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This sale is on view Friday 5 November 9am-12noon, by appointment on Monday & Tuesday of sale week or from 8.30am on sale day.

Location: The Waveney Room
Date: 11th November 2021
Starts: 10:00 am

Lots in auction: 366
Online deadline: 11th November 2021, 9:30 am
Contact: Edward Taxil-Webber

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Lot 7001 – Sale Price: £20.00

A limited edition print after Brian Sanders ''D-Day By Air, By Land, By Sea'', multiple signatures, 307/2950, framed and glazed

Lot 7002 – Sale Price: £35.00

A mounted sample of oak from HMS Victory, provenance verso relating to David Burton

Lot 7003 – Sale Price: £80.00

A Royal Mint limited edition bronzed bust of Winston Churchill, one of 1874

Lot 7006 – Sale Price: £60.00

A collection of militaria including truncheon, WWI gas shields and field dressing etc

Lot 7008 – Sale Price: £35.00

A single German Third Reich era volume ''Deutschland Erwacht''

Lot 7009 – Sale Price: £32.00

A pair of 1936 Nazi Olympics volumes and an atlas dated 1935 (3)

Lot 7011 – Sale Price: £48.00

An early 20th Century leather cased officer's telescope by W&S Jones, 30 Holborn, London. The case stamped R9082 with broad arrow, T and 9650

Lot 7012 – Sale Price: £70.00

First Edition (rebound) 1945 classic account of fight for control of the English Channel by Sir Peter Scott MTB Commander The Grenadier Guards 1939-45, Volumes I - II (3)

Lot 7013 – Sale Price: £340.00

Five Michael Sutty porcelain limited edition military band figures including Bugler Royal Marines 1989, with documentation

Lot 7014 – Sale Price: £18.00

A military tin trunk with indistinct painted letters ''HMS...Portsmouth'' with plaque ''J.C. BUFTON R.H.'' a/f

Lot 7015 – Sale Price: £45.00

A ''Medal Collection'' folder of medals and first day covers

Lot 7016 – Sale Price: £110.00

A limited edition 'Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red' Tower of London ceramic poppy, 1/888,246, framed display case

Lot 7017 – Sale Price: £12.00

Four hardback volumes on firearms. SMALL ARMS by Frederick Wilkinson, ENGLISH PISTOLS AND REVOLVERS by John Nigel George, ANTIQUE FIREARMS by Ronald Lister and FIREARMS by Martin Miller

Lot 7018 – Sale Price: £48.00

An album of Polish/Gernan photographs including soldiers and post war entries

Lot 7019 – Sale Price: £55.00

A WWII armed car / tank Mills grenade storage case for three grenades

Lot 7021 – Sale Price: £30.00

Three WWI shell fuses mounted on wooden display stand

Lot 7022 – Sale Price: £100.00

A Victorian 12lb exploding hollow shot cannon shell as used by the RN. Repupedly recovered by divers in the Solent

Lot 7026 – Sale Price: £200.00

A large collection of Del Prado cavalry and ''Napoleon at War'' figurines with documentation

Lot 7029 – Sale Price: £30.00

A pair of German Hensoldt & Son Wetzlar Dienstglas 6x24 binoculars

Lot 7030 – Sale Price: £45.00

A pair of brass sword hilt form candlesticks

Lot 7031 – Sale Price: £45.00

A pair of WWI 1917 dated wire cutters

Lot 7032 – Sale Price: £55.00

A WWI 1915 dated Royal Artillery gunner's clinometer

Lot 7033 – Sale Price: £70.00

A WWII Air Ministry Atlas unit (altitude and air speed unit)

Lot 7034 – Sale Price: £40.00

A WWII Air Ministry Atlas unit type motor generator

Lot 7036 – Sale Price: £65.00

A Francis Barker M-73 brass marching compass with leather case

Lot 7037 – Sale Price: £12.00

Two displays of military banknotes, framed and glazed

Lot 7038 – Sale Price: £30.00

Two reproduction WWII British posters: ''Tittle Tattle Lost the Battle'' and ''The Result of Uncensored Thoughtlessness''

Lot 7039 – Sale Price: £28.00

Six various WWII related framed newspapers including ''200 Nazi Raiders are Beaten'', framed and glazed

Lot 7040 – Sale Price: £25.00

Five various WWII themed newspapers including ''Nazis Invade Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg.....'', framed and glazed

Lot 7041 – Sale Price: £25.00

Four framed and glazed badge and medal displays including SAS, Royal Navy and French

Lot 7042 – Sale Price: £20.00

Two reproduction WWII British posters: ''AFS'' and ''On to Victory'', framed and glazed

Lot 7043 – Sale Price: £20.00

Two reproduction WWII German posters including Hitler, framed and glazed

Lot 7044 – Sale Price: £460.00

A WWI Military Medal (MM) group of four, the MM named to S/2384 PTE. A.L. CPL. W. GORDON 7/GORD HIGHRS. The lot consists of Military Medal and 1914-15 trio.

