Onsite Lowestoft Porcelain Auction

Zoe Sprake proprietor of Lowestoft Porcelain Auctions has selected Diss Auction Rooms to hold this year's auction....find out more here

Location: Diss Auction Rooms
Date: 21st October 2020
Starts: 2:00 pm

Lots in auction: 102
Online deadline: 21st October 2020, 1:30 pm
Contact: Elizabeth Talbot


Lot No: 35

Pickle leaf dish with exterior moulded veins and a serrated edge, painted with grape vine, decorator's mark

Sale Price: £300.00

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Lot No: 36

Blue & white sparrowbeak jug, long fence pattern. Restored area

Sale Price: £140.00

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Lot No: 37

Rectangular shouldered tea caddy, Robert Browne pattern, crescent mark

Sale Price: £260.00

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Lot No: 38

Blue & white sucrier & cover, 8cm, Robert Browne pattern, closed flower knop, crescent mark. Some brown spotting to rim of sucrier. ...

Sale Price: £320.00

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Lot No: 39

Polychrome teapot and cover, painted with the Curtis cornucopia pattern. Horizontal crack below spout, large chip with associated crack to cover

Sale Price: £100.00

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Lot No: 40

Polychrome coffee pot and cover painted by the Tulip Painter, painted with a pink peony in a fine floral spray, with floral sprays on...

Sale Price: £550.00

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Lot No: 41

Polychrome sucrier & cover, moulded with shallow flutes with a domed, fluted cover with hexagonal pointed knop. Painted with pink, green and purple...

Sale Price: £200.00

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Lot No: 42

Blue & white egg drainer with piercings in a diamond shape and twisted handle with moulded flower terminals. Hairline crack

Sale Price: £420.00

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Lot No: 43

Miniature blue & white sucrier & cover, decorator's mark, 5cm. Chip underneath rim of cover

Sale Price: £950.00

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Lot No: 46

Miniature sparrowbeak jug 5cm, painted with island scenes. Beak restored, sprung handle

Sale Price: £340.00

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Lot No: 48

Miniature blue & white saucer 8cm, 3 flower print

Sale Price: £55.00

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Lot No: 49

Polychrome teapot stand, painted in the green Redgrave pattern, octagonal shape with flared sides. 11cm diameter, 2cm external depth, 1 crack

Sale Price: £320.00

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Lot No: 50

Blue & white teabowl & saucer, long fence pattern, decorator's mark, ex collection of EJ Sidebottom, sold Bonhams sale 31348. Glaze rubbed inside...

Sale Price: £90.00

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Lot No: 51

Small blue & white bottle-shaped vase painted with peony and bamboo, 10cm. Ground down rim

Sale Price: £200.00

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Lot No: 52

Large 14cm mug, printed pagoda pattern. Terminal to handle missing

Sale Price: £85.00

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Lot No: 53

Small teapot & cover 13cm, printed 3 flower pattern, closed flower knop. Blurred crescent mark to base. Crack curved round...

Sale Price: £180.00

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