On view.

Monday 16 May and saleday from 8.30am 

Location: The Deben Room
Date: 17th May 2022
Starts: 10:00 am

Lots in auction: 433
Online deadline: 17th May 2022, 9:30 am
Contact: Rupert Willows


Lot No: 4422

Two boxed Bachmann G scale Thomas & Friends Deluxe Rolling Stock coaches; 97003 Emily's Coach and 97004 Emily's Brake Coach

Sale Price: £85.00

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Lot No: 4423

Three boxed Hornby 00 gauge locomotives and tenders to include R.033 BR Class 7MT Loco ''Morning Star'', R.146 BR 4-6-2 Loco Class A3 ''Prince...

Sale Price: £70.00

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Lot No: 4424

Two boxed Hornby Super Detail 00 gauge locomotives and tenders; R2359 BR 4-6-0 Class 5MT Locomotive ''44908'' and R2283 SR 4-6-2 Battle Of Britain...

Sale Price: £75.00

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Lot No: 4425

Two boxed Hornby Super Detail 00 gauge locomotives and tender; R2206 LMS, 4-6-2 Coronation Class 6220 ''Coronation'' and R2311 :MS 4-6-2 Duchess Class ''City...

Sale Price: £80.00

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Lot No: 4426

Three boxed Bachmann Branch-Line 00 gauge locomotives and tenders; Garter Blue, 32-552 Class A1 60147 'North Eastern' and 32-554 class A1 60114 'W.Pallen' Doncaster...

Sale Price: £75.00

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Lot No: 4427

A boxed Bachmann Big Haulers G scale 81088 Denver & Rio Grande Western large scale steam locomotive and tender

Sale Price: £65.00

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Lot No: 4428

Assorted Garden Railway track, mostly 2'' scale and one length of other a/f

Sale Price: £30.00

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Lot No: 4429

A live steam 3.5'' gauge 4-6-0 locomotive for restoration, approximately 76cm long

Sale Price: £210.00

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Lot No: 4430

A live steam 3.5'' gauge 4-4-2 Country Carlow tank locomotive and tender in green Great Western livery, locomotive approximately 80cm long, tender approximately 48cm...

Sale Price: £1,000.00

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Lot No: 4431

A 3.5'' gauge live steam LMS 2-6-4 locomotive No.2468, approximately 92cm long, with wooden storage box, no paperwork

Sale Price: £1,000.00

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Lot No: 4432

An unfinished live steam 3.5'' gauge 4-4-2 locomotive and tender by L.B.S.C, locomotive approximately 69cm long, tender approximately 45cm long, with manual and expired...

Sale Price: £850.00

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Lot No: 4433

A live steam 3.5'' gauge 0-6-2 tank locomotive ''Mona'' by L.B.S.C. in green livery, approximately 70cm long with manual and expired boiler certificate (18/1/99)...

Sale Price: £900.00

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Lot No: 4434

A live steam 3.5'' gauge Schools Class 4-4-0 locomotive and tender ''Wellington'' in green Southern livery, locomotive approximately 70cm long, tender approximately 44cm long,...

Sale Price: £850.00

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