Lot 7045 – Sale Price: £70.00

A circa 1920 bronze figure of U.S. soldier by E.M .Viquesney from Indiana entitled ''Spirit of the American Doughboy'', 29cm tall

Lot 7046 – Sale Price: £32.00

A 1980s US Army metal sign ''Authorized Military Personnel Only''

Lot 7047 – Sale Price: £70.00

A WWI Ottway 1916 dated naval gunsight, cased

Lot 7048 – Sale Price: £12.00

'51 COLT NAVIES: A single volume by Nathan L. SWAYZE, hardback

Lot 7049 – Sale Price: £90.00

THE MIGHTY EIGHTH- COMING HOME: A limited edition print after Robert Taylor depicting B17's in flight, multiple signatures, 581/1250, framed and glazed

Lot 7050 – Sale Price: £12.00

Three prints of Spitfires including ''Final Action, Malaya 1950''

Lot 7051 – Sale Price: £32.00

Two prints of aircraft- ''On Final Approach Station 153 Framlingham'' and ''Guardian of the Skies'', framed and glazed

Lot 7052 – Sale Price: £15.00

B-17G ''MON TETE ROUGE 11'' 452nd BG 8th AF DEOPHAM GREEN 1944: A limited edition print, signed by the artist Geoff Nutkins, 334/500, framed and glazed

Lot 7053 – Sale Price: £80.00

LIGHTNING THUNDER: A limited edition print after Michael Rondot, multiple signatures, framed and glazed, 25/650

Lot 7054 – Sale Price: £75.00

GREEN HEART WARRIORS: A limited edition print after Nicholas trudgian of FW190s in flight, 521/1000, signed, framed and glazed

Lot 7055 – Sale Price: £80.00

A WWII German army photo album with photographs of soldiers in action, resting, motor cycles, aircraft etc, taken on the Russian Front

Lot 7056 – Sale Price: £80.00

A WWII German photo album with photographs including Army, Luftwaffe, Rad etc

Lot 7057 – Sale Price: £100.00

A box of WWII and post-war hats including WWII Indian Kula, officers beret, soldiers side hats, two Russian side hats, US WWII garrison hats, bush hat etc

Lot 7059 – Sale Price: £90.00

A quantity of Royal Artillery related items including embroidery, plaque and warmer

Lot 7060 – Sale Price: £60.00

A quantity of brass shell cases and deactivated rounds including WWI

Lot 7061 – Sale Price: £30.00

A pair of WWI 1942 dated shell cases with applied Royal Artillery badges

Lot 7062 – Sale Price: £28.00

A WWI 1916 dated 18lb shell case with all-over hammered design and another with Royal Artillery Cambrai, Amiens, Armentieres design (2)

Lot 7063 – Sale Price: £25.00

A pair of Trench Art ecclesiastical design brass shell cases on footed bases

Lot 7064 – Sale Price: £60.00

A quantity of military collectables including bicycle lamp and trench art ashtrays etc

Lot 7065 – Sale Price: £20.00

A collection of photographs and ephemera including German wartime and later examples

Lot 7066 – Sale Price: £160.00

A collection of ephemera including Soldier's Book, London Fire Service and RFC etc.

Lot 7067 – Sale Price: £70.00

A quantity of ephemera relating to WWI Women's Land Army including ''Costume for Women Workers on the Land'', ''An Appeal to Women'' and ''The Landswoman'' publication etc.

Lot 7068 – Sale Price: £60.00

A collection of WWII and later RAF ephemera including Training School, Engineering and Pilot's Notes General booklet etc.

Lot 7069 – Sale Price: £30.00

A WWI embroidered silk ''Victory of the Allied Army'' flag display with central photographs, a quantity of 19th Century military letters etc.

Lot 7070 – Sale Price: £130.00 (inc)

A WWII 'Tabby' night vision monocular scope with canvas covering, brown leather case

Lot 7071 – Sale Price: £35.00 (inc)

A WWI Christmas 1914 Princess Mary gift tin

Lot 7072 – Sale Price: £100.00

A Goldsmiths and Silversmiths silver trophy cup ''Southern Command Horse Show 1926'' awarded to No. 533154 CPL. R.H. MURRELL together with silver rifle-form spoon ''S.C.R.A. Winter League 1911'', Carbel Sports wristwatch, pocket watch named to CPL. R.H. MURRELL 1924 7th Q.O. HUSSARS and a hipflask (5). This lot belonged to the same family as lot 7276.

Lot 7073 – Sale Price: £20.00 (inc)

A walking stick with hand-carved aircraft design including Spitfire

Lot 7075 – Sale Price: £70.00 (inc)

Two pine cased Air Ministry Blackout Units together with a Wray Lamp Tank Inspection Scope, boxed (3)

Lot 7076 – Sale Price: £20.00 (inc)

An unfinished WWI Roll of Honour to the men of North Lopham, framed and glazed

Lot 7077 – Sale Price: £85.00

A collection of mainly wartime ephemera including Seaman's pocket book June 1943 and aircraft identification print etc

Lot 7079 – Sale Price: £40.00

A quantity of trench art brass wares including vesta holder/ashtray crafted from a shell case base and bullets

Lot 7080 – Sale Price: £30.00

A WWI German egg grenade, deactivated

Lot 7081 – Sale Price: £90.00

A Mills No. 36M Mk.1 grenade, deactivated

Lot 7082 – Sale Price: £110.00

A Mills No 23 grenade, the base plug with threaded hole for rifle launching rod, deactivated

Lot 7084 – Sale Price: £18.00

A ''Combat P.G.L. D. Pat 14210'' hand grenade-form table lighter

Lot 7085 – Sale Price: £20.00

A bullet belt magazine together with three oilers (4)

