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Modern Household Furniture, Domestic Effects, Tools Etc

Location: Saleroom 3
Date: 13th March 2020
Starts: 10:00 am

Lots in auction: 416
Online deadline: 13th March 2020, 9:30 am
Contact: Robert Henshilwood

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Lot 1001 – Sale Price: £30.00

A painted fire surround with matching overmantel mirror

Lot 1002 – Sale Price: £12.00

A notice board, dry white board and a key cabinet

Lot 1003 – Sale Price: £28.00

A Nathan teak sideboard, four drawers over two cupboards

Lot 1006 – Sale Price: £38.00

A Nathan teak telephone seat

Lot 1008 – Sale Price: £18.00

An arts and crafts style wrought iron jardiniere with copper pot

Lot 1010 – Sale Price: £15.00

A resin figurative sculpture

Lot 1011 – Sale Price: £10.00

A mahogany console side table with pierced frieze

Lot 1012 – Sale Price: £38.00

A large gilt framed over mantel mirror

Lot 1013 – Sale Price: £25.00

A Picquot ware tea/coffee set with tray

Lot 1014 – Sale Price: £10.00

A Chinese hardwood sideboard, alcove over two door cupboard

Lot 1015 – Sale Price: £30.00

A French style quartz wall clock

Lot 1018 – Sale Price: £12.00

A Eastern hardwood side cabinet with flanking drawers

Lot 1021 – Sale Price: £110.00

A large Ercol pebble table

Lot 1022 – Sale Price: £150.00

An Ercol trolley bookshelf

Lot 1023 – Sale Price: £18.00

A 20th Century mahogany drop flap work table

Lot 1024 – Sale Price: £15.00

A bistro table with two tuck under chairs

Lot 1025 – Sale Price: £3.00

A modern pine computer desk

Lot 1027 – Sale Price: £15.00

A Candy fridge/freezer

Lot 1028 – Sale Price: £15.00

A Dualit toaster and a boxed Vax cleaner

Lot 1029 – Sale Price: £12.00

A Fridgemaster fridge/freezer

Lot 1032 – Sale Price: £8.00

Five pine framed rectangular wall mirrors

Lot 1034 – Sale Price: £28.00

A print after Farquharson depicting a farmer feeding sheep in winter scene, framed and glazed, ''The Shortening Winters Day''

Lot 1036 – Sale Price: £10.00

An oak two door over single drawer cabinet on square tapering legs

Lot 1037 – Sale Price: £22.00

A Georgian style bureau bookcase

Lot 1038 – Sale Price: £30.00

A 1930's Grandmother clock (key in cabinet)

Lot 1039 – Sale Price: £20.00

A modern oak Grandfather clock and a holly wall clock

Lot 1041 – Sale Price: £10.00

A Dolland (London) Aneroid barometer with oak carved case and thermometer dial

Lot 1042 – Sale Price: £22.00

A French style cream dressing chest with mirrors, with cheval mirror

Lot 1043 – Sale Price: £20.00

A wicker three fold room screen

Lot 1044 – Sale Price: £6.00

A turned wood standard lamp, an 1940's stool and a brass coal box

Lot 1046 – Sale Price: £6.00

A white painted pine dresser

Lot 1047 – Sale Price: £12.00

A plaster effect figurative sculpture

Lot 1048 – Sale Price: £12.00

A resin figurative sculpture

Lot 1049 – Sale Price: £25.00

Three chipped ply shop display boxes and a pair of pine stacking box crates

Lot 1051 – Sale Price: £12.00

An eastern copy of a Victorian chiffonier

Lot 1052 – Sale Price: £35.00

An oak bureau with four drawers and leached glass two door cabinet

Lot 1057 – Sale Price: £32.00

A 25 volume set of ''Punch Library of Humour''

Lot 1058 – Sale Price: £65.00

Folio Society, 25 volumes including ''A History of England'', 12 volumes, ''The Story of the Middle Ages'', five volumes, ''Pepy's Diary'' three volumes, etc

