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Modern Design

Location: Waveney Room
Date: 13th July 2019
Starts: 10:00 am

Lots in auction: 631
Online deadline: 13th July 2019, 9:30 am
Contact: James Bassam

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Lot 4001 – Sale Price: £95.00

A Roth Keramik Fat Lava vase with double loop handles in yellow and black glazes. Marked 'W.Germany 313' to base. 23cm high

Lot 4002 – Sale Price: £28.00

A red lava glazed West German ceramic vase by Ceramano, 9.7cm high and a red, green and yellow glazed single handled vase by Walter Becht, 16.5cm high

Lot 4004 – Sale Price: £28.00

A West German single handled jug with white glazed ground and black hatch line detail. Marked A2 to base. 30.5cm high

Lot 4005 – Sale Price: £22.00

Three West German white porcelain vases - Royal KPM 673/0, 755/17 and Hutschenreuther Tallest 26cm

Lot 4006 – Sale Price: £28.00

Three West German white porcelain vases - Hutschenreuther, plus 640/2 and 6892/2. Tallest 22.5cm

Lot 4007 – Sale Price: £45.00

Two AK Kaiser porcelain white matte vases with fossil relief texture detail, No's 282/20 and 274/23 and a similar Rosenthal Martin Freyer vase No. 2987. Tallest 23.5cm (3)

Lot 4008 – Sale Price: £35.00

Three West German white porcelain vases by Royal KPM - 599/2, 609/1 and 634/1. Tallest 25cm

Lot 4009 – Sale Price: £18.00

A red glazed Rusha West German ceramic vase, No.320/2, 18cm high

Lot 4010 – Sale Price: £22.00

Two Scheurich Amano range vases in two tone mottled blue colours. Impressed marks to bases. Tallest 27.5cm

Lot 4011 – Sale Price: £18.00

A West German Scheurich Fat Lava single handled vase in orange, treacle, white and brown glazes, No 484/27

Lot 4012 – Sale Price: £30.00

A Scheurich Fat Lava vase in blue and flame red, No 401/28 together with a similar shaped green and ochre vase No 205/32.

Lot 4013 – Sale Price: £10.00

A Scheurich Amano range squat vase with deep red glaze. Impressed marks to base. 13.5cm high

Lot 4014 – Sale Price: £20.00

A Scheurich Amano range squat vase in mottled green and turquoise colour glazes. Impressed marks to base. 13.5cm high

Lot 4015 – Sale Price: £22.00

A West German Scheurich vase in orange and brown Fat Lava glazes, single hoop handle. 21cm high, together with a similar Ceramos vase in green, 19cm high

Lot 4016 – Sale Price: £60.00

A large West German floor lamp in red lava and bronzed glazes, No. 5080/60. 59cm high

Lot 4017 – Sale Price: £120.00

A West German figure of a Bison in bronzed colour glaze, 21cm x 29.5cm

Lot 4018 – Sale Price: £28.00

A Kaiser West German large white hexagonal porcelain vase with amonite relief. 38cm high

Lot 4019 – Sale Price: £25.00

A Swiss Ziegler Schaffhausen vase by Gustav Sporri c1950's, white lava glaze of black. Label and incised marks to base. 26.5cm high (glaze chip to rim)

Lot 4022 – Sale Price: £25.00

A square West German Schaffenacker textured wall plaque depicting a stylised still life group, 26cm x 25cm

Lot 4023 – Sale Price: £28.00

A square West German Schaffenacker textured wall plaque depicting two stylised birds, 25cm x 25cm

Lot 4024 – Sale Price: £32.00

A Ceramano West German ceramic wall tile depicting a brightly coloured owl in fat lava orange glaze. Makers mark to reverse side. 30.5cm x 22cm

Lot 4027 – Sale Price: £48.00

Bitossi Italian art pottery lamp base in blue. 13cm high

Lot 4028 – Sale Price: £18.00

An Italian textured Fratelli Fanciullacci vase decorated with swirls of colour, marked to base. 31cm high

Lot 4029 – Sale Price: £15.00

A pair of Bjorn Wiinblad Rosenthal collectors plates, 29cm diameter, with original boxes

Lot 4030 – Sale Price: £25.00

Three West German fat lava vases, 203-26, 414-76 and 69-10

Lot 4033 – Sale Price: £42.00

Four large chargers by Bjorn Wiinblad, Four Seasons design, 33cm diameter

Lot 4034 – Sale Price: £8.00

Two Brentleigh Ware Pottery free form art vases. Marks to base. Tallest 28cm

Lot 4037 – Sale Price: £10.00

A Midwinter 'Focus' collection of coffee and dinner wares, designed by Barbara Brown.

Lot 4038 – Sale Price: £32.00

A Poole Delphis green and ochre vase c1970. Shape 15, monogram to the base. 22.5cm

Lot 4039 – Sale Price: £25.00

A Poole pottery 'Living Glaze' range vase, red ground with blue, turquoise and yellow. Marks to base. 22.5cm high

Lot 4040 – Sale Price: £38.00

Poole Pottery, 'Living Glaze' contemporary vase, 16cm high and similar 25cm diameter dish

Lot 4041 – Sale Price: £35.00

A Poole Sally Tuffin Studio vase painted in 'The Fish' pattern. Marks to base. 20cm high

Lot 4042 – Sale Price: £20.00

Two Poole Delphis Studio plates, blue back stamps, 20.5cm and 12.5cm diameters

Lot 4044 – Sale Price: £45.00

A Poole Studio plate, c1964-66 in burnt orange, green, blue and ochre colours. Blue back stamp. 20.5cm diameter

Lot 4047 – Sale Price: £38.00

A Poole 'Living Glaze' range vase in blue and green. Marks to base. 26cm high

Lot 4048 – Sale Price: £12.00

Poole pottery Aegean charger, maple leaf design, 32cm diameter

Lot 4049 – Sale Price: £38.00

A Poole Atlantis vase by Susan Dipple A20/3 and monogram to base, 13.5cm high

Lot 4050 – Sale Price: £32.00

A Poole pottery Atlantis range vase by Jenny Haig, monogram to base, 9cm high

Lot 4051 – Sale Price: £18.00

A Poole Atlantis plate by Beatrice Bolton. Green, black and white glaze detail. 18.5cm diameter

Lot 4052 – Sale Price: £20.00

A Poole Pottery figure of a Tawny owl by Barbara Linley-Adams. Marks and signature to the base. 32.5cm high. (Tiny fleabite to a leaf)

Lot 4054 – Sale Price: £10.00

A Portmeirion Greek Key pattern coffee set in white and black, designed by Susan Williams-Ellis

Lot 4055 – Sale Price: £22.00

A Portmeirion ''Gold Signal'' pattern coffee service designed by Susan Williams-Ellis

Lot 4056 – Sale Price: £30.00

Two Studio pottery figures of Hippo's in green/slate glazes, unmarked, 13cm high x 27cm long

Lot 4057 – Sale Price: £38.00

NICLAS ANDERSON (XX/XXI): A ceramic male torso sculpture on board base, signed, 17cm high

Lot 4058 – Sale Price: £65.00

A large Accolay Gallic vase together with another unusual Accolay ewer, incised marks, tallest 25cm

Lot 4059 – Sale Price: £50.00

BERNARD ROOKE (b.1938): Handbuilt studio pottery lamp base decorated with applied owls under moonlight on both sides, 44cm high x 30cm wide

Lot 4061 – Sale Price: £5.00

A studio pottery bowl, bottle and small vase, Mashiko style, tallest 17.5cm

Lot 4062 – Sale Price: £38.00

A Studio Pottery bowl, white ground with black streaks, unmarked, 9.5cm high x 28cm diameter

Lot 4064 – Sale Price: £22.00

A collection of Homemaker plates designed by Enid Seeney for Ridgway, four 25cm , one 22.5cm and two 20.5cm (one a/f)

Lot 4065 – Sale Price: £18.00

A Midwinter tureen in ''chequers'' pattern by Terance Conran

Lot 4066 – Sale Price: £65.00

A Bitossi style pottery lamp of cylindrical form in white with bands of blue, circle detail, 45cm high

Lot 4067 – Sale Price: £15.00

A Studio pottery bowl in the style of Alan Wallwork, heavy biscuit fired with blue interior. Firing fissures. Unmarked 8cm x 21cm

Lot 4068 – Sale Price: £20.00

A Royal Doulton table lamp of cylindrical form in white with blue circular motifs, 42cm high

Lot 4069 – Sale Price: £15.00

Midwinter Pottery, 1950's large collection part dinner service n the Cassandra pattern by Jessie Tait

Lot 4070 – Sale Price: £5.00

A large contemporary ceramic bowl with incised decoration, 9cm high x 30cm diameter

Lot 4071 – Sale Price: £32.00

A large glazed pottery bowl painted with bands of blue, green and ochre, 12cm x 39cm

Lot 4073 – Sale Price: £28.00

DIANA WORTHY (b.1945): Crich Pottery stoneware cheese dish with cover. Decorated with Landscape theme in Cobalt blue, 23cm diameter, 17cm high

Lot 4075 – Sale Price: £6.00

A large Bedford Pottery twin handled serving dish with slip detail, 7.5cm x 36cm diameter (41cm with handles)

Lot 4076 – Sale Price: £80.00

A Bruntalist studio pottery vase, torquoise/blue. Incised signature to base, 34cm high

Lot 4078 – Sale Price: £10.00

An Aldermaston jug with painted decoration. Incised monogram to base, 19cm high

Lot 4082 – Sale Price: £22.00

A collection of studio pottery, all unidentified, teapot, lidded fluted pot, blue and white glazed bowls (4)