Lot 7086 – Sale Price: £40.00

A WWII German shell carrying crate for a large shell head, Nazi marked

Lot 7087 – Sale Price: £32.00

A box of mixed miltaria including shell cases, model Spitfire and brass button polishers

Lot 7089 – Sale Price: £110.00

A WWI original 1915 dated map of the Thetford region including Norfolk Battle Training Area, various bombing grounds, aerodrome etc

Lot 7091 – Sale Price: £120.00

German MG 34/42 machine gun ammo tin, spare barrel case and two drum magazines in canvas carrying case

Lot 7092 – Sale Price: £80.00

Two canvas camp beds, a folding chair, canvas sink (woodwork a/f) and a canvas sleeping bag etc

Lot 7095 – Sale Price: £10.00

Four various framed wartime newspapers including VG Day, Dunkirk Evacuation and Jersey Occupation

Lot 7097 – Sale Price: £18.00

Five framed displays of ephemera including gruesome scenes, French 1944 newspaper and 1918 Armistice Day newspaper

Lot 7098 – Sale Price: £15.00

A box of miscellaneous including WWII US gaitors and Civil Defence arm bands etc

Lot 7099 – Sale Price: £130.00

A quantity of military collectables including Royal Horse Artillery canvas tool roll, reproduction marching compass and early 20th Century Puritan Soap bar thought to be WWI era etc

Lot 7100 – Sale Price: £28.00

Three WWI 'Peace' cups, each with flags of the allies design, together with a crested china tank (4)

Lot 7101 – Sale Price: £75.00

A reproduction French Artilleryman's sidearm of Gladius form, with ribbed brass hilt and scabbard

Lot 7102 – Sale Price: £85.00

A George V 1897 pattern cavalry officer's sword with pierced hilt bearing cypher and battledress scabbard and frog

Lot 7103 – Sale Price: £260.00

A Third Reich era German Army officer's dress dagger. Provenance: Serviceman was given this dagger by a German officer whilst transporting ex servicemen to stand trial

Lot 7104 – Sale Price: £450.00

A Manhattan Fire Arms Co. Newark N.J. percussion Navy revolver in .36 calibre, serial no. 18591, with octagonal 4in. barrel, the top-flat marked ''MANHATTAN FIRE ARMS CO. NEWARK N.J.'' plain cylinder with oval engraved panels over each chamber (rubbed) and with twelve locking notches, open iron frame of Colt style, brass grip-straps and smooth walnut grips

Lot 7105 – Sale Price: £650.00

A French double barrelled 22 bore flintlock sporting gun by (Jean Baptiste) Jerest a St Etienne, circa 1785, 133cm overall, barrels 91.5cm, the octagonal breeches engraved with trophies (worn) and with brass fore sight, bright steel rounded locks with swan neck cocks and signed in script, plain walnut halfstock the butt with high comb, the bright steel mounts include wrap around wavy edge butt plate and large trigger guard with scrolled hand grip and with pewter escutcheon. No licence required

Lot 7108 – Sale Price: £1,000.00

A 6 shot .44'' Remington New Model Army percussion revolver, number 97449, with dark walnut grips, one with inspector's stamp ''OWA'' (O.W. Ainsworth, c 1831-1870), the other grip deeply carved with initials ''JEBS'' (''Jeb'' Stuart?), the frame retaining some original blued finish, some wear, faded markings

Lot 7109 – Sale Price: £38.00

A British Pattern 1895 socket bayonet for use on the .303 M1895 Martini-Enfield rifle

Lot 7110 – Sale Price: £1,000.00

A 1796 pattern heavy cavalry trooper's sword, the straight flat-back single-edged blade with broad fuller to each side, joining a hatchet point steel hilt with pierced disc and reinforced inside. The black leather ribbed grip with two langets, joining a stirrup form knuckle bow (join to disc guard repaired). The blade back stamped with indistinct lettering for Bodell & Bate (sword cutler of 71 Burlington Arcade, London). 97.5cm total length. With a scabbard stamped Osborn & Gumby, Birmingham

Lot 7111 – Sale Price: £440.00

A Belgian-made Martini Henry carbine, barrel 20?'', with reproduction sling and a socket bayonet. No license required

Lot 7112 – Sale Price: £800.00

A Jas. Kerr trading as the London Armoury Co. .577 Snider Service Rifle Model ''Volunteer Snider three-band'', the top o;f block marked variously ''3'', ''SNIDER'S PATENT'' with an arrow trademark, ''L.A.C.'' and ''LONDON ARMOURY'', plain bar-action lock marked with a ''V.R.'' crown device at tail and signed ''JAS KERR & CO, 54 KING WILLIAM St. E.C.'' over ''L.A.C.'', walnut three quarter stock, brass heel-plate, trigger-guard and nose cap, three iron barrel-bands and iron rod, 140cm total length. No licence required

Lot 7113 – Sale Price: £480.00

A Victorian percussion carbine , the lockplate marked 1861 Tower, walnut stock with proof stamp, brass trigger guard, two bands, with ramrod, 102cm total length. No licence required

Lot 7115 – Sale Price: £55.00

A replica of an 18th Century Scottish basket-hilt sword, black blade and leather and wire wrap hilt. Reputedly from the Knights Vault in Edinburgh (in collaboration with the team who made the swords for the ''Outlander'' TV show).104cm long.

Lot 7116 – Sale Price: £110.00

A replica of a Viking 3-lobe pommel sword together with scabbard. Stainless steel blade with brass fixtures and a suede/suede effect wrapped hilt, 88cm long, 94cm in scabbard.