Lot 1059 – Sale Price: £28.00

A pair of single drawer pine cabinets

Lot 1060 – Sale Price: £20.00

A pine mirror on stand

Lot 1061 – Sale Price: £30.00

A square low table of Chinese taste, 41cm tall x 91cm x 91cm

Lot 1062 – Sale Price: £10.00

A Regency style circular coffee table with burr walnut rim

Lot 1063 – Sale Price: £20.00

A Victorian walnut four tier corner whatnot and a reproduction wine table

Lot 1064 – Sale Price: £8.00

A floral inlay occasional table

Lot 1066 – Sale Price: £10.00

A pair of light oak effect square coffee tables

Lot 1067 – Sale Price: £18.00

A 1930's mahogany wine table with writhen turned stem

Lot 1068 – Sale Price: £22.00

A mahogany and brass three tier folding plate rack

Lot 1069 – Sale Price: £10.00

An oblong occasional table

Lot 1070 – Sale Price: £10.00

A pine two tier jardiniere stand with barley twist legs and a small metal lamp

Lot 1072 – Sale Price: £5.00

A pine drop flap table

Lot 1073 – Sale Price: £10.00

A Victorian dressing mirror a/f, small oak table and another table

Lot 1075 – Sale Price: £20.00

A steel framed large mirror

Lot 1076 – Sale Price: £15.00

A Stag Minstrel chest of drawers

Lot 1077 – Sale Price: £12.00

A modern cheval mirror

Lot 1079 – Sale Price: £30.00

A Winthrop Symphony record player stereo in cabinet - Collectors electrical item

Lot 1080 – Sale Price: £18.00

Twelve transfer hand painted and highlighted cake plates

Lot 1084 – Sale Price: £38.00

A small teak side cabinet, together with a teak and glass nest of three tables (a/f)

Lot 1085 – Sale Price: £28.00

An oak two tier serving trolley

Lot 1086 – Sale Price: £30.00

A Nathan extending dining table and six chairs (4+2 carvers)

Lot 1087 – Sale Price: £55.00

A pitch pine kitchen table with side drawer

Lot 1089 – Sale Price: £15.00

A beech chair and a mahogany jardiniere stand

Lot 1093 – Sale Price: £5.00

A 1940's wireless radio

Lot 1094 – Sale Price: £15.00

A mahogany bookcase with dentil carved top

Lot 1096 – Sale Price: £20.00

A nest of three teak tables

Lot 1097 – Sale Price: £6.00

A mahogany low side cabinet

Lot 1098 – Sale Price: £10.00

A modern side table with single drawer, turned supports

Lot 1100 – Sale Price: £12.00

A bundle of walking sticks

Lot 1103 – Sale Price: £8.00

Three pedestal plinths

Lot 1104 – Sale Price: £40.00

An Ercol style round coffee table

Lot 1105 – Sale Price: £30.00

A glass lamp with fabric/plywood shade and modern lamp

Lot 1106 – Sale Price: £10.00

A large pine coffee table

Lot 1110 – Sale Price: £35.00

1960's teak finish Ladderax style furniture (barn stored)

Lot 1111 – Sale Price: £6.00

A Lloyd Loom style linen bin and waste paper bin

Lot 1112 – Sale Price: £28.00

A 19th Century style hoop-back Windsor armchair, stick-back, H-stretcher base

Lot 1113 – Sale Price: £40.00

A country pine kitchen table on turned legs

Lot 1115 – Sale Price: £3.00 (inc)

Five wicker waste paper baskets

Lot 1117 – Sale Price: £30.00

A table top cigar humidor cabinet

Lot 1119 – Sale Price: £10.00

Approximately 65 Freddie Mercury posters

Lot 1120 – Sale Price: £15.00

A large pine coffee table on turned legs

Lot 1123 – Sale Price: £110.00

A Victorian brass oil lamp, shade, and another

Lot 1126 – Sale Price: £28.00

A quantity of repro WWII propaganda posters

Lot 1128 – Sale Price: £6.00

A Lloyd Loom style ottoman

Lot 1129 – Sale Price: £32.00

A pine table and four spindle back chairs

Lot 1130 – Sale Price: £65.00

Clifford Saber: ''Desert Rat Sketch Book'', 1959, 1st edition, oblong, original cloth, slip case