Lot 4084 – Sale Price: £25.00

Three studio pottery jugs including Huw Phillips Roslyn Works, Christine Smith at Barnbarroch Pottery and Llangollen Pottery. Tallest 22cm

Lot 4085 – Sale Price: £10.00

MARIANNE DE TREY (1913-2016) A standard ware ash glazed bottle vase with single loop handle. Impressed seal. (chip to rim) 22.5cm plus two other studio pottery jugs

Lot 4086 – Sale Price: £30.00

Studio pottery stoneware flask vase, angular shape with applied vertical strips with tenmoku and green ash glaze. Impressed potters mark to bottom edge, 11cm wide x 20cm high

Lot 4087 – Sale Price: £18.00

A set of six Winchcombe lidded soup dishes, some with Sidney Tustin personal seal

Lot 4089 – Sale Price: £10.00

A collection of St Ives and Winchcombe standard wares (7)

Lot 4091 – Sale Price: £10.00

A set of four Woburn Pottery pinched leaf form dishes

Lot 4093 – Sale Price: £5.00

A Raku-fired pottery vase with crackled effect, a red crosshatch design studio pottery vase and a studio pottery tea light holder, tallest 19cm

Lot 4094 – Sale Price: £38.00

ROBIN WELCH (b.1936) A collection of nine pieces of standard wares, beakers, vase and mugs. Tallest 18.5cm

Lot 4095 – Sale Price: £10.00

A collection of studio pottery including a novelty teapot, Priddoes vase, Mike Powers jug, Chelsea dish etc. (7)

Lot 4096 – Sale Price: £15.00

An Arabia Kosmos charger designed by Gunvor Ohn-Gronqvist, 33cm diameter

Lot 4099 – Sale Price: £18.00

A 1950's pottery rectangular fish platter painted with a fish by Paul Whalley, Signed. 45.5cm x 19cm

Lot 4100 – Sale Price: £20.00

Purbeck studio pottery bowl from 1960's range designed by Robert Jefferson. Textured stoneware with fused glass centre. Potted by Eddie Goodall with his monogram to base, 22cm diameter

Lot 4102 – Sale Price: £75.00

GODFREY & MARY NEWCOMB: An early 1950's tin glazed Needham Pottery casserole, stamped Newcomb Needham Harleston mark, 20cm diameter x 17cm high

Lot 4103 – Sale Price: £10.00

A J&G Meakin 'Applewood' pattern coffee set

Lot 4104 – Sale Price: £18.00

A 1950's Bristol Pottery coffee set in black and yellow, coffee pot, milk, sugar and six cups and saucers

Lot 4105 – Sale Price: £12.00

Porsgrund Norway black and gold four cups and four saucers four plates and a sandwich plate by Nora Gulbrandsen original designed 1931

Lot 4106 – Sale Price: £28.00

Rorstrand Bahia range pair of vases and three footed bowls by Carl Harry Stalhane, red and mushroom colourway, tallest 18.5cm

Lot 4107 – Sale Price: £42.00

Rorstrand Bahia range pair of vases and two footed bowls by Carl Harry Stalhane, green colourway, (chip to foot of one bowl), tallest 18.5cm

Lot 4108 – Sale Price: £8.00

A Rorstrand red tear form dish by Helena Bengtsson (glaze chip to underside rim), 34.5cm x 23.5cm

Lot 4109 – Sale Price: £25.00

Two Rosenthal cups and saucers designed by Mario Grasso for Nestle, 2003, in original boxes

Lot 4110 – Sale Price: £20.00

Midwinter 1960's Homespun pattern coffee set designed by Jessie Tait. Comprises coffee pot, sugar bowl, cream jug, five cups and six saucers (14)

Lot 4111 – Sale Price: £60.00

Rare Hornsea pottery framed bird Muramic plaque designed by John Clappison circa 1960's, overall 45cm x 20cm

Lot 4112 – Sale Price: £12.00

An Arabia of Finland 1984 squared dish by Raija Uosikkinen, 20cm x 20cm

Lot 4115 – Sale Price: £38.00

A ceramic vase of face form, painted in the Picasso style, incised 'Regal' to base 11.5cm high

Lot 4116 – Sale Price: £12.00

Gustavsberg - Sweden, three 1950's Flintporslin dishes, trellis pattern designed by Wilhelm Kage

Lot 4117 – Sale Price: £28.00

A Stavanger Flint peacock plate designed by Inger Wagge, 20.5cm x 20.5cm

Lot 4118 – Sale Price: £28.00

A Stavanger Flint cockerel plate designed by Inger Wagge, 20.5cm x 20.5cm

Lot 4119 – Sale Price: £25.00

A pair of Carltonware salt and pepper pots, Arabian King and Queen pattern

Lot 4120 – Sale Price: £28.00

A pair of West German Goebels jam pots, 10cm high

Lot 4121 – Sale Price: £22.00

A Rye pottery figure of a ram, 10cm high x 14cm long

Lot 4123 – Sale Price: £95.00

A Troika slab vase, slate blue ground with stylised roundel, printed mark. 11.5cm high

Lot 4124 – Sale Price: £75.00

A Troika coffin vase decorated by Simone Kilburn, 17cm high

Lot 4126 – Sale Price: £85.00

A Denby Tigo Ware black and white intaglio striped coffee pot and lid, 24.5cm high

Lot 4127 – Sale Price: £22.00

Two green glazed Trentham Pottery bulls, posy and money box, designed by Colin Melbourne. 14cm x 29cm

Lot 4128 – Sale Price: £20.00

A Colin Melbourne for Crown Devon 'Memphis' range totem vase in white and gold. 18cm High. (Some crazing)

Lot 4129 – Sale Price: £30.00

A Colin Melbourne for Crown Devon 'Memphis' range vase in white and gold. 25cm high

Lot 4130 – Sale Price: £200.00

A Wedgwood 'Zodiac Bull' designed by Arnold Machin. 16.5cm high x 40cm long

Lot 4131 – Sale Price: £48.00

Three Wedgwood white glazed tankards by Keith Murray, 12.5cm high. (Some crazing and discolouration, hairline to one.)

Lot 4133 – Sale Price: £400.00

Eduardo Paolozzi for Wedgwood - A boxed set of six fine bone china plates from the Kalkulium Suite designed by Paolozzi. Numbered 36 from an edition of 500.

Lot 4135 – Sale Price: £32.00

TREVOR CORSER (1938-2015) A St Ives pottery bud vase, painted foliate detail. Impressed marks. 9.5cm high

Lot 4137 – Sale Price: £25.00

A St Ives 'Z' bowl, 6.5cm high x 14.5cm diameter, impressed seal

Lot 4138 – Sale Price: £130.00

JOHN MALTBY (b.1936): A pottery stylised head with metal hoop earrings, unsigned, 6cm high

Lot 4139 – Sale Price: £10.00

A Japanese studio pottery chawan, oatmeal glaze and painted with trees. Indistinct impressed seal. 8cm high x 12cm diameter

Lot 4142 – Sale Price: £30.00

A studio porcelain vase of bulbous form, white, indistinct seal, 10cm high

Lot 4143 – Sale Price: £38.00

MARY RICH (b.1940) A studio porcelain pedestal bowl, pinched squared form with blue wash and gilded decoration, impressed seal, 4.5cm high x 8cm

Lot 4144 – Sale Price: £90.00

MARY RICH (b.1940) A studio porcelain bottle vase in blues and gilt. Impressed seal. 15m high

Lot 4145 – Sale Price: £75.00

MARY RICH (b.1940) A tall bottle vase with sgrafitto lines in bands of copper and slate colour glazes. Impressed seal, 19cm high

Lot 4146 – Sale Price: £38.00

MARIANNE DE TREY (1913-2016): A standard ware bowl with ash glaze over fluted interior. Impressed seal, 7cm high x 20.5cm diameter

Lot 4147 – Sale Price: £40.00

PETER LANE (b.1932): 1960's stoneware footed bowl with speckled pattern ash and iron oxide glaze, incised signature to base, 17.5cm diameter x 10cm high

Lot 4148 – Sale Price: £10.00

AGNETE HOY (1914-2000): Bullers studio pottery footed bowl with oxide foliate brushwork. Potters mark to base numbered 257, 21cm diameter

Lot 4151 – Sale Price: £35.00

DAVID LEACH (1911-2005) A small olive glazed mug, a Lowerdown foxglove jug and two St Ives jugs, plus a large tankard in David Leach style (5)

Lot 4152 – Sale Price: £35.00

RUSSELL COATES (b.1949): Studio Pottery porcelain bowl in the style of Japanese Kutani ware. Potters mark to base, 28.5cm diameter

Lot 4153 – Sale Price: £20.00

RUSSELL COATES (b.1949): A studio porcelain mug painted with fish and floral motifs, painted mark to base, 8cm

Lot 4154 – Sale Price: £10.00

A studio pottery dish, impressed potters mark to base. 17.5cm diameter

Lot 4155 – Sale Price: £10.00

A studio pottery vase with olive green and tenmoku glazes, incised line detail, impressed seal, 15.5cm high

Lot 4157 – Sale Price: £35.00

LOUISE DARBY (XX/XXI) A finely thrown stoneware vase with incised and pierced decoration, impressed potters seal, circa 1980's. 18.5cm high

Lot 4159 – Sale Price: £340.00

DAVID LEACH (1911-2005): A studio porcelain vase of oviform, crackle glaze, impressed personal seal, 20cm high.