Lot 7117 – Sale Price: £85.00

A replica of a Norman-era broadsword, blunt and round-ended steel blade, Norman zig-zag design on the heavy pommel, leather-wrapped hilt. Reputedly hand-made by a craftsman in Fakenham, 104cm long.

Lot 7118 – Sale Price: £65.00

A replica of an 1796 pattern Light Cavalry sabre, together with scabbard, 97cm long, 102cm in scabbard.

Lot 7119 – Sale Price: £42.00

A replica Scottish regimental dirk with scabbard, stainless steel blade etched with a thistle pattern

Lot 7120 – Sale Price: £30.00

A replica of a WWII SS Officer's dagger with scabbard and chain belt hanger, the stainless steel blade with the motto ''Meine Ehre Heisst Treue''

Lot 7122 – Sale Price: £55.00

A French 1842 pattern Yataghan sword bayonet, leather scabbard a/f

Lot 7126 – Sale Price: £60.00

A 1907 Remington bayonet with 9/17 date, with leather and steel scabbard

Lot 7128 – Sale Price: £15.00

A WWII Enfield ''pigsticker'' No.4 Mk II plug bayonet with scabbard

Lot 7129 – Sale Price: £110.00

A WWII British RAF Air Ministry survival knife with pointed canopy breaker, stamped AM 22P/11

Lot 7130 – Sale Price: £75.00

A British L1A3 bayonet with scabbard, in black, no. 960-0257B

Lot 7131 – Sale Price: £40.00

A 19th Century French Gras bayonet, dated 1883 to back of blade, with scabbard

Lot 7132 – Sale Price: £130.00

A WWI German Mauser bayonet, short type, Heller, Marienthal, with scabbard and frog

Lot 7133 – Sale Price: £60.00

A Japanese Arisaka Type 30 bayonet with single fuller blade, blackened steel scabbard, hooked quillon hilt

Lot 7135 – Sale Price: £40.00

A French model 1874 Gras bayonet with scabbard, dated 1878

Lot 7136 – Sale Price: £120.00

A Webley Hurricane air pistol, cased with accessories. No license required

Lot 7138 – Sale Price: £35.00

Two WWII British No. 4 Mk. II 'Pigsticker' plug bayonets, one with canvas frog, the other green painted

Lot 7142 – Sale Price: £20.00

A Gurkha style Kurkri knife, etched to blade ''Gorkha Army'' no. 565 with crossed Kukri design, with scabbard

Lot 7143 – Sale Price: £160.00

A George V Artillery officer's sword with engraved blade retailed by Manton & Co, Calcutta and Delhi No. 102A with leather field scabbard and frog

Lot 7152 – Sale Price: £75.00

A Japanese sword bayonet 30th Year Type by Moji subplant of Kokura Arsenal, with steel scabbard

Lot 7153 – Sale Price: £30.00

A Czech Bodak V2/ 24 bayonet for the Mauser 7.62 calibre rifle, with all-steel scabbard

Lot 7154 – Sale Price: £38.00

A Spanish Mauser Bolo bayonet marked Toledo, with steel scabbard

Lot 7155 – Sale Price: £50.00

An Austrian Steyr sword bayonet dated 1886, with scabbard

Lot 7156 – Sale Price: £140.00

A Japanese sword bayonet Arasaki type with steel scabbard

Lot 7157 – Sale Price: £48.00

An early 20th Century Siamese (Thai) Mauser K98 bayonet, with scabbard

Lot 7158 – Sale Price: £38.00

An eastern percussion pistol, crude construction. No license required

Lot 7159 – Sale Price: £18.00

A US post-1953 M5A1 Milpar bayonet, no scabbard

Lot 7160 – Sale Price: £38.00

An African dagger with sectional stone grip, gilt detail and scabbard

Lot 7161 – Sale Price: £10.00

An Indian alloy and steel decorative knife in the form of a sabre together with an Indian kukri (2)

Lot 7162 – Sale Price: £10.00

A box of miscellaneous military themed ceramics including Nelson a/f

Lot 7163 – Sale Price: £40.00

A 19th Century stevengraph ''The Death of Nelson'', framed and glazed

Lot 7164 – Sale Price: £15.00

A quantity of military themed wallhangings including Field Marshal Lord Roberts portrait and embroidered Highlander print (5)

Lot 7167 – Sale Price: £55.00

A 19th Century mixed media silk and hand coloured print of ''Napoleon Buonaparte'', framed and glazed

Lot 7168 – Sale Price: £20.00

A late Victorian print ''Nelson's Last Signal at Trafalgar- England Expects that every man will do his duty''

Lot 7169 – Sale Price: £20.00

A late Victorian print of Admiral Lord Nelson walking through crowd, framed and glazed

Lot 7171 – Sale Price: £60.00

A quantity of prints including ''Kitchener at Khartoum'' and Nelson themes (9)

Lot 7172 – Sale Price: £80.00

A replica German Luftwaffe officer's dagger with scabbard

Lot 7173 – Sale Price: £380.00

A 1796 pattern light cavalry officer's sabre with plain blade, joining a stirrup hilt and ribbed leather grip, rounded square langets, all-steel scabbard with twin loop

Lot 7177 – Sale Price: £75.00

A quantity of insignia including Royal Frontiersmen Fusiliers hat and collar badges, buttons etc