Lot 1131A – Sale Price: £15.00

Two pine barstools and two rush seated chairs

Lot 1132 – Sale Price: £50.00

A modern pine two drawer side table

Lot 1133 – Sale Price: £28.00

A wheelback chair, a carver chair and a stool (3)

Lot 1133A – Sale Price: £60.00

A pair of 1930's walnut stools on cabriole legs

Lot 1134 – Sale Price: £10.00

Four lime green stacking chairs

Lot 1135 – Sale Price: £18.00 (inc)

A modern beech grandfather chair

Lot 1136 – Sale Price: £5.00

Four oak effect (3+1) chairs

Lot 1137 – Sale Price: £10.00

A dark wooden rocking chair

Lot 1139 – Sale Price: £18.00

Three small red ground rugs

Lot 1140 – Sale Price: £55.00

A 1970's Ercol armchair

Lot 1142 – Sale Price: £40.00

A bamboo conservatory three piece suite, sofa and two armchairs

Lot 1145 – Sale Price: £28.00

An oatmeal two seater sofa bed

Lot 1146 – Sale Price: £120.00

A single arm chair in William Morris style

Lot 1147 – Sale Price: £220.00

A two seater sofa in William Morris style Knoll

Lot 1148 – Sale Price: £360.00

A three seater sofa in William Morris style Knoll is made by David Gundy

Lot 1150 – Sale Price: £12.00

A box in the form of a wardrobe containing mixed costume jewellery

Lot 1151 – Sale Price: £10.00

A Wilkinsons razor, male grooming kit and brushes (3)

Lot 1152 – Sale Price: £8.00

Nine vintage childrens books including 'Cinderella Luminors Eye Book', 'Dandy Monster Comic' annual (a/f), Kate Greenway, 'Popup pictures of the Circus' etc

Lot 1153 – Sale Price: £5.00

Four J.K Rowling 'Harry Potter' volumes including 1st Editions of 'Order of the Phoenix', 'Half Blood Prince' and 'The Deathly Hallows', plus 'Goblet of Fire' reprint (4)

Lot 1154 – Sale Price: £38.00

A Mamod steam engine with fuel

Lot 1155 – Sale Price: £18.00

A box of Peter Rabbit and Bunnykins items including books etc

Lot 1156 – Sale Price: £20.00

A J.B. (Jean Blanc) petanque set in case, eight balls, two jacks and a rule book, made in France

Lot 1157 – Sale Price: £5.00

A box of miscellaneous vintage china

Lot 1158 – Sale Price: £10.00

Three boxed lights and a box of mixed lighting

Lot 1159 – Sale Price: £12.00

A 1960's Louis Marx Pro Shot indoor golf game, boxed

Lot 1160 – Sale Price: £5.00

A box of mixed books including Asterix, 'The Water Babies', childrens annuals etc

Lot 1163 – Sale Price: £20.00

A large Murano glass clown and five smaller examples (6)

Lot 1164 – Sale Price: £28.00

A set of battery operated seven dwarves figures

Lot 1165 – Sale Price: £18.00

A box of large letter size Jiffy bags

Lot 1167 – Sale Price: £10.00

Three sets of inline skates and a box of DVDs

Lot 1168 – Sale Price: £5.00

A Winmau dart board in cabinet

Lot 1169 – Sale Price: £28.00

A boxed pair of running/jumping assists

Lot 1170 – Sale Price: £3.00

Assorted glassware, vintage ice bucket etc

Lot 1171 – Sale Price: £15.00

A box of mixed kitchenalia including an Isla stove top espresso maker and Le Creuset lidded casserole dish a/f

Lot 1173 – Sale Price: £15.00

Technics SB-4500 speakers (hand-painted cabinets)

Lot 1174 – Sale Price: £40.00

Two pairs of identical floral pattern curtains, 234cm long x 200cm wide

Lot 1175 – Sale Price: £18.00

Four boxes containing gardening books, knitting items and children's items

Lot 1176 – Sale Price: £30.00

A Held motorcycle pannier bag and a top bag

Lot 1177 – Sale Price: £10.00

Two boxes of bound sets of 1970's comics and Birds of the World

Lot 1178 – Sale Price: £15.00

A quantity of solid glass candle holders

Lot 1180 – Sale Price: £8.00

Three boxes of miscellaneous including ceramic bowls of fruit, glassware etc

Lot 1181 – Sale Price: £12.00

Six commemorative Ferrari drinking glasses ''Campioni del Mondo'' by Shell

Lot 1182 – Sale Price: £5.00

A collection of mixed LP's including Joan Baez, Patti Smith etc.