Lot 4160 – Sale Price: £32.00

A pair of porcelain vases with pale green crystalline glaze, unmarked, 16cm high

Lot 4165 – Sale Price: £110.00

A Kosta Boda - A ''fish out of water'' vase by Kjell Engman, from the Reef Collection, faint etched marks to base, 26.5cm high

Lot 4166 – Sale Price: £110.00

A Kosta Boda - A ''fish out of water'' vase by Kjell Engman from the Reef Collection, No.2080200, etched marks and label to base, 27cm high

Lot 4169 – Sale Price: £30.00

ALES VALNER (b.1962) A Czech glass sculpture of a stylised figure, etched mark to base, 44cm high

Lot 4172 – Sale Price: £6.00

An Isle of Wight glass droplet bauble, 20cm long

Lot 4174 – Sale Price: £75.00

A Lalique table lighter - ''Tete de Lion'', engraved ''Lalique, France'' to base, 11.5cm high

Lot 4175 – Sale Price: £320.00

A Gunnel Nyman ''String of Pearls'' vase for Nuutajavvi Notsjo, with controlled bubble decoration. Acid etched mark to base, 22cm high

Lot 4176 – Sale Price: £32.00

Four coloured glass Arthur Percy Gullaskruf vases, tallest 48cm

Lot 4177 – Sale Price: £38.00

A Gullaskruf, large blue decorative Swedish art glass vase by Arthur Percy, circa 1950's. 49cm high

Lot 4178 – Sale Price: £40.00

Clear glass geometric Sandinavian candleholder, etched signature to base, 16.5cm high

Lot 4179 – Sale Price: £20.00

Kosta Boda - A Kjell Engman designed ''Dancing Figures'' bowl and a small vase by Kosta, tallest 10.5cm (2)

Lot 4180 – Sale Price: £15.00

A Humppila glass bowl designed by Perti Santalahti, 28cm diameter, dated 78, signed to base

Lot 4181 – Sale Price: £15.00

A continental moulded glass vase in amber with stylised creatures and stonework detail. 21cm high

Lot 4182 – Sale Price: £48.00

A Holmegaard amber glass Gulvase by Otto Brauer and a similar smoked glass vase. Tallest 26cm

Lot 4184 – Sale Price: £15.00

Ruda Glass bowl designed by Gote Augustsson, 1970's Sweden, 14.5cm high

Lot 4185 – Sale Price: £25.00

A Skruf Sweden clear glass vase and ewer, tallest 25cm

Lot 4186 – Sale Price: £35.00

A Gulvase in amber by Holmegaard, Cascade label, 30.5cm high

Lot 4187 – Sale Price: £32.00

Three small and one large 'snowball' glass candle holder designed by Anne Warff for Kosta and two Iittala 'Festivo' candlesticks designed by Timo Sarpanera, T.S. monogram to base of large Iittala, label to smaller, tallest 18cm

Lot 4189 – Sale Price: £42.00

Mats Jonasson - A sculptural paperweight with Polar Bear design, etched marks to base, 13cm high

Lot 4190 – Sale Price: £32.00

Two Savoy vases by Alvar Aalto for Iittala in white and clear, tallest 11.8cm

Lot 4191 – Sale Price: £45.00

A Flygsfors ''Coquille'' vase designed by Paul Kedelv, 1960's, signed to base, 30cm high

Lot 4192 – Sale Price: £190.00

Vicke Lindstrand for Kosta - a bullet form glass vase, colours shading from blue to green to amber, controlled air bubble below, encased in clear, etched marks to base, No.1872, 21cm high

Lot 4193 – Sale Price: £28.00

A Scandanavian glass 'ice' sculpture etched with girl playing instrument, signed to base, Kronoberg, Sweden, 7216, R/ Strand - A. Bergqvist, 14cm x high x 21.5cm wide

Lot 4194 – Sale Price: £22.00

A set of six Iittala ''Tapio'' drinking glasses by Tapio Wirkkala, 13cm high

Lot 4195 – Sale Price: £100.00

An Alsterfors of Sweden orange and white 'hooped' vase by Per Olaf Strom. Labelled. 30cm high

Lot 4196 – Sale Price: £65.00

A light blue Holmegaard Carnaby cased glass vase, 15.5cm high

Lot 4197 – Sale Price: £42.00

Eric Hoglund, Boda cast green paperweight with moulded bust of a naked woman, 11cm diameter

Lot 4199 – Sale Price: £18.00

A small Kosta Boda bowl in blue glass and a blue molten form blue vase encased in clear, unmarked, tallest 16cm (2)

Lot 4201 – Sale Price: £75.00

A Kosta Boda Bertil Vallien blue ''Egg Vase'', No. 89606 and etched marks to base, 14cm high

Lot 4202 – Sale Price: £40.00

A Holmegaard amber glass suncatcher with sun face. 18.5cm diameter. (Grazing all over and chip to rim)

Lot 4203 – Sale Price: £30.00

A Holmegaard, Atlantis range medium vase designed by Michael Bang, with original box, 14.5cm high

Lot 4204 – Sale Price: £30.00

A Holmegaard, Atlantis range large vase designed by Michael Bang, with original box, 20.5cm high

Lot 4205 – Sale Price: £25.00

A Whitefriars knobbly vase 1964 onwards designed by William Wilson & Harry Dyer, pat 9609, emerald green, 17.5cm high

Lot 4206 – Sale Price: £50.00

A Whitefriars Basket Weave vase in cinnamon by Geoffrey Baxter, 27cm high.

Lot 4208 – Sale Price: £70.00

Whitefriars ''finger'' and ''zig-zag'' vases in kingfisher blue and a ruby ''tricorn'' vase, tallest 22.5cm

Lot 4209 – Sale Price: £55.00

A Whitefriars tangerine bark vase by Geoffrey Baxter, 19cm high

Lot 4210 – Sale Price: £200.00

Whitefriars 'Hoop' vase in aubergine, pat no 9680 designed by Geoffrey Baxter in 1966, 28.5cm high

Lot 4211 – Sale Price: £18.00

A Whitefriars ruby knobbly vase, 18cm high

Lot 4212 – Sale Price: £20.00

A Whitefriars Knobbly vase in sage green. 15cm high

Lot 4213 – Sale Price: £38.00

A Whitefriars knobbly range 9612 vase and simialr knobbly bowl.

Lot 4214 – Sale Price: £35.00

Two Whitefriars sky blue vases, William Wilson 9353 and similar bubble inclusion. Tallest 18.5cm

Lot 4215 – Sale Price: £15.00

A Whitefriars candle holder, pattern no. 9371, 1957, in sea green. Rare. 11cm high a/f

Lot 4216 – Sale Price: £35.00

A Whitefriars architectural slab No.2, 17.5cm 7.5cm, 1969

Lot 4217 – Sale Price: £48.00

Six Whitefriars soda vases designed in 1962 by Geoffrey Baxter, tallest 20.5cm

Lot 4218 – Sale Price: £20.00

An unmarked Mdina tortoiseshell tall slender bottle vase. 37cm high

Lot 4219 – Sale Price: £50.00

Three pieces of Isle of Wight glass, a blue azurine 16cm tall lollipop vase, tortoiseshell scent bottle 14cm high with impressed ''Flame'' logo and aurene vase 11cm high

Lot 4220 – Sale Price: £32.00

A large Mdina cylindrical vase in blue and ochre. 23cm high. Dated 1974 and signed

Lot 4222 – Sale Price: £38.00

An unmarked Mdina tortoiseshell bottle vase with squared base. 28.5cm high

Lot 4223 – Sale Price: £35.00

An unmarked Mdina cylindrical vase in blue and ochre. 21cm high

Lot 4224 – Sale Price: £60.00

Four pieces of art glass three marked Mdina to base, tallest 30cm

Lot 4225 – Sale Price: £45.00

Three unmarked Mdina glass decanters, deep blue with green swirls, 23cm high

Lot 4226 – Sale Price: £18.00

A Mdina tortoiseshell glass vase, etched ''Mdina'' to base, 11.5cm high

Lot 4227 – Sale Price: £50.00

A Murano large handkerchief vase in pale amethyst and white. Venini acid stamp to base. 21.5cm high

Lot 4228 – Sale Price: £32.00

A Murano bird in pink and clear glass, 8.5cm x 19cm

Lot 4229 – Sale Price: £15.00

A Murano heavy dish in blue encased in clear. 6cm x 18.5cm

Lot 4230 – Sale Price: £80.00

A Murano Sommerso four colour facetted vase, red, green and blue encased in pink, 16.7cm high

Lot 4231 – Sale Price: £85.00

A Murano Sommerso bowl/ash tray in deep blue encased in amber glass, stands two ways, 10cm high

Lot 4232 – Sale Price: £55.00

A Venini Incisco Murano cube paperweight in olive, amber and clear, circa 1960, 5.5cm high

Lot 4233 – Sale Price: £95.00

A Murano Sommerso slab avse in green encased in a peach colour glass. 28cm high

Lot 4234 – Sale Price: £75.00

Two Murano Sommerso glass items, square vase in blue encased in amber and a dish in green encased in orange, tallest 12cm

Lot 4235 – Sale Price: £45.00

SARAH PETERSON: Caithness sandcast glass sculpture titled ''Moonlit Peaks'', etched signature to front, 11cm square

Lot 4236 – Sale Price: £55.00

PAULINE SOLVEN (b.1943): Studio glass vase, clear with blue and green swirls. Etched signature to base plus RH1978, 36cm high x 11.5cm