Lot 7179 – Sale Price: £28.00

A post-war Norfolk Volunteer cadet force red dress jacket and trousers

Lot 7180 – Sale Price: £45.00

A mid 20th Century Royal Naval officer's jacket with George crown buttons, possibly WWII

Lot 7182 – Sale Price: £50.00

'DAILY SKETCH', six large bound volumes containing hundreds of issues 1914-17, large quantity of WWI content, numerous illustrations from photographs, plus two volumes 'Land & Water', 1917 (8)

Lot 7183 – Sale Price: £80.00

A WWI poster ''HONOUR AND GLORY FOR 47th DIVISION OUR DELIVERERS'' together with documentation, ephemera and trinkets relating to the serviceman 684166 PERCY J. MONK 3rd Army 47th Division 1/24th London Queen's Regiment including treen ornaments from Palestine, newspaper cuttings, reconnaissance photograph etc. Lot 7185 relates to the same serviceman during WWII

Lot 7184 – Sale Price: £50.00

A quantity of military badges including Norfolk Regiment

Lot 7185 – Sale Price: £230.00

A WWII Home Guard collection consisting of holster and lanyard, forage cap, swagger stick, Home Guard certificate, ephemera including ''Manual of Modern Automatic Guns'' etc

Lot 7186 – Sale Price: £38.00

A quantity of military canvas, some a/f

Lot 7187 – Sale Price: £35.00

A folding camp bed together with other equipment including mallets, plates and a 1945 dated jerry can

Lot 7188 – Sale Price: £40.00

A quantity of military related items including photograph album, tankard and soldier figures etc

Lot 7189 – Sale Price: £150.00

A George VI medal group to 1880443 CPL. WILLIAM HONE RE BOMB DISPOSAL REPLACEMENT GROUP, mounted for wearing

Lot 7191 – Sale Price: £75.00

A pair of WWII US Aviator's leather fur lined flying boots

Lot 7192 – Sale Price: £170.00

A RFC style leather fur lined flying helmet together with a pair of leather flying gloves (3)

Lot 7194 – Sale Price: £65.00

A pair of WWII USAF leather and fur gaitors together with a 1943 dated parachute pack

Lot 7197 – Sale Price: £60.00

A Royal Flying Corps style aviator's tan flying helmet

Lot 7198 – Sale Price: £40.00

A WWII machete by Martindale with sheath

Lot 7199 – Sale Price: £35.00

A mid 20th Century canvas and leather officer's kit bag, possibly WWII

Lot 7201 – Sale Price: £85.00

A Victorian army officer's belt, the rectangular clasp with VR cypher and crown with oakleaf wreath, the belt with all-over silver thread detail

Lot 7202 – Sale Price: £340.00

A Victorian Naval Officer's tailcoat, Lieutenant-Commander rank, label Matthews and Co., Portsea, Portsmouth and signed LIEUT WHITEHOUSE

Lot 7203 – Sale Price: £120.00

An Edward VII Northamptonshire Regiment officer's full dress scarlet tunic with buff facings and white piping, badges applied to collar and arm including sergeant stripes

Lot 7204 – Sale Price: £210.00

A Victorian Army Medical Staff officer's tunic, black cloth with red piping, gold thread cuffs and collar detail

Lot 7205 – Sale Price: £55.00

A replica WWII black Allgemeine SS General's peaked cap, silver piping rather than white

Lot 7206 – Sale Price: £65.00

A replica Pickelhaube helmet with lobster tail design and eagle badge

Lot 7207 – Sale Price: £70.00

A replica Third Reich leather motorcycle helmet with 1939 stamp and eagle and swastika badge

Lot 7208 – Sale Price: £15.00

A WWI Volunteer Training Corps (VTC) GR arm band

Lot 7210 – Sale Price: £150.00

A nine pouch leather artillery bandolier, possibly WWI

Lot 7212 – Sale Price: £20.00

A 1949 pattern 1953 dated British Army Battledress blouse together with an A.T.R.S. carrier (2)

Lot 7213 – Sale Price: £22.00

A post-war No.1 dress jacket (Welsh Guards) together with a parade dress jacket (2)

Lot 7214 – Sale Price: £750.00 (inc)

A Victorian 4th Volunteer Norfolk Regiment Collection of uniform consisting of two scarlet jackets, a pair of trousers, forage cap and buff belt, mothed (5)

Lot 7215 – Sale Price: £110.00 (inc)

A WWII British Army Officers Service dress jacket named to G.B. Lewis 2.7.41 to label two pairs of trousers including 1941 dated, a Great Coat dated 4.7.41 to the same serviceman. A post-war 1955 dated RAF Great Coat (5)

Lot 7216 – Sale Price: £85.00 (inc)

A collection of Royal Artillery uniform including mess dress jacket and parade jacket dated 1938, peaked cap, forage cap and trousers, named to P.H. Jackson

Lot 7217 – Sale Price: £25.00

A WWII Yugoslavian M49 SMG Magazine pouch, dated VU1943, together with a water bottle, possibly German (2)

Lot 7218 – Sale Price: £60.00

A box of mixed military equipment including bottles and medical roll etc

Lot 7219 – Sale Price: £40.00

A box of mixed WWII and later items including 1940 dated kitbag and 1941 forage cap etc

Lot 7220 – Sale Price: £30.00

A box of mixed webbing and kit including kit bag and 1944 dated gas mask bag

Lot 7221 – Sale Price: £35.00

A 1950 dated Civil Defence jacket and trousers with insignia, together with a 1952 dated British MKIV helmet