Lot 1183 – Sale Price: £3.00

Two boxes of books, mugs, pig, iron, hair styler etc

Lot 1184 – Sale Price: £10.00

Ten mixed pictures and prints including 'The Old Customs House Abu Dhabi'', map of Suffolk, Koi Carp etc

Lot 1185 – Sale Price: £3.00

A Richmond floral design tea set

Lot 1186 – Sale Price: £18.00

A Winstanley ceramic cat figure

Lot 1187 – Sale Price: £10.00

A collection of marbles in a glazed pottery dish

Lot 1188 – Sale Price: £18.00

A Royal Doulton figurine Bess, model no. HN 2002 together with a Coalport figurine - Cinderella's Ball

Lot 1189 – Sale Price: £3.00

Two oak framed mid 20th Century cork dioramas and two wooden lamp bases

Lot 1191 – Sale Price: £6.00

A box of round glass advertising paperweights including Ventolin Becotide and Eagle Star

Lot 1193 – Sale Price: £5.00

A box of mixed perspex and glass advertising paperwights including Warings and Royal Heritage

Lot 1194 – Sale Price: £3.00

Three wooden carved figures

Lot 1195 – Sale Price: £40.00

Model precision cars including Franklin Mint 1929 Bentley, Burago Jaguar and Mercedes

Lot 1196 – Sale Price: £10.00

Two books on airships comprising 'R101 A Pictorial History' & 'Hindenburg an Illustrated History'

Lot 1198 – Sale Price: £28.00

Two retro clocks including Smiths Astral

Lot 1200 – Sale Price: £3.00

A piece of freeform art glass and a Murano floral shaped glass vase

Lot 1201 – Sale Price: £65.00

Royal Doulton Brambly Hedge ceramic seasons photograph frames, Primrose picking Berry figure and two white Royal Doulton small vases and four plates

Lot 1202 – Sale Price: £5.00

A pair of ceramic elephants

Lot 1204 – Sale Price: £35.00

A boxed Hornby 00 guage Western Messenger train set

Lot 1205 – Sale Price: £18.00

Three 20th Century Chinese ceramic figures

Lot 1206 – Sale Price: £5.00

A boxed cutlery set, oak box and a desk ink pot tray

Lot 1208 – Sale Price: £38.00

Four retro clocks including Chloride Gent

Lot 1209 – Sale Price: £32.00

A selection of vintage agricultural service books/parts lists including Fordson Major/Super Major and Perkins and vintage farming magazines

Lot 1210 – Sale Price: £50.00

Twelve musical ornate lidded boxes with gilt detailing

Lot 1211 – Sale Price: £28.00

MIKE WEBB: A framed and glazed watercolour depicting farm land scene

Lot 1213 – Sale Price: £32.00

A mixed lot of silver plated and flatware including cruets and coffee set

Lot 1214 – Sale Price: £10.00

Five pub umbrellas including Greene King

Lot 1215 – Sale Price: £42.00

A good quantity of early 20th Century Ordnance Survey maps of Norfolk and Suffolk, large scale (1/2500) sheets, rolled

Lot 1216 – Sale Price: £12.00

A gilt framed watercolour of lakeland mountain scene plus a framed oil on board of woodland scene

Lot 1217 – Sale Price: £22.00

A box of mixed books including Norfolk interest

Lot 1218 – Sale Price: £95.00

Two boxes of Folio Society books including Jane Austen Works, seven volumes in slip case, Bronte Sisters, five volumes etc

Lot 1219 – Sale Price: £30.00

A collection of approximately 20 T E Lawrence and Arabia interest titles including Robert Graves: ''Lawrence and the Arabs'', 1927, 1st Edition, A W Lawrence: ''T E Lawrence by His Friends'', 1937, 1st Edition: ''Rulers of Mecca'', ''Hassan - The Story of Hassan of Bagdad and How he came to make the Golden Journey to Samarkand etc