Lot 4237 – Sale Price: £42.00

An iridescent art glass vase in the style of Norman Stuart Clarke, unmarked, 10cm high

Lot 4238 – Sale Price: £32.00

A ''Pharoah'' paper weight, indistinctly signed to side, 14.5cm high

Lot 4241 – Sale Price: £48.00

A London Glassblowing vase in blue with red mottling encased in clear, unmarked, 14cm high

Lot 4242 – Sale Price: £32.00

STUART AKROYD (XX/XXI) A large contemporary signed studio art glass dish in pink with blue rim. 37cm diameter

Lot 4243 – Sale Price: £45.00

STUART AKROYD (XX/XXI) Two contemporary studio art glass signed vases. Tallest 28cm

Lot 4244 – Sale Price: £12.00

An art glass papaerweight in blues, JJC 08 etched to base, 6.5cm x 13cm

Lot 4245 – Sale Price: £40.00

MIKE HUNTER (XX/XXI) ''Twists'' glass purple and white art glass vase, original label still intact to base. 17.5cm high

Lot 4246 – Sale Price: £28.00

Two Selkirk glass art glass items, one signed, one with label, tallest 12.5cm

Lot 4247 – Sale Price: £70.00

STUART AKROYD (XX/XXI) Three signed contemporary studio art glass vases in pink/purple. Tallest 18cm

Lot 4248 – Sale Price: £50.00

STUART AKROYD (XX/XXI) A contemporary studio art glass sculpture, singed and titled ''Stretched bowl 44cm long, and a large Stuart Ackroyd glass vase, 20cm high

Lot 4249 – Sale Price: £85.00

STUART AKROYD (XX/XXI) Four contemporary signed studio art glass small vases and two glass sculptures. Tallest 29cm

Lot 4250 – Sale Price: £35.00

A Joseph Hospodka glass vase and two dishes for Chrisbska in various colours, tallest 22.5cm

Lot 4251 – Sale Price: £22.00

Three Czech glass vases - A pair of amber 1032's by Jan Schmid and a clear vase by Vladislav Urban, tallest 20cm

Lot 4252 – Sale Price: £10.00

Five Old Hall stainless and glass ''Lifespan'' tealight holders and salt & pepper

Lot 4253 – Sale Price: £22.00

Studio leaded glass bowl with sculptural wave rim in frosted green and clear colourway, 28cm diameter, 21cm high

Lot 4254 – Sale Price: £18.00

Two pressed glass vases in blue and amber, 23.5cm high

Lot 4255 – Sale Price: £20.00

A circa 1960's art glass vase in graduating blue colours, five pointed tip and spiralled ribbed body, 27cm high

Lot 4256 – Sale Price: £30.00

A Riihimaen Lasi red glass vase, a pair of olive green glass cylindrical bud vases and a Whitefriars smoked glass vase, tallest 22cm

Lot 4258 – Sale Price: £25.00

Three Sklo Union Czech pressed glass vases including Frantisek Vizner for Hermanova Glassworks. Tallest 25cm

Lot 4259 – Sale Price: £32.00

Jeff Walker and Robin Smith, Melting Pot Glassworks studio glass vase, tinted green with orange swirl to top, etched signature to base , 32cm high

Lot 4260 – Sale Price: £65.00

A Laugharne Glass iridescent cylinder vase, labelled and in original box. 23cm high

Lot 4261 – Sale Price: £18.00

A large art glass tumbler vase, probably Swedish, in blue with dimple detail, 29.5cm high

Lot 4262 – Sale Price: £20.00

A large splash bowl, probably Czech, in red, amber and green glass, 16cm x 48cm

Lot 4263 – Sale Price: £40.00

An amber glass, Lensi vase, No 914 by Rosice Glass works designed by Rudolf Schrotter, an amber sunburst design Italian vase, an amber glass Riihimaki glass vase and a grey Riihimaki vase by Tamara Aladin. Tallest 25cm

Lot 4264 – Sale Price: £55.00

STUART AKROYD (XX/XXI) Two signed contemporary studio art glass vases in green and blue, tallest 21cm high, and a circular large blue art glass wall plaque, 26cm diameter

Lot 4264A – Sale Price: £12.00

A collection of Scandinavian clear glass, Hadeland platter with original box, Royal Copenhagen dish and a Holmegaard ''Mixed Double'' bowl by Michael Bang (3)

Lot 4265 – Sale Price: £45.00

A group of eight Japanese glass bud vases in various colours, cylindrical and squared forms. Tallest 20.5cm

Lot 4267 – Sale Price: £30.00

Six Dartington glass vases designed by Frank Thrower, shapes - two FT2, two FT66, FT98 and FT101

Lot 4268 – Sale Price: £25.00

Six Dartington glass vases designed by Frank Thrower, shapes - two FT60, two FT88, FT101 and later VA1007.

Lot 4271 – Sale Price: £25.00

A collection of Art glass including Kosta bowl and hedgehog paperweight, Mdina mushroom. Loco Galss Ltd perfume bottle and stopper etc. (5)

Lot 4272 – Sale Price: £15.00

An amethyst glass table lamp by Domhnall O'Broin for Caithness, 26cm high

Lot 4274 – Sale Price: £20.00

A Whitefriars amber water jug and two glasses, M74 shape

Lot 4275 – Sale Price: £35.00

A large serving bowl by Oiva Toikka, Finland, 9'' diameter ''Flora'' pattern, 12.5cm high x 23.5cm

Lot 4276 – Sale Price: £22.00

Two Riihimaki vases in blue and green, together with a Skruf Glas dish by Bengt Edenfalk. Tallest 25cm

Lot 4277 – Sale Price: £20.00

An Italian glass bowl, mottled green and black with red interior encased in clear, 9.5cm high, plus a Murano triform dish and a Chinese sculptural glass form (3)

Lot 4278 – Sale Price: £30.00

A Whitefriars ''Glacier'' range decanter and stopper designed by Geoffrey Baxter, 1967, six glacier glasses and glacier tankard.

Lot 4279 – Sale Price: £20.00

A collection of Whitefriars including ruby bud vase, Powell vase and two dishes. Tallest 20cm

Lot 4280 – Sale Price: £80.00

A textured West German cast glass wall/table lamp

Lot 4281 – Sale Price: £20.00

A Whitefriars snowflake decanter together with six small similar pedestal glasses

Lot 4284 – Sale Price: £18.00

A Whitefriars knobbly range fruit bowl, 11.5cm high x 23cm diameter

Lot 4285 – Sale Price: £18.00

A Guzzini icebucket together with a stainless steel example by Fufal engraved ship design to lid

Lot 4287 – Sale Price: £28.00

A quantity of Viners 'Studio' Gerald Benny cutlery, approx 30 pieces

Lot 4288 – Sale Price: £15.00

Keswick & Borrowdale stainless steel items, Angora silverplated candleholder, Iamthe cheese dish and Chichester dish

Lot 4289 – Sale Price: £40.00

68 items of Gerald Benny designed Viners ''Studio'' cutlery

Lot 4290 – Sale Price: £60.00

Norwegian 1960's canteen of cutlery by Brodrene Wye, ''Grace'' design by Roy Blohm, 38 pieces (4 teaspoons missing''

Lot 4291 – Sale Price: £75.00

A quantity of bronze cutlery in the manner of Scanline MCM, 51 pieces

Lot 4292 – Sale Price: £20.00

Seven Danish silver plated candle holders, marks to base

Lot 4293 – Sale Price: £18.00

A quantity of Danish stainless steel items toast rack, jam pot, small pans, candleholders etc, also teak and glass cheese bell by Benny Motzfeldt

Lot 4294 – Sale Price: £32.00

A Danish ''Nacco'' 1960's cast iron and enamelled red frying pan, 30cm diameter

Lot 4295 – Sale Price: £60.00

A fitted teak canteen of Gerald Benny designed 'Studio' Viners cutlery

Lot 4297 – Sale Price: £22.00

A coolection of Old Hall Robert Welsh designed stainless steel items incl toast racks and cake plate

Lot 4298 – Sale Price: £15.00

Emsa West Germany 1960's plastic tableware coffee pot, sugar bowl, jam pot, six egg cups, salt and pepper, six cups and saucers

Lot 4301 – Sale Price: £28.00

Tibor Reich. length of ''Atournament'' vintage fabric in blue colour way. Approx 180cm x 117cm

Lot 4302 – Sale Price: £50.00

A Braun HL-70 yellow plastic desk fan designed by Dieter Rams and an orange plastic Sankyo digital clock

Lot 4303 – Sale Price: £45.00

A teak tray designed by Jens Qvistgaard for Dansk Denmark, mark to underside (faint) 51.5cm long x 25.5cm long

Lot 4304 – Sale Price: £5.00

Two 'Hostmaster' MK3 sparklets 1970's soda syphons and one drip tray and cartridge holder. Bartools in shape of rifles

Lot 4305 – Sale Price: £18.00

Two Danish Rya rug style wall hangings with images of Vikings and an orange and black Danish carpet runner

Lot 4306 – Sale Price: £50.00

A Smiths teak starburst wall clock. 48.5cm high

Lot 4307 – Sale Price: £10.00

An orange ''Genie'' telephone

Lot 4308 – Sale Price: £65.00

A Danish 1960's Moon Globe manufactured by Scan Globe, 16cm diameter

Lot 4309 – Sale Price: £130.00

Four Memphis Milano style, limited edition egg holders, each one numbered and signed

