot 5380 – Sale Price: £20.00

OMEGA: '200 Years After The Last War' quadraphonic LP, Bacillus Records BLPS 19175 Q and 'Omega' LP, Bacillus Records BLPS 19147 (2-some discolouration to media,sleeves EX)

Lot 5381 – Sale Price: £28.00

CAN: 'Cannibalism' 2XLP compilation, UDM 105/6 (some discolouration to media, sleeve EX)

Lot 5382 – Sale Price: £15.00

TANGERINE DREAM: 'Electronic Meditation' LP, German reissue, Ohr OMM 556 004 and EDGAR FROESE: 'Aqua' LP, Virgin V2016 (2-some discolouration to media, sleeves EX)

Lot 5383 – Sale Price: £65.00

POPOL VUH: 'Spirit Of Peace' LP, Cicada Records, Norway C001 (media EX, sleeveVG+, small loss to front cover)

Lot 5384 – Sale Price: £20.00

GUNTER SCHICKERT: 'Samtvogel' LP, 1976 German reissue on Brain Records brain 1080 (media VG+/EX, sleeve EX)

Lot 5385 – Sale Price: £15.00

'Komische Musik' 2xLP Krautrock compilation featuring Popol Vuh, Klaus Schulze, Ash Ra, Tempel and Tangerine Dream. Ohr Records OMM 2/56027 (some discolouration to media, sleeve EX)

Lot 5386 – Sale Price: £35.00

WALLENSTEIN: 'Cosmic Century' quadraphonic LP, Komische Musik KM 58.006 and 'Stories, Songs And Symphonies' quadraphonic LP, Komische Musik KM 58.014 (2- media VG+, sleeves EX)

Lot 5387 – Sale Price: £30.00

STREETMARK: 'Eileen' LP, Sky Records sky 011 and 'Nordland; LP Sky Records sky 003 (2 media and sleeves EX)

Lot 5388 – Sale Price: £42.00

RELEASE MUSIC ORCHESTRA: Four LPs to include 'Get The Ball' (Brain 1083), 'Garuda' (Brain 1072), 'Life' (Brain 1056) and 'Beyond The Limit' (Brain 0060.115) (4-media and sleeves EX)

Lot 5389 – Sale Price: £150.00

DENNIS: Hyperthalamus' LP, 1975 German first pressing, Nova 6.22.352 (media and sleeve EX)

Lot 5390 – Sale Price: £80.00

GURU GURU: 'Kanguru' LP, 1972 German first pressing, Brain/Metronome 1007 and 'Der Elektrolurch' 2xLP compilation, Brain 2/1057 (2- media and sleeves EX)

Lot 5391 – Sale Price: £28.00

ELOY: Five LPs to include 'Silent Cries And Mighty Echoes' (Harvest IC 064-45 269), 'Colours' (Harvest IA 062-42936), 'Planets 1' (Harvest IC 064-46483), 'Metromania' (Heavy Metal World Wide HM121) and 'Performance' (picture disc, Heavy Metal World Wide HM1 PD12) (5-some discolouration to media, generally VG+/EX)

Lot 5392 – Sale Price: £50.00

JANE: Four LPs on Brain Records to include 'Lady' (Brain 1066), 'III' (Brain 1048), 'Age Of Madness' (Brain 1005) and 'Sign No.9' (Brain 0060.218) (4-media and sleeves generally VG+/EX)

Lot 5393 – Sale Price: £90.00

KRAFTWERK: 'Ralf And Florian' LP, 1973 UK first pressing, Vertigo 6360 616, in embossed sleeve (media VG+, sleeve EX)

Lot 5394 – Sale Price: £28.00

FLOH DE COLOGNE: 'Rockoper Profitgeier' LP on pink vinyl, Ohr OMM 556010 (media VG+/EX, gimmick sleeve EX)

Lot 5395 – Sale Price: £42.00

AMON DUUL: 'Disaster (Luud Noma)' 2xLP 1972 German pressing, BASF 2929079-4 (some discolouration to media,, sleeve EX) and AMON DUUL II: 'Hawk Meets Penguin Volume 1' LP, 1982 UK reissue, Demi Monde DM004 (some discolouration to media,, sleeve EX)

Lot 5396 – Sale Price: £15.00

FAUST: 'The Faust Tapes' LP, Virgin VC501 (media and sleeve EX)

Lot 5397 – Sale Price: £55.00

GOBLIN: 'Suspiria' soundtrack LP, first UK pressing, EMC 3222 (media and sleeve EX)