Lot 7222 – Sale Price: £40.00

Two post war US army helmets with liners

Lot 7224 – Sale Price: £30.00

An Irish officer's dress jacket with brass Irish buttons, Lieutenant pips, titles, dress lanyard etc, Dublin makers label inside

Lot 7225 – Sale Price: £130.00

A WWII Royal Artillery officer's uniform consisting of jacket, trousers, hat, and Sam Browne with insignia, medal bar, lanyard and pocket compass

Lot 7227 – Sale Price: £140.00

A Royal Signals officer's uniform consisting of jacket, trousers, hat and Sam Browne with King's Crown Royal Signals collar badges, buttons, Captain's pips, WWII medal bar and 2nd Army Divisional patches to sleeves

Lot 7229 – Sale Price: £20.00

A post war Welsh Regiment NCO's dress uniform jacket with trousers

Lot 7232 – Sale Price: £40.00

A WWII British Red Cross nurse's jacket to The West Lancs, with brass titles, RNH and Mobile VAD sleeve badge etc (some moth damage)

Lot 7233 – Sale Price: £70.00

A post war German Hitler Youth style flag,1939 marked

Lot 7234 – Sale Price: £40.00

A post war German party pennant, framed and glazed

Lot 7235 – Sale Price: £70.00

A Polish army rangefinder

Lot 7236 – Sale Price: £15.00

A box of WWII items including Anti gas eye shields, Anti dimming cylinders etc

Lot 7237 – Sale Price: £110.00

A Nauticalia Ltd. section of copper from HMS Victory, framed display case, 473/500 ref. 94325

Lot 7238 – Sale Price: £22.00

A collection of mixed militaria related volumes including US Civil War, Regimental Uniforms etc (19)

Lot 7240 – Sale Price: £15.00

A collection of volumes on firearms including ''English Military Longarms 1715-1865'' (13)

Lot 7241 – Sale Price: £35.00

A collection of volumes on edged weapons including ''Naval Swords'' by P.G.W. Annis and ''Bayonets'' by Bert Walsh (8)

Lot 7244 – Sale Price: £20.00

Five volumes on German uniforms and insignia including ''S.S. Regalia'' by Robin Lumsden

Lot 7245 – Sale Price: £20.00

A handcrafted brass model of a Spitfire on later stand together with a Concorde form brass model on stand (2)

Lot 7246 – Sale Price: £28.00

Two handcrafted metal figures of Spitfires in alloy and brass, on oak stands

Lot 7247 – Sale Price: £35.00

A 1946 dated chromed metal ashtray with stylised bomber aircraft, inscribed ''To Harry from Dorothy 1946''

Lot 7248 – Sale Price: £20.00

A mid 20th Century brass model of a stylised WWII aircraft on engineered metal base

Lot 7249 – Sale Price: £18.00

A mid 20th Century brass model of a WWII aircraft on later wooden base

Lot 7250 – Sale Price: £110.00

A WWII British Tank Crew Oversuit Size 5 by A. Whyman Ltd., dated 1944

Lot 7251 – Sale Price: £48.00

A Boer War South Africa 1900 Christmas tin, no contents

Lot 7252 – Sale Price: £75.00

A WWI memorial plaque / death penny named to FREDERICK JAMES LEE with research and original documentation including map

Lot 7253 – Sale Price: £50.00

A WWI memorial plaque / death penny named to MARK ANDREWS, framed

Lot 7254 – Sale Price: £95.00

A WWI memorial plaque / death penny named to GEORGE ROWLAND RAMSDEN, framed. 17th Bn. Middlesex Regiment, died 1st December 1917 and buried at Cambrai Memorial, France

Lot 7255 – Sale Price: £20.00

A quantity of War Poppy Collection medallions

Lot 7256 – Sale Price: £50.00

A WWI memorial plaque / death penny named to EDWARD GILBERT SPEIGHT, framed and glazed. 1st/7th Bn. West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales' Own), died 26 April 1918 aged 19 and buried at Tyne Cot Memorial, Belgium

Lot 7257 – Sale Price: £42.00

A WWI memorial plaque / death penny named to CHARLES JOHN STONE, framed and glazed. One of two servicemen listed on CWGC

Lot 7259 – Sale Price: £240.00

Five George V and George VI medals consisting of Army long Service and Good Conduct medal and George V Army Meritorious Service Medal to SJT. J. DEDDEN GORD. HIGHRS, WWI pair named to 203696 PTE R.B. DEDDEN HAMPS. R. and WWII War Medal together with badges including TA

Lot 7260 – Sale Price: £150.00

An Iron Cross First Class dated 1914 with case. Buyer to determine age

Lot 7261 – Sale Price: £15.00

A quantity of British wartime banknotes

Lot 7262 – Sale Price: £140.00

A George V Long Service Medal for Rocket Life Saving Apparatus, named to James Cooper

Lot 7263 – Sale Price: £360.00

A collection of 16 miniature military medals including German Mother's medal, Crimea and Italy star etc.

Lot 7264 – Sale Price: £42.00

A WWI Christmas 1914 Princess Mary gift tin and another (2)

Lot 7265 – Sale Price: £50.00

A commemorative Lusitania medal, boxed a/f, together with a German Mother's medal 16th December 1938 (2)

Lot 7266 – Sale Price: £90.00

Two Waterloo Medal silver medallions by authority of The Waterloo Committee, framed with documentation, 300/1000. A Pistrucci Waterloo medal, boxed.