Lot 1221 – Sale Price: £28.00

Twenty four Macmillan ''Highways and Byways'' series volumes, mainly early 20th Century first editions, original cloth gilt

Lot 1222 – Sale Price: £50.00

Three boxes of military interest books mainly WWII including D-Day, Enigma, SS etc

Lot 1223 – Sale Price: £12.00

A quantity of framed pictures and prints

Lot 1224 – Sale Price: £28.00

TIMO LEH TONEN: A framed and glazed large print of a lion, with information

Lot 1225 – Sale Price: £85.00

Two boxes of mainly Folio Society books including Charles Dickens, Renaissance and Art, Strand etc

Lot 1226 – Sale Price: £65.00

A box containing vintage camera equipment including Nikon SLR, Weston MKIV lightmeter, lenses etc and a telescope

Lot 1227 – Sale Price: £40.00

Twenty two early 20th century topographical books, mainly first editions by H V Morton and relating to the British Isles, small number further afield including Middle East and South Africa

Lot 1229 – Sale Price: £12.00

Seven assorted volumes including ''Plutarch's Lives'', 1847, Kipling four volumes, ''Anglian Waters'' etc

Lot 1231 – Sale Price: £20.00

Three boxes of mixed ceramics including teawares

Lot 1232 – Sale Price: £15.00

A quantity of solid glass candelabra's

Lot 1233 – Sale Price: £10.00

Two Nigel Hemming coloured hunting pictures, each framed and glazed

Lot 1234 – Sale Price: £20.00

A Sony PS2 games console

Lot 1235 – Sale Price: £10.00

A Ferguson stereo music centre

Lot 1237 – Sale Price: £32.00

Three boxes of military interest books, mainly WWII including Stalingrad, Dresden, Blitz, plus Boer War etc

Lot 1238 – Sale Price: £32.00

A Rockingham Bulrush meat platter, two tureens and five plates with a Willow pattern platter, a butchers shop tongue plate and a Dickens Barnaby Rudge plate

Lot 1240 – Sale Price: £10.00

Two keyboard stands, speaker stands and a microphone stand

Lot 1241 – Sale Price: £25.00

A wicker tray of cutlery and miscellaneous items including gun-shell ashtray, watches (a/f) etc, a brass light fitting, artists easel, a Ridgely yardstick and framed photo of a baby

Lot 1242 – Sale Price: £5.00

A box of miscellaneous metal wares including a candelabra, trays and wicker baskets

Lot 1243 – Sale Price: £3.00

Mixed items including wooden clogs, California redwood fruit bowl, an American football and dolls etc

Lot 1244 – Sale Price: £12.00

A box of mixed ceramics including Royal Doulton and Burleigh. Glasswares and Royal Worcester ''Strawberry Fair'' lidded tureen

Lot 1245 – Sale Price: £15.00

A box of railway magazines from 40's-70's

Lot 1246 – Sale Price: £22.00

A fabric covered box of needlecraft items (thread etc)

Lot 1247 – Sale Price: £5.00

A quilt and a set of curtains, a head board, a box of heavy duty curtains and a magazine rack

Lot 1249 – Sale Price: £22.00

Four framed and glazed Jack Vettriano prints

Lot 1250 – Sale Price: £6.00

Seven pictures and prints mainly depicting flowers including an oil on canvas

Lot 1251 – Sale Price: £8.00

Miltro three piece fishing rod in original canvas bag

Lot 1252 – Sale Price: £6.00

A Phil Prentice print depicting a big cat in silver coloured and suede frame

Lot 1253 – Sale Price: £60.00

Onkyo stereo system with a pair of Philips speakers

Lot 1254 – Sale Price: £5.00

A box of mixed items including soapstone plates, marble lamp etc

Lot 1255 – Sale Price: £20.00

A box of UK and European OS maps

Lot 1256 – Sale Price: £12.00

Two tinplate Hornby level crossings and a signal box

Lot 1257 – Sale Price: £12.00

A box of mostly classical LP's

Lot 1258 – Sale Price: £15.00

A boxed Nintendo DS (brain training edition)