Lot 4310 – Sale Price: £38.00

A Berg Denmark silver plated five candle holder, signed, 1960's

Lot 4311 – Sale Price: £38.00

A white plastic radio in the form of the word 'RADIO'

Lot 4313 – Sale Price: £10.00

A Manuele Pantanella Italian turned wooden pedestal bowl, 15cm high

Lot 4314 – Sale Price: £20.00

Two pairs of silverplated candlesticks a Kronen pair and a pair marked 'Danish'

Lot 4316 – Sale Price: £55.00

A group of Nagel modular candleholders

Lot 4319 – Sale Price: £20.00

A Smiths teak ply mantel clock

Lot 4320 – Sale Price: £12.00

Two 1970's 'Chetley Originals' lengths of fabric

Lot 4321 – Sale Price: £120.00

A Strida aluminium framed bicycle

Lot 4322 – Sale Price: £25.00

A pair of French soda sphons, chromed steel encasing blue glass

Lot 4323 – Sale Price: £20.00

A Guzzini ball shaped picnic set in ted and white plastic designed in 1960's by Helen Panton Kartell

Lot 4324 – Sale Price: £8.00

A turquoise and green floral patterned throw

Lot 4325 – Sale Price: £5.00

A finely turned sculptural wooden bowl, signed and inscribed to base, 6.5cm high x 22.5cm diameter

Lot 4326 – Sale Price: £15.00

An enamelled metal bowl with bright abstract decoration, indistinct signed to base. 5.5cm high x 19.5cm diameter

Lot 4327 – Sale Price: £32.00

Two pairs of original mid Century aviator sunglasses

Lot 4329 – Sale Price: £18.00

Max Mara, a pair of original designer sunglasses

Lot 4330 – Sale Price: £15.00

Calvin Klein, a pair of original designer sunglasses, unworn

Lot 4331 – Sale Price: £40.00

Givenchy, a pair of original designer wrap around sunglasses together with a pair by Carolina Herrera

Lot 4332 – Sale Price: £12.00

A modernist Lapponia style silver bangle and another similar silver bangle

Lot 4333 – Sale Price: £20.00

A collection of modernist silver jewellery including two rings and a pendant, dated Birmingham 1967

Lot 4334 – Sale Price: £30.00

A mid to late 20th Century sterling silver bangle with Zig Zag engraving , marked 925

Lot 4340 – Sale Price: £50.00

A 1980's silver and powder blue enamel shield pendant with hammered reverse, on silver chain, marked 925 and matching earrings

Lot 4341 – Sale Price: £30.00

A sterling white metal palette ring multi set with amethysts

Lot 4344 – Sale Price: £35.00

A Kit Heath designed entwined twist silver necklace, stamped 925.

Lot 4345 – Sale Price: £35.00

A large turquoise matrix stone necklace and matching bangle

Lot 4346 – Sale Price: £32.00

Two 1970's enamelled copper pendant on black cord necklaces enamelled ring and 1970's pebble agate stone bracelet

Lot 4347 – Sale Price: £10.00

A white metal three sconce candle holder

Lot 4348 – Sale Price: £20.00

Two West German clocks

Lot 4349 – Sale Price: £45.00

A box of vintage textiles, Liberty, Wm Morris 1970's, Warner & Sons Ltd ''Magic Carpet'' pattern

Lot 4350 – Sale Price: £60.00

A Danish teak dining chair with woven papercord seat, Danish control label underneath

Lot 4351 – Sale Price: £160.00

A mid 20th Century brassed standard lamp with white glass conical shade on adjustable arm. Label for Reggiani Goffredo, Italy

Lot 4352 – Sale Price: £75.00

A Danish teak sectional open bookcase raised on tapering legs, 149cm x 30cm x 83cm

Lot 4353 – Sale Price: £130.00

Five teak chairs with rush seating made in Italy for Rooksmoor Mills, stamped mark 1960's

Lot 4354 – Sale Price: £30.00

A brassed table lamp of stepped squared form, 46cm high

Lot 4356 – Sale Price: £75.00

A large copper coloured perspex globe ceiling light by Tom Dixon, globe approximately 38cm high

Lot 4358 – Sale Price: £20.00

A teak mounted circular wall mirror. 44.5cm diameter plate size

Lot 4359 – Sale Price: £10.00

Three desk lights including Habitat and Pifco model 971

Lot 4361 – Sale Price: £55.00

A 1940's Danish dark stained armchair, upholstered high back and seat pad

Lot 4362 – Sale Price: £15.00

A Teak mounted wall mirror, 65cm x 38.5cm overall

Lot 4363 – Sale Price: £65.00

A Meredew teak twin pedestal dressing table with seven drawers. 155.5cm x 46cm x 69cm high

Lot 4364 – Sale Price: £80.00

A Habitat 850 lamp by Claire Norcross, cable ties on a ground plaster mushroom base, 50cm high

Lot 4365 – Sale Price: £30.00

A Harry Bertoia style chrome chair

Lot 4366 – Sale Price: £280.00

Attributed to Alvar Aalto, pine screen/room divider originally desiged in 1936, this one measures 2m long 1.8m high (these were made 1.5cm high 1.8m and 2m high)

Lot 4367 – Sale Price: £80.00

A brass standard lamp with two curved tubular branches each with a flexible lamp head

Lot 4368 – Sale Price: £290.00

A circa 1960's Harry Bertoia large diamond chair in chrome

Lot 4369 – Sale Price: £15.00

An oak, mahogany and brass standard lamp, possibly Italian

Lot 4370 – Sale Price: £120.00

An Ercol double bed headboard

Lot 4371 – Sale Price: £10.00

A Danish stained beech framed chair with leather sling seat and back rest

Lot 4372 – Sale Price: £50.00

A glass world globe lamp made in West Germany by Columbus Erdglobus

Lot 4373 – Sale Price: £10.00

A three tier acrylic display stand, black textured shelves and transparent barley twist supports

Lot 4375 – Sale Price: £120.00

A 1940's Danish winged high back armchair, original olive green upholstery, raised on tapering legs

Lot 4377 – Sale Price: £38.00

A Danish teak low work table on castors, fitted single drawer, 61.5cm x 46cm x 53cm

Lot 4378 – Sale Price: £38.00

A Danish chrome and white standard lamp with twin adustable spots

Lot 4380 – Sale Price: £280.00

A teak circular dining table with two leaves (damaged) and four chairs (seat pads removed, not complying with 1988 Fire Regulations) 119.5cm, with leaves fully extended 218.5cm

Lot 4381 – Sale Price: £15.00

A single stem adjustable Pagholz chair

Lot 4382 – Sale Price: £15.00

A painted black and chrome adjustable metal desk lamp on a circular cast iron base

Lot 4386 – Sale Price: £95.00

A 1940's Danish dark stained beech framed day bed with original red, black and grey upholstered seat and back cushion pads

Lot 4390 – Sale Price: £250.00

An Ercol light elm lounge display cabinet, twin glazed cabinets with joining open bookcase and shelf, twin doors below flanking three drawers, on castors. 155.5cm wide x 45.5cm deep x 162cm high

Lot 4393 – Sale Price: £12.00

A 1940's stained beech two tiered occasional table.

Lot 4394 – Sale Price: £80.00

A 1950's brass table lamp base, metal rod tripod and ring base. Possibly Italian. Corrugated cylindrical shade. Base 41cm high

Lot 4395 – Sale Price: £90.00

A 1950's brass table lamp base, metal rod and ball on tripod base, black wooden ball feet. Possibly Italian. Corrugated cylindrical shade. Base 35.5cm high

Lot 4396 – Sale Price: £140.00

A sideboard designed by Peter Hayward for WG Evans 'Vanson' 1953, 165.5cm x 53cm x 85.5cm high

Lot 4398 – Sale Price: £15.00

Two Pagholz chairs with curved tubular chromed metal supports

Lot 4399 – Sale Price: £55.00

A Danish light laminated bentwood armchair, low back, woven canvas strapping

Lot 4400 – Sale Price: £50.00

A glass and steel Opsidianos table lamp, 64cm high

Lot 4401 – Sale Price: £70.00

A G-Plan teak low side cabinet of four doors, shelved interiors, raised on tapering legs, 162cm x 47cm x 63cm

Lot 4402 – Sale Price: £25.00

A 1970's copper table lamp with lattice form cylindrical shade, squat form made by Copper Craft, Zambia

Lot 4403 – Sale Price: £95.00

A 1940's low armchair, the frame stained in dark oak, later re-upholstered (Upholstery Ltd invoice)

Lot 4406 – Sale Price: £28.00

An orange table lamp with comical snake face shade

Lot 4407 – Sale Price: £10.00

A black painted chair, papercord seat in the style of Gio Ponti

Lot 4408 – Sale Price: £75.00

A 1940's Danish oak framed armchair with original oatmeal seat and back cushion pads

Lot 4408A – Sale Price: £48.00

Danish white metal ceiling light by Faidon Lys, with medium silver spot, 50cm diameter (Model - Faidon with spot ceiling light) (Retail new approx ?700)

Lot 4409 – Sale Price: £32.00

A Danish chrome and aluminium standard lamp with brown twin adjustable spot lights

Lot 4410 – Sale Price: £35.00

A teak and metal rod table lamp base of organic form, later shade

Lot 4411 – Sale Price: £170.00

A teak sideboard by Jentique dated Nov 1967 on drawer, 198cm x 45cm x 74.5cm

Lot 4413 – Sale Price: £85.00

A vintage Toucan lamp designed by H T Huang produced 1980 to 1989, approx 35cm tall. 35cm tall