Lot 7267 – Sale Price: £120.00

A George VI General Service medal (GSM) with Palestine clasp named to 520684 CPL. C.F.W. BANKS RAF together with WWII pair of medals and ARP badges etc

Lot 7268 – Sale Price: £50.00

A Trench Art Napoleon III 1855 10 Centimes coin, the obverse centre opening to reveal enamelled Queen Victoria

Lot 7269 – Sale Price: £38.00

A WWI British pair of medals named to 300082 PTE. W. BARBER R. WAR. R.

Lot 7270 – Sale Price: £130.00

A quantity of reproduction German medals and badges etc

Lot 7271 – Sale Price: £95.00

A Queen's South Africa Medal (QSA) with Orange Free State clasp to 3146 PTE. F. MIDDLETON Highland Ll.

Lot 7272 – Sale Price: £40.00

A collection of patches including Dive, Master Gunner's sleeve badges RA slip on shoulder titles etc

Lot 7273 – Sale Price: £42.00

A WWII medal group of five consisting of Africa, Italy & 1939-45 stars, defence & war medal together with embroidered hankerchief to CORPORAL RALPH GREEN 8th Army, gunner together with a Herts regiment cap badge

Lot 7274 – Sale Price: £70.00

A quantity of WWI and WWII medals consisting of two WWI pairs 221 PTE. J.H. Minchin RIF. Brig and S.13069 PTE. H. Houghton RIF. Brig and a WWII Defence and War medal pair with issue box to Mr J. Flindall

Lot 7275 – Sale Price: £28.00

Two Queen's Own Hussars gilt metal belt buckles, King's Crowns, pierced scrolled design

Lot 7276 – Sale Price: £240.00

A WWI pair of medals, named to casualty 43156 PTE. G.W. MURRELL NORF.R., died 4/9/16, part of the 1st Bn. Norfolk Regiment who were engaged in the attack on Falfemant Farm on 3/9/16 suffering 369 casualties. The lot includes memorial plaque/death penny to GILBERT WILLIAM MURRELL, burial document, photograph and badges etc. A Special Constabulary Long Service Medal to Reginald H. Murrell.

Lot 7277 – Sale Price: £300.00

A WWII and earlier POW collection relating to 6030423 ERNEST REYNOLDS of the Essex Regiment who served in the North West Europe campaign in WWII, a POW from 11.06.44 - 01.05.45 at Stalag XII-A Limburg, 42202 POW's with 27 officers, 271 British. The lot includes George V India Medal named to 6006992 PTE. E. REYNOLDS ESSEX.R. with North West Frontier 1930-31 clasp. His original POW identification tag stamped ST-XNA Nr. 82 176, Soldier's Service and Pay Book, Army Temperance medals, British Airborne Forces and 47th (London) Infantry Division patches etc

Lot 7278 – Sale Price: £75.00

A WWII medal group of four consisting of 1939-45 star, war and defence medals, George VI General Service medal with Palestine 1945-48 clasp named to 14970186 CPL. F.C. PAGE R.A.O.C. together with a further WWII pair and miniatures etc

Lot 7279 – Sale Price: £170.00

A WWI pair of medals named to 13737 PTE. W.G. EMERSON NORF. R. 8th Bn. died 05/10/1916, together with memorial plaque / death penny named to WALTER GEORGE EMERSON and copied documentation

Lot 7280 – Sale Price: £200.00

A WWI and WWII collection of medals to three brothers. WWI pair of medals named to 202350 PTE. E.R. DYE R.SUSS.R with accompanying portrait photograph. A WWII group consisting of 1939-45, Italy and Africa stars, Defence and War Medal to Colin Dye, the box of issue named C.N. DYE, Aylsham. A WWII group of three consisting of Pacific and 1939-45 stars and war medal, box of issue named to Mrs L. Dye, same address. Also a framed photograph of Royal Marines troop including Dye etc.

Lot 7281 – Sale Price: £80.00

A Third Reich era German Iron Cross Second Class together with a 1938 Mother's Medal (2)

Lot 7282 – Sale Price: £35.00

A WWI British War Medal to 55512 PTE. W.J. BAKER K.R. RIF.C. together with a Bakelite regimental badge and postcard photos etc.

Lot 7283 – Sale Price: £70.00

A WWII 1939-45 star and War Medal with casualty slip to Dunkirk casualty T/45238 SGT PETER CLARK 2 DIV. Petrol Coy RASC, killed in action 23.05.1940. Buried at Longuenesse (St Omer) Souvenir Cemetery

Lot 7286 – Sale Price: £70.00

Six WWII and copied star medals including three Air Crew Europe star copies and original Africa star with 8th Army clasp

Lot 7287 – Sale Price: £42.00

Seven WWII and later reproduction British star medals including Pacific star, some later clasps

Lot 7288 – Sale Price: £30.00

Five WWII British star medals including Africa star with 1st Army clasp

Lot 7289 – Sale Price: £32.00

Five WWII British star medals including Atlantic star, some later clasps

Lot 7290 – Sale Price: £48.00

A cased limited edition set of London Fire Brigade historic badges, No. 560

Lot 7292 – Sale Price: £20.00

A quantity of Scouts and Girl's Life Brigade insignia and badges

Lot 7293 – Sale Price: £130.00

A quantity of British military badges including AFS, Essex Regiment Bakelite example and Services Rendered wound badge. A quantity of Dutch Police badges and insignia

Lot 7294 – Sale Price: £440.00

A quantity of mainly British cloth insignia including Home Guard, RAEC and arm band etc.

Lot 7295 – Sale Price: £28.00

A collection of Police / Constabulary insignia including numbers and letters, crown badges etc.

Lot 7296 – Sale Price: £95.00

A collection of Police / Special Constabulary insignia including Senior Traffic Warden, KCC and shoulder titles

Lot 7297 – Sale Price: £290.00

A collection of Police / Special Constabulary insignia including City of London Police rank badges and buttons etc.

Lot 7298 – Sale Price: £28.00

A collection of military badges, buttons and insignia including RAC

Lot 7299 – Sale Price: £50.00 (inc)

A collection of military badges including Royal Artillery, Royal Engineers and RAF

Lot 7300 – Sale Price: £28.00 (inc)

A collection of military buttons, cloth insignia and button polishers etc

Lot 7301 – Sale Price: £48.00 (inc)

A WWI Imperial German Iron Cross medal 2nd class 1914 dates, with ribbon

Lot 7302 – Sale Price: £55.00 (inc)

Five WWI and WWII medals consisting of 1915 stars to 7615 CPL A.R.COLEMAN NORF. R. and S4-11132 PTE. F. DYSON A.S.C., WWI Mercantile Marine medal to JAMES MOLYNEUX, WWII War Medal and 1939-45 Star

Lot 7305 – Sale Price: £200.00

A WWII RN casualty group to C/JX 98649 Petty Officer Frederick Alfred Slade who died when HMS Penzance was torpedoed and sunk on the 24th August 1940. She was sunk by the U-37 with the loss of 90 of her 104 crew. The lot includes his 1939-45 star, Atlantic Star and war medals, good selection of documents relating to his death, photographs etc

Lot 7308 – Sale Price: £40.00

A WWi pair of medals named to 2953 PTE. F. PRITCHARD R. BERKS. REG., not entitled to star, discharged due to wounds 13.06.1917

Lot 7310 – Sale Price: £20.00

A 19th Century Doulton and Watts Lambeth Pottery Admiral Lord Nelson glazed stoneware character jug, chipped to underside of hat, together with a restored 19th Century blue and white Nelson jug with panels of portrait and HMS Victory (2)

Lot 7312 – Sale Price: £20.00

A 19th Century Staffordshire Admiral Lord Nelson jug, enriched with gilt, some chipping

Lot 7314 – Sale Price: £50.00

A Royal Doulton glazed stoneware cobalt blue ''Nelson and His Captains'' jug

Lot 7316 – Sale Price: £42.00

A collection of Nelson themed framed media including side portrait relief and maple framed portrait print (5)

Lot 7317 – Sale Price: £150.00

Two metallic side portrait plaques of Admiral Lord Nelson and another in gilded frame (3)

Lot 7318 – Sale Price: £150.00

A quantity of small framed prints including Nelson and HMS Victory related

Lot 7319 – Sale Price: £20.00

A collection of 19th Century and later plates including ''He was famed for deeds of arms''

Lot 7320 – Sale Price: £50.00

An oak shield wall plaque with embossed copper from Nelson's flagship HMS Victory relief, together with a framed Nelson relief handle (2)

Lot 7321 – Sale Price: £210.00

A 19th Century cast iron painted side portrait of Admiral Lord Nelson, a brass roundel and an ''England Expects that Every Man will do his Duty'' anchor form framed display (3)

Lot 7322 – Sale Price: £48.00

A replica Scottish broadsword with scabbard

Lot 7324 – Sale Price: £200.00

A Victorian General Staff officer's Mameluke sword with scabbard, worn

Lot 7325 – Sale Price: £55.00

A replica helmet in the 17th Century Cromwellian lobster tail form with stand

Lot 7332 – Sale Price: £80.00

An India General Service Medal (IGS) with North West Frontier clasp 1936-37 to 82659 GNR. G.E. CUCKOW RA with 1939-45 Indian Defence medal and War Medal

Lot 7333 – Sale Price: £25.00

A Russian F1 pineapple hand grenade, deactivated

Lot 7334 – Sale Price: £25.00

A replica of a German WWII boot knife

Lot 7339 – Sale Price: £120.00

A Victorian 1882 pattern Cavalry Trooper's sword with a slightly curved single fullered blade to a spear point, marked /87 'Weyersberg Kirschbaum & Cie Solingen' (some letters worn) with stampings including Y.C., with composite grip and 'Maltese Cross' design pierced detail to the hand guard

Lot 7340 – Sale Price: £120.00

A Victorian 1822 pattern Infantry officer's sword, the slightly curved single fullered blade with signs of engraved detail, joining a gilt brass pierced hilt with VR cypher and shagreen ribbed grip a/f

Lot 7341 – Sale Price: £60.00

A late 19th / early 20th Century English court / dress sword with beaded gilt brass hilt and flat-backed blade, with scabbard a/f.

Lot 7342 – Sale Price: £40.00

A late 19th / early 20th Century Sudanese Kaskara sword with fullered blade joining a cruciform cross-guard, leather grip and round pommel, with leather covered scabbard, rusted and worn

Lot 7343 – Sale Price: £20.00

A quantity of military badges and insignia including Worcestershire shoulder titles