Lot 1259 – Sale Price: £22.00

A box of mixed art glass vases

Lot 1260 – Sale Price: £12.00

A quantity of mixed books including Observers

Lot 1261 – Sale Price: £15.00

A collection of mixed ceramic items including Limoges, Yarmouth pottery mug etc

Lot 1262 – Sale Price: £50.00

Two boxes of needlecraft books

Lot 1263 – Sale Price: £38.00

Three boxes of classical music LP's

Lot 1264 – Sale Price: £8.00

China plates, cups, candle holder, plant pots etc

Lot 1267 – Sale Price: £15.00

Two boxes of gardening/botanical books

Lot 1268 – Sale Price: £10.00

An electric sewing machine and a Goblin teasmaid

Lot 1269 – Sale Price: £45.00

A collection of Pentax and Canon cameras and accessories

Lot 1270 – Sale Price: £45.00

A collection of Pentax and Canon cameras and accessories

Lot 1271 – Sale Price: £10.00

A David Andrew, Manchester tweed country coat (size 40)

Lot 1273 – Sale Price: £15.00

A folder containing assorted world coins

Lot 1274A – Sale Price: £32.00

A costume jewellery suite of necklace, bangle and earrings with cat head design

Lot 1275 – Sale Price: £18.00

A boxed compact with hand design and a cameo carved shell

Lot 1276 – Sale Price: £5.00

A 30x jewellers loupe

Lot 1277 – Sale Price: £5.00

Five cigarette card sets comprising Wills ''Speed'' (50), John Player ''International Airliners'' (50) Embassy ''World of Firearms'' (36) + two others

Lot 1279 – Sale Price: £55.00

A box of lantern slides deeds etc

Lot 1280 – Sale Price: £75.00

An album containing commemorative ?5 coin covers, eg. the Coronation Anniversary

Lot 1281 – Sale Price: £80.00

A collection of world stamps and postcards in three albums and a packet

Lot 1282 – Sale Price: £18.00

A large album book of Gold Coast and Ghana stamp values mainly unmounted mint

Lot 1283 – Sale Price: £10.00

World stamp album containing Europe and Commonwealth stamps

Lot 1284 – Sale Price: £28.00

A collection of Robertson's Golly badges

Lot 1286 – Sale Price: £8.00

A bag of mixed costume watches

Lot 1288 – Sale Price: £15.00

Two small boxes of mixed costume jewellery

Lot 1290 – Sale Price: £10.00

A lady's Avia wristwatch in original case with receipt

Lot 1292 – Sale Price: £8.00

An autograph book for Peggy Eaton, covering period 1915-36 containing 35 autographs

Lot 1293 – Sale Price: £12.00

A selection of vintage cycle and road maps including Bartholomews Suffolk, Grantham and Bacons cycling road map of Birmingham

Lot 1295 – Sale Price: £90.00

A boxed Sinclair Electronic LED quartz watch, circa 1980's

Lot 1296 – Sale Price: £90.00

Boxed Webley and Scott Hurricane air pistol .177

Lot 1298 – Sale Price: £10.00

A commemorative (1914-1919) trench art gun shell/bullet ashtray/matchbox holder and a Rabone & Sons GPO spirit level, dated 1963

Lot 1299 – Sale Price: £180.00

An 8-day Goliath pocket watch and 13 pocket watches, stopwatch etc

Lot 1300 – Sale Price: £25.00

A collection assorted quartz watches including Seiko and Tissot (13)

Lot 1301 – Sale Price: £35.00

A collection of lady's mechanical and quartz watches including Bucherer, Roamer and Oris

Lot 1302 – Sale Price: £12.00

Two stamp albums with contents, first day covers and three catalogues

Lot 1305 – Sale Price: £42.00

A green/red Welsh blanket a/f

Lot 1306 – Sale Price: £10.00

Three figural musical ladies

Lot 1307 – Sale Price: £5.00

A travel cot, crib and stand, baby bouncer, nursery box and bag with toys, blankets etc