Lot 4414 – Sale Price: £32.00

Modern Design books - 20th Century Design Source Book, 20th Century Antiques by Millers, Italian Design, Taschen, Mel Byars The Design Encyclopedia (4)

Lot 4415 – Sale Price: £75.00

A Danish teak chest of four drawers, raised on tapering legs, 79.5cm x 40cm x 78.5cm high

Lot 4416 – Sale Price: £460.00

A gold Syroco brutalist mirror 1970's made in USA, overall 106cm x 50cm

Lot 4417 – Sale Price: £20.00

A set of three Beaver & Tapley 1970's floating teak wall hanging units

Lot 4420 – Sale Price: £15.00

A circular mirror with curved smoked perspex surround and a square mirror with a white plastic frame

Lot 4421 – Sale Price: £70.00

Four Fastrup white painted J46 chairs, 'Fastrup' to base

Lot 4422 – Sale Price: £45.00

Danish white metal ceiling light by Faidon Lys, 50cm diameter (Model - Faidon with reflector ceiling light ABC light)

Lot 4423 – Sale Price: £230.00

A 1940's Italian teak framed armchair, original floral upholstery

Lot 4424 – Sale Price: £150.00

A Joe Colombo designed Boby Trolley in white

Lot 4424A – Sale Price: £48.00

Danish white metal ceiling light by Faidon Lys, with medium white spot, 50cm diameter (Model - Faidon with spot ceiling light) (Retail new approx ?700)

Lot 4425 – Sale Price: £22.00

A Herbert Terry Anglepoise model 90 light

Lot 4426 – Sale Price: £190.00

A Danish light oak double pedestal desk with four drawers raised on squared legs, 134cm x 64cm x 71cm

Lot 4427 – Sale Price: £30.00

A ''Kaiser'' style, adjustable black painted metal desk lamp

Lot 4428 – Sale Price: £300.00

Herman Miller Aeron chair designed by Bill Stumpf & Don Chadwick in 1994

Lot 4429 – Sale Price: £18.00

A Danish white standard lamp with a single adjustable spot light

Lot 4430 – Sale Price: £85.00

A Louis Poulsen three tiered ceiling light in blue and white

Lot 4431 – Sale Price: £15.00

A white painted rocking chair

Lot 4432 – Sale Price: £10.00

A teak nest of two tables

Lot 4433 – Sale Price: £28.00

A triform occasional table, dark stained beech frame, wood effect formica top and undertier

Lot 4434 – Sale Price: £170.00

Robert Welch for Lumitron a chrome based lamp with plastic shade

Lot 4436 – Sale Price: £28.00

An early step based Herbert Terry angle poise lamp

Lot 4437 – Sale Price: £20.00

An adjustable Kaiser style, black painted metal desk lamp

Lot 4438 – Sale Price: £160.00

A Danish teak twin pedestal desk with eight drawers, open shelved back, raised on tapering legs, 144cm x 74.5cm x 74cm high

Lot 4439 – Sale Price: £40.00

A collection of art and design books including Lesley Jackson ''Contemporary'', Scandinavian design, Taschen, plus silver and design booklets

Lot 4442 – Sale Price: £30.00

An adjustable desk lamp on a chromed metal base

Lot 4443 – Sale Price: £32.00

'Metalwork Designs of Today' - 1969 hard back volume by Brian Larkman, John Murray Press

Lot 4444 – Sale Price: £25.00

A pair of brass and painted metal wall lamps each with two bulb holders

Lot 4445 – Sale Price: £230.00

A chrome Merrow Associates shelving unit 1970s designed by Richard Young, 176cm high x 91cm x 31.5cm

Lot 4447 – Sale Price: £20.00

A pair of 1970's orange plastic woven design lamp shades, one shade a/f

Lot 4448 – Sale Price: £80.00

Two brass coloured metal hall hanging coat racks

Lot 4451 – Sale Price: £10.00

A 1950's teak ceiling lamp with three glass shades

Lot 4452 – Sale Price: £30.00

A Danish brassed metal ceiling light with clear textured perspex diffusers

Lot 4454 – Sale Price: £40.00

A collection of 1950's metal ware including two Sputnik ball style coat hangers, two ball footed magazine racks, and a fireside companion set

Lot 4455 – Sale Price: £38.00

A 'Trinidad' chair designed by Nanna Ditzel in 1990s

Lot 4458 – Sale Price: £6.00

A Valenti Luce desk lamp with flexi arm and clamp base, white globe shade

Lot 4459 – Sale Price: £60.00

Two 1950's ''Sputnik'' style lamp bases or metal legs with red ball feet

Lot 4460 – Sale Price: £20.00

A pair of aluminium and black wall lights

Lot 4461 – Sale Price: £170.00

A Pieff chrome and glass shelving unit 1970's, 180cm high x 85.5cm x 38cm

Lot 4462 – Sale Price: £150.00

A Fastrup rocking chair designed by Niels Ellersen, black painted 1960's

Lot 4463 – Sale Price: £18.00

A painted plaster floor lamp in white and orange with mottled and hooped detail, 37cm high

Lot 4464 – Sale Price: £15.00

A mahogany table lamp base on three supports, modern shade. Base 15.5cm high

Lot 4465 – Sale Price: £90.00

A Stag dressing table designed by John & Sylvia Reid, 1960, this one in walnut and black from the ''C'' range

Lot 4467 – Sale Price: £10.00

A Globular floor light, 28cm x 36cm wide

Lot 4469 – Sale Price: £190.00

An Ercol light elm folding dining table together with four stick back dining chairs. Table 128cm long x 138cm fully extended.

Lot 4470 – Sale Price: £20.00

A Swedish ''Lyktanahaus'' desk lamp in white, labelled underneath

Lot 4472 – Sale Price: £170.00

Three Jason chairs designed by Danish designer Carl Jacobs manufactured by Kandya, 1950's

Lot 4474 – Sale Price: £40.00

A circular pedestal table with white top in the manner of Eames, 80cm diameter x 75cm high

Lot 4475 – Sale Price: £420.00

A set of circa 1960's Harry Bertoia dining chairs in chrome

Lot 4476 – Sale Price: £120.00

A ''Bestlite'' table lamp by Robert Dudley Best in chrome and black

Lot 4477 – Sale Price: £40.00

A Danish oak work table on castors, single drawer and basket under (handles a/f)

Lot 4478 – Sale Price: £18.00

A Danish standard light in white, tulip base, dome shade (a/f)

Lot 4479 – Sale Price: £75.00

A Danish teak telephone table with single drawer

Lot 4480 – Sale Price: £15.00

A Danish teak and string magazine rack

Lot 4481 – Sale Price: £70.00

A 1960/70's Harvey Guzzini style globe standard lamp on a chrome base

Lot 4484 – Sale Price: £10.00

Two Pagholz chairs with curved tubular chromed metal supports

Lot 4485 – Sale Price: £28.00

A Danish teak nest of three tables, Faint Made in Denmark'' stamp underneath

Lot 4486 – Sale Price: £110.00

A Danish teak rectangular coffee table raised on ''V'' shaped legs, undertier, 150.5cm x 57cm x 54cm

Lot 4487 – Sale Price: £28.00

A Danish teak nest of three tables, stamped ''Made in Denmark'' underneath

Lot 4488 – Sale Price: £100.00

A Danish teak low cabinet of twin doors revealing shelved interior, raised on tapering legs, 99.5cm x 50cm x 60cm

Lot 4489 – Sale Price: £55.00

A Danish teak cabinet, twin doors revealing shelved interior, open bookcase above, raised on tapering legs, 100cm x 30cm x 83cm

Lot 4490 – Sale Price: £55.00

Modern Design Furnitures books - Semback 1950-80's Modern Furniture Designs, Finnish Modern, Scandinavian Design & Arne Jacobsen (4)

Lot 4491 – Sale Price: £55.00

A Danish laminated bentwood framed lounge chair, woven canvas strapping

Lot 4492 – Sale Price: £90.00

A Danish beech framed safari style chair with canvas seat and back rest

Lot 4493 – Sale Price: £140.00

A 1940's Danish wingback armchair, original green floral upholstery, dark stained splay legs

Lot 4494 – Sale Price: £30.00

A Danish brassed standard lamp with twin adjustable spots

Lot 4495 – Sale Price: £140.00

A 1940's Danish curved sofa, original embossed mustard fabric upholstery, stained tapering legs, 158cm x 85cm x 83cm

Lot 4496 – Sale Price: £50.00

A Danish chrome standard lamp with twin adjustable brown spot lights

Lot 4497 – Sale Price: £140.00

A 1940's Danish armchair, green velor upholstery, shaped oak legs

Lot 4498 – Sale Price: £120.00

A 1960's sheep skin sheep stool, probably Scandinavian

Lot 4499 – Sale Price: £80.00

An oak ply long low sofa table on tapering triangular legs. 225cm x 30cm x 44cm high

Lot 4500 – Sale Price: £18.00

A light oak finish standard lamp

Lot 4501 – Sale Price: £190.00

An Ercol light elm Windsor three piece suite

Lot 4502 – Sale Price: £65.00

An Ercol light elm coffee table, model 213

Lot 4503 – Sale Price: £55.00

An Ercol light elm three tiered trolley with drop down sides

Lot 4505 – Sale Price: £170.00

A pair of bent ply framed lounge chairs with a single matching stool, woven canvas strapping

Lot 4508 – Sale Price: £15.00

A circular patterned glass ceiling lampshade with metal edging

Lot 4513 – Sale Price: £75.00

A large oak framed mirror by Attwell, 121cm x 59cm

Lot 4514 – Sale Price: £70.00

A group of three Attwell oak framed bevel edged mirrors. Largest (not bevelled), 59.5cm x 44.5cm

Lot 4515 – Sale Price: £160.00

A wall hanging wood and metal coat rack

Lot 4516 – Sale Price: £200.00

A wood and metal wall hanging coat hanger

Lot 4517 – Sale Price: £25.00

A polished metal wall hanging coat hanger with black plastic detailing

Lot 4518 – Sale Price: £55.00

Tumi Peruvian vintage wall hanging with stylised fish design with original label

Lot 4519 – Sale Price: £80.00

Russell Greenslade, two woollen wall hangings of abstract design, deascessioned from Derbyshire Council in custom made wooden box

Lot 4520 – Sale Price: £50.00

Large Peruvian wall hanging with stylised design in custom made wooden storage box. Approx 170cm x 124cm

Lot 4521 – Sale Price: £190.00

ROY RASMUSSEN (1919-2014) ''Kirsten'' - Aluminium wall sculpture, signed and titled verso, 85.5cm x 88.5cm

Lot 4522 – Sale Price: £70.00

ROY RASMUSSEN (1919-2014) ''Encounter'' - Aluminium sculpture on wooden plinth. Signed and labelled, 36cm high

Lot 4523 – Sale Price: £120.00

ROY RASMUSSEN (1919-2014) ''Elizabethan Head'' - Aluminium sculpture. Signed to base, 29cm high. On wooden plinth

Lot 4524 – Sale Price: £130.00

ROY RASMUSSEN (1919-2014) ''Headlamp'' - Aluminium sculpture, signed to base, 35cm high

Lot 4525 – Sale Price: £360.00

TESSA NEWCOMB (b.1955) An unframed oil on panel, initialled TN & 03, further signed and inscribed verso 'condemned Jan 10th 2003', 46cm

Lot 4526 – Sale Price: £60.00

VALERIE THORNTON (1931-1991): A pencil drawing on wooden cut panel depicting carved Saint figures on stone pillars. Labelled verso. Panel 38cm x 24.5cm

Lot 4528 – Sale Price: £55.00

JACK COUTU (1924-2017): A framed and glazed limited edition print titled ''Witches Moon''. Pencil signed and No. 2/50. Dated '64, 42cm x 61cm

Lot 4529 – Sale Price: £8.00

LUCY LOVEHEART (nee Clibbon): A signed framed watercolour ''Maribu Stork'' 43cm x 32cm

Lot 4530 – Sale Price: £30.00

RAY THOMAS (XX): A framed and glazed etching, female nude in a chair, pencil signed and dated '90, plus an etching after Imee Reineer (2)

Lot 4531 – Sale Price: £4,600.00

LAURENCE STEPHEN LOWRY R.A. (1887-1976) (ARR) - lithograph ''Britain at Play'', Fine Art Trade Guild blind stamp, signed in pencil, image size 44.5cm x 59.5cm, framed and glazed

Lot 4532 – Sale Price: £3,700.00

LAURENCE SETPHEN LOWRY R.A. (1887-1976) (ARR) - lithograph ''The Pond'', Fine Art Trade Guild blind stamp, signed in pencil, image size 44cm x 57cm, framed and glazed

Lot 4534 – Sale Price: £32.00

MICHEAL HARVEY MBE FRSA SGA (1921-2000) ''Dutch Student'' 1961 Charcoal and Chalk Provenance: The Bourne Gallery, Harvey was best know for his pioneering work on lettering including the carved type face of the National Gallery, London, Provenance: Glyn Morgan, 32.5cm x 20cm

Lot 4535 – Sale Price: £160.00

HAROLD HITCHCOCK (1914-2009) (ARR) A framed and glazed watercolour, figures in a forest glade. Monogram bottom left and dated 1964, 42cm x 51cm

Lot 4536 – Sale Price: £95.00

PEGGY SOMERVILLE (1918-1975) (ARR) A framed and glazed graphite and watercolour study, 'Trees'. Unsigned. Messums label verso dating to 2001. 23cm x 28.5cm

Lot 4538 – Sale Price: £190.00

PETER HOWSON OBE (b.1958), framed original pen and ink drawing ''Hopeful man'' titled and dated 2012 to reverse and signed and dated bottom right hand corner (Prov Adam Partridge sale Dec 2017). 30cm x 22cm

Lot 4539 – Sale Price: £190.00

JOHN BELLANY CBE RA HRSA (1942-2013) A rare framed limited edition art print in sepia red, signed in pencil by the artist and numbered 12 from an edition of just 20 prints, gallery blindstamp to bottom right hand corner. 75cm x 56cm

Lot 4540 – Sale Price: £42.00

Framed 1950's etching print indistinctly signed Watson??? 13 from edition of 20, titled ''The Green Man'' and original 3 guineas price to the reverse. Image szie 41cm x 28cm

Lot 4542 – Sale Price: £75.00

A bronze and marble sculpture of three figures joining hands, set on a marble squared plinth, unsigned, 16.5cm high

Lot 4543 – Sale Price: £55.00

A bronze and perspex sculpture of two figures on a rising cross form. Unsigned, 8cm high x 18cm long x 15cm deep

Lot 4544 – Sale Price: £130.00

A bronze and marble sculpture of five figures. Set on a square marble plinth, unsigned, 25.5cm high

Lot 4545 – Sale Price: £20.00

Stylised Alberto Giacometti style tall black sculpture of two figures, 43cm high

Lot 4546 – Sale Price: £340.00

ROSE HILTON (1931-2019) A framed original pastel on paper, titled ''Botallack'', signed to bottom right hand corner (Prov David Lays auction May 2016). 29.5cm x 30.5cm

Lot 4547 – Sale Price: £65.00

MURIEL PEMBERTON (1909-1993): ''The Harvesters'' Gouache on paper, Muriel Pemberton ''invented art-school training in fashion in Britain and in doing so affected attitudes to fashion design throughout Europe'' (Chris Beetles: Obituary), 35cm x 53cm

Lot 4548 – Sale Price: £10.00

Original framed abstract collage, indistinctly initialled TB? and dated 1997

Lot 4553 – Sale Price: £22.00

French School (style of Guy Bardone). Summer Cafe. Lithograph indistinctly signed. Numbered 27/150. Label verso: Jean Cusset, Clermont-Ferrand, France, image size 41cm x 54cm

Lot 4555 – Sale Price: £110.00

TOM WARD (XX) A framed oil on canvas stylised portrait of a woman, written verso 'Tom Ward' ''Hardy'', 81cm x 64cm

Lot 4556 – Sale Price: £28.00

A 1960's pen and ink ''The Lovers'' initialled PSB, 23cm x 13.5cm

Lot 4557 – Sale Price: £20.00

An early to mid 20th Century watercolour on paper, portrait of a woman. Indistinctly signed, written verso. ''Dodds Pour Vous, '67''. Image size 15.5cm x 11cm

Lot 4558 – Sale Price: £120.00

HELENA MARKSON (1934-2012): ''Everton from Brow Side'' 1965/5 etching and aquatint 4/100, printed by Editions Alecto as part of the Liverpool Suite (six colour etchings) on handmade Chrisbrook paper. The Tate Gallery, the National Museum of Wales and the Museum of Modern Art, New York hold her work, plate size 42cm x 55cm

Lot 4559 – Sale Price: £170.00

KEN SYMONDS (XX) An original oil on canvas painting, signed and titled ''Minescape'' to the reverse. 45.5cm x 56cm

Lot 4560 – Sale Price: £25.00

A Bjorn Wiinblad, Danish framed and glazed original print with facsimile hand written notes from the artist and signature in the print , 62cm high x 43cm wide

Lot 4561 – Sale Price: £45.00

PATRICIA BARTON (b.1928) A framed and glazed Artists proof print of an owl. Pencil signed. Plate size 48cm x 40cm

Lot 4562 – Sale Price: £30.00

A period hessian framed print illustrating three charging horses on an orange and red mottled background

Lot 4563 – Sale Price: £120.00

EIKO KUROYANAGI (XX): A framed pastel over acrylic still life, ''Autumnal Tints''. Royal Acadermy 1988 Summer Exhibition label verso, 57.5cm x 68.5cm

Lot 4564 – Sale Price: £25.00

PETER HOWELL (b.1932) A framed and glazed Artists print of Racing horses. Pencil signed bottom right. Blind stamped. 55cm x 77cm

Lot 4565 – Sale Price: £70.00

A framed and glazed lithographic print of 1940's Soviet propaganda poster, 53cm high x 73cm wide

Lot 4566 – Sale Price: £50.00

JEREMY MAYES (XX/XXI) An oil on canvas titled 'Industrial Scene'. Signed and dated 2012. 91cm x 60.5cm

Lot 4567 – Sale Price: £100.00

JEREMY MAYES (XX/XXI) An oil on canvas titled 'Old Town at Sunset'. Signed and dated 2014. 61cm x 75.5cm

Lot 4568 – Sale Price: £75.00

JEREMY MAYES (XX/XXI) An oil on canvas ''Four house townscape''. 50.5cm x 41cm

Lot 4569 – Sale Price: £200.00

JEREMY MAYES (XX/XXI) An oil on canvas titled 'Urban Hills'. Signed and dated 2012. 75.5cm x 61cm

Lot 4570 – Sale Price: £32.00

JOYCE MEYERS (XX): A framed oil on board ''Still Life with a Yellow Pot'', signed and labelled verso, 39.5cm x 29.5cm

Lot 4571 – Sale Price: £20.00

David Hockney, 1981 framed art exhibition poster for ''Prints and drawings of Celia 1970-1980'' exhibition. 90.5cm x 65cm

Lot 4572 – Sale Price: £45.00

A 1976 original lithographic film poster for ''The Front'' starring Woody Allen, 39cm wide x 95cm high

Lot 4573 – Sale Price: £20.00

Cameroon School 20th Century, two head portraits with inscription (in French), linen on frame, 70cm x 61cm

Lot 4574 – Sale Price: £60.00

Two Jennie Ing large contemporary framed art prints of London scenes including St Pauls and the OXO Tower. Image size 62cm x 45cm

Lot 4576 – Sale Price: £48.00

A ''Mark Chagall'' cubism cityscape entitled ''Paris Through The Window'', from the original exhibited in the Guggenheim museum, New York, 22cm x 60cm

Lot 4577 – Sale Price: £95.00

After Roy Lichtenstein - 1995 poster, TinTin Reading, published by Plaizier. 98.5cm x 68cm

Lot 4578 – Sale Price: £120.00

TOM PHILLIPS RA (b.1937) Limited edition framed art print ''Number 12 bus - the unwinding'', signed bottom right. This is a rare lithograph which originates from a project initiated by Dutchman, Rene Van Bree for New Artists' Ltd with the editorial supervision of Edward Lucie-Smith. This involved 12 European artists producing a design for a print which reflected on their capital city. Tom Phillips represented London. From a small un-numbered edition. Image size 53cm x 71cm

Lot 4579 – Sale Price: £25.00

A framed and glazed Beryl Cook poster for her 25th Anniversary last exhibition, Plymouth

Lot 4580 – Sale Price: £40.00

DOUG KEMP (XX/XXI) : A framed and glazed limited edition print ''Girl II'', pencil signed and dated 2000, No.12/100, dedication below image. Image size 45.5cm x 45.5cm

Lot 4581 – Sale Price: £8.00

Contemporary framed art print of coloured cups and saucers

Lot 4583 – Sale Price: £55.00

WENDY SATCHWELL - A framed limited edition abstract print ''Struggle on (part III) signed and numbered 3 from an edition of 35 prints, image size 20cm x 20cm, and and abstract oil on canvas painting ''Coastline 1'' by Barbara Taylor-Harris. 40.5cm x 40.5cm

Lot 4584 – Sale Price: £22.00

After Joan Miro ''Blue II'' framed and glazed art print

Lot 4585 – Sale Price: £75.00

PETER DEACON (XX) A framed abstract drawing ''Tesselation 2'', signed and dated 1974. 31cm x 31cm

Lot 4587 – Sale Price: £20.00

ELIZABETH GROUT (XX) A collection of original pen and ink drawings and linocut prints, works on paper

Lot 4588 – Sale Price: £20.00

BERNHARDT (XX) An applied plaster on board abstract forms. Signed bottom left. Framed. 45cm x 45cm

Lot 4589 – Sale Price: £20.00

ROGER CORCORON (XX) ''Spacial Drawing'' framed original abstract picture from the artists ''Fountain Series''. (Frame a/f) 89.5cm x 64cm

Lot 4590 – Sale Price: £22.00

DENISE DUPLOCK (XX/XXI) A framed and glazed print, 'Strata'. Pencil signed.

Lot 4593 – Sale Price: £22.00

SYLVIA BETTS (XX/XXI) A machine embroidered framed mixed media picture of sea horse (Originally part of Derby Museum art collection and subsequently deaccessioned). 70cm x 39cm

Lot 4594 – Sale Price: £50.00

A contemporary original oil on canvas aboriginal painting indistinctly singed to reverse. 50.5cm x 61cm

Lot 4596 – Sale Price: £30.00

ELVIC STEELE (1920-1997) original unframed oil on board abstract painting, signed to reverse, untitled. 46cm x 61cm

Lot 4598 – Sale Price: £30.00

KLAIRY KORELIS (b.1956), Medee: Mixed media and collage, signed, inscribed and dated 1988. Based in Paris her work is in many collections across Europe including The Picasso Museum in Antibes, 39cm x 27.5cm

Lot 4599 – Sale Price: £95.00

MONICA HESTER (XX) : Oil on board depicting still life coffee pot, with fruit, 46cm x 44cm, framed

Lot 4600 – Sale Price: £22.00

A period portrait print of a woman by Harley Brown

Lot 4602 – Sale Price: £10.00

George Swinton: C Hurst & Co 1972 hardback edtion of ''Sculpture of The Eskimo''

Lot 4603 – Sale Price: £32.00

HANNAH ELLIOTT (XX/XXI): A collection of five limited edtion prints, seed heads and still life, small editions, various sizes

Lot 4604 – Sale Price: £28.00

Twentieth Century watercolours - Christopher Finch, Hardback, Abbeville Press

Lot 4605 – Sale Price: £10.00

A Bruce Barnbaum, large framed architectural photographic print ''Huston USA''

Lot 4606 – Sale Price: £30.00

JOHN FURNIVAL (XX/XXI) A signed and framed print from the artists Concrete poems series, dated 1966. 31.5cm x 31.5cm

Lot 4611 – Sale Price: £100.00

A framed and glazed Osiris Visions Ltd poster for Richard Bernstein Galerie. In the frame 75.5cm x 53.5cm (Watermarked and tear to right edge middle)

Lot 4612 – Sale Price: £150.00

KEITH RICHARDSON-JONES (1925-2005) ''Counterpoint 2'' large framed limited edition op-art print, numbered 58/75 and signed and dated 1970. 101cm x 65.5cm

Lot 4613 – Sale Price: £80.00

HENRIK HORST (XX) A large framed brutalist metal abstract sculptural Danish picture, Overall 42cm x 92cm

Lot 4614 – Sale Price: £55.00

MICHAEL HORN (b.1944) A framed and glazed mixed media on paper, abstract study, 2014, written details verso, 63cm x 44cm

Lot 4615 – Sale Price: £90.00

NORMAN STEVENS (1937-1988) A framed and glazed limted edition etching with Aquatint - 'Stonehenge'. Pencil signed, dated 1974 and No.6/83. Waddington & Tooth Gallery label verso. 44cm x 46cm plate size

Lot 4616 – Sale Price: £150.00

HARRY THUBRON (1915-1985) A framed and glazed limited edition print titled 'Jacob'. Pencil signed bottom right and dated '76. No.36/50. 25.5cm x 34.5cm image size, 54cm x 76cm frame

Lot 4617 – Sale Price: £28.00

A frame and glazed abstract water and body colour on paper, geometric forms in yellow, red and black. Monogram to bottom left and dated '68. 42cm x 55cm

Lot 4618 – Sale Price: £40.00

BRIAN PLUMMER (b.1934) A framed and glazed mixed media and cut out paper entitled 'Rich Rhythms on Whites'. Signed and dated 1978 bottom right. 36cm x 36cm image size, 58cm x 58cm frame

Lot 4619 – Sale Price: £100.00

GORDON HOUSE (1934-2004) A framed and glazed limted edition creen print - 'Triangle A'. Pencil signed and dated 1971, No.75/75. Waddington & Tooth Gallery label verso. 86cm x 43.5cm image size, 105cm x 73cm frame

Lot 4620 – Sale Price: £650.00

BRYAN KNEALE RA (b.1930), large framed original drawing titled ''Sculpture drawing'' signed and dated with original label for Redfern Gallery label, dated 1967 to reverse. 55cm x 75.5cm

Lot 4622 – Sale Price: £50.00

ROBYN DENNY (1930-2014) An unframed screen print entitled 'From Life'. Pencil signed bottom right and dated 1973. 77.5cm x 60.5cm (a/f)

Lot 4623 – Sale Price: £110.00

Billy Childish, large unframed art print ''Thatchers Children''

Lot 4624 – Sale Price: £40.00

Banksy, two limited edition unframed limited edition mini art prints from the Banksy Dictionary ''man walking dog'' and ''Skipping girl'', both with numbered limited edition certificates from ArtF.Ly, with blind stamps, from an edition of just 500 prints from 2015

Lot 4626 – Sale Price: £70.00

CAROLINE WEBB (XX) A box framed group titled ''Three Brooches'' in white metal, brass and copper. Labelled, 48.5cm x 81.5cm

Lot 4627 – Sale Price: £15.00

A Danish ''Winckler'' iron sculpture of a mother and child. Labelled to base, 15.5cm high

Lot 4628 – Sale Price: £50.00

A pair of modernist aluminium figures of a Polar Bear and Beaver by Hosleton Sculpture of Canada. Tallest 7cm

Lot 4629 – Sale Price: £48.00

A stylised abstract teak wooden bird sculpture, circa 1950's. 70cm high

Lot 4630 – Sale Price: £48.00

Mid century wooden sculpture ''Adam & Eve'', 30cm high

Lot 4632 – Sale Price: £75.00

A collection of 'The Studio' magazines from the 1940's to 1960's, plus 1960's 'Studio International Art' magazines.

Lot 4633 – Sale Price: £48.00

A collection of 1960's issues of 'Studio International' magazines.

Lot 4634 – Sale Price: £20.00

A collection of 1960's-70's issues of 'Studio International Journal of Modern Art' magazines and a few 'Art International' magazines

Lot 4635 – Sale Price: £40.00

A small framed original abstract work on paper and a small watercolour framed abstract work on paper indistinctly signed and dated