Lot 1309 – Sale Price: £6.00

Six miniature cottages including Lilliput Lane and David Winter

Lot 1310 – Sale Price: £40.00

A selection of approx ten Wedgwood eggs

Lot 1311 – Sale Price: £15.00

Seven Nao ducks and geese, one a/f

Lot 1312 – Sale Price: £10.00

Two Wade NatWest pigs and Doulton Bunnykins mug and plate

Lot 1313 – Sale Price: £10.00

A fabric panel depicting party scene

Lot 1314 – Sale Price: £30.00

A cased ukulele and a travel guitar with built in speaker

Lot 1315 – Sale Price: £22.00

A boxed Navico Sea Ranger S600 and a boxed mobile automatic scanning receiver

Lot 1317 – Sale Price: £25.00

Assorted clown figures including seated clown with rabbit, gamblers, Leonardo Collection etc

Lot 1318 – Sale Price: £18.00

A quantity of 78's and LP's including The Who, The Eagles, U2 etc

Lot 1320 – Sale Price: £15.00

A vintage leather suitcase

Lot 1322 – Sale Price: £38.00

A cased photograph enlarger, Bolex Raillard cine camera, Canon EOS SLR etc

Lot 1323 – Sale Price: £10.00

Two boxes of bygones including bottles, leather satchel etc

Lot 1325 – Sale Price: £3.00

A cased Blackjack table mat

Lot 1328 – Sale Price: £22.00

Two framed Batik pictures

Lot 1330 – Sale Price: £3.00

A selection of mixed pictures and prints including flowers and ship prints, a watercolour of flowers by Ray Bell and a Carl Warner ''Sunburst''

Lot 1331 – Sale Price: £3.00

Janet Beckett (XX): A watercolour of country house, bright colours, framed and glazed

Lot 1336 – Sale Price: £10.00

Two framed and glazed oil paintings of choppy seascapes, signed ''Jigger Boom''

Lot 1337 – Sale Price: £18.00

A vintage HMV gramophone and assorted LP's

Lot 1338 – Sale Price: £4.00

A box containing glass vases, bowl and lidded pot

Lot 1339 – Sale Price: £6.00

Mixed ceramics, Wedgwood, Masons including plates chamber pot etc

Lot 1341 – Sale Price: £25.00

A box of vintage photo albums with contents

Lot 1342 – Sale Price: £6.00

A box of mixed tea/coffee wares including Doulton coffee set

Lot 1343 – Sale Price: £12.00

A quantity of cut and moulded glass wares

Lot 1344 – Sale Price: £10.00

A box of mixed decorative ceramics including Wedgwood Clementine ginger jar, Limoge floral jug and Royal Doulton Mystic Dawn bowl

Lot 1345 – Sale Price: £12.00

Mixed pictures including Peter Scott print, vintage books including Mrs Beetons

Lot 1346 – Sale Price: £15.00

A box of mixed items including stoneware jars and brass wares

Lot 1347 – Sale Price: £10.00

Two boxes of mixed glass and ceramcis including Royal Albert coffee wares, jelly moulds etc

Lot 1348 – Sale Price: £3.00

A ceramic wall holder, figures, salt and pepper pots, mugs, cups and saucers etc

Lot 1352 – Sale Price: £12.00

A wicker basket and picnic set

Lot 1356 – Sale Price: £15.00

Two boxes of miscellaneous ceramics and glassware including cut glass, blue and white and an oil lamp

Lot 1357 – Sale Price: £15.00

A box of antiquarian leather bound books including Bibles etc

Lot 1358 – Sale Price: £18.00

A box containing mostly collectors plates and figures including Royal Worcester Christmas and Teddy Bear Winter by Franklin Mint

Lot 1359 – Sale Price: £3.00

A quantity of early to mid 20th Century novels and picture encyclopedias

Lot 1361 – Sale Price: £6.00

A quantity of silver plated photo frames in wicker basket, plus a small stool

Lot 1362 – Sale Price: £15.00

A vintage projector with ''Aldis'' butcher lens 10'' focus No. 145276 in carry case

Lot 1364 – Sale Price: £10.00

Good quantity of collectors plates some boxed

Lot 1368 – Sale Price: £12.00

An Oriental eggshell part tea service etc

Lot 1369 – Sale Price: £35.00

Four boxes of art books

Lot 1370 – Sale Price: £15.00

Two boxes of mixed ceramics and glass including chamber pot

Lot 1371 – Sale Price: £30.00

Two boxes of mixed kitchenware including Henry Watson terracotta

Lot 1372 – Sale Price: £4.00

Two boxes of mixed glass including Royal Albert and Edinburgh

Lot 1376 – Sale Price: £20.00

A collection of metal ware including horns

Lot 1377 – Sale Price: £18.00

Four boxes of mixed including vintage Blue Peter annuals, doll, dolls tea set etc

Lot 1379 – Sale Price: £32.00

Two boxes of mixed ceramics including Poole and Mason's

Lot 1382 – Sale Price: £18.00

An assortment of pictures and prints including Joe Crowfoot

Lot 1383 – Sale Price: £3.00

A box of assorted modern barometers and mixed prints

Lot 1384 – Sale Price: £6.00

Three boxes of mixed glass, ceramics, brass and plated items

Lot 1385 – Sale Price: £10.00 (inc)

Three boxes of mixed including mantel clock, Chinese metal boxes, folding maps etc

Lot 1387 – Sale Price: £10.00

A large collection of Devon blue tourist ware pottery (3 boxes)

Lot 1388 – Sale Price: £4.00

Two boxes of oriental ceramics

Lot 1389 – Sale Price: £3.00

A box of mixed items including transport related collector plates, horse and carriage

Lot 1391 – Sale Price: £22.00

A collection of London souvenirs including Beefeater key rings, money boxes etc

Lot 1392 – Sale Price: £15.00

Two boxes of assorted clown figures, clown character jug, Sadler Circus teapot etc

Lot 1393 – Sale Price: £3.00

Three boxes of DVD's & CD's and two boxes of books

Lot 1395 – Sale Price: £3.00

A selection of commemorative china and a selection of Masons china

Lot 1396 – Sale Price: £5.00

A copper horn and three walking sticks

Lot 1397 – Sale Price: £5.00

A boxed set of six Pieroth gilt rimmed wine glasses

Lot 1398 – Sale Price: £25.00

Harrods top hat in original box and an empty hat box

Lot 1399 – Sale Price: £12.00

Two vintage glass lightshades

Lot 1400 – Sale Price: £4.00

A Hornsea coffee pot with two cups and saucers with a milk jug

Lot 1402 – Sale Price: £8.00

A brass coal scuttle, two tall necked bottles and a German beer flagon

Lot 1403 – Sale Price: £10.00

A Denby Arabesque set of six cups/saucers, one saucer cracked a/f, milk jug, sugar bowl, and a lidded pot. A pair of Dartmouth wall planters

Lot 1404 – Sale Price: £10.00

A resin figurative sculpture

Lot 1405 – Sale Price: £18.00

A Leach standardware lidded pot, small Doulton pot, a Bay West German vase and Wedgwood Ashford bowl

Lot 1406 – Sale Price: £15.00

Two ceramic horses, one is Livery Staffordshire and a collection of horse brasses (approx 30)

Lot 1407 – Sale Price: £5.00

A Valor stove, pair of lamps (a/f), heat lamp and projector

Lot 1408 – Sale Price: £5.00

A haberdashery box containing mixed fabrics and threads

Lot 1410 – Sale Price: £15.00

A teak tray, boxed ceramic oil lamp, wooden figure praying, glass measure and a case of miscellaneous items, also two pewter birds and two brass trays

Lot 1411 – Sale Price: £12.00

A leather writing case with an old barometer

Lot 1413 – Sale Price: £10.00

A ceramic figure of a horse and dog

Lot 1414 – Sale Price: £20.00

Two Juliana cast resin collection horse and rider figures

Lot 1415 – Sale Price: £42.00

A 1970's cigar shop display cabinet

Lot 1416 – Sale Price: £20.00

A Praktica MTL5 camera with 50mm Pentacon lens

Lot 1417 – Sale Price: £20.00

A marquetry jewellery box and Chess board box with a lead chess set (32 pieces) and Go pieces

Lot 1418 – Sale Price: £8.00

Two brass chamber sticks

Lot 1419 – Sale Price: £22.00

A 1960's Ferguson gramophone

Lot 1420 – Sale Price: £3.00

A set of six coloured glasses and a decanter with gilt detailing

Lot 1421 – Sale Price: £48.00

A large 20th Century Chinese silk rug with central floral medallion

Lot 1426 – Sale Price: £6.00

A Next shag pile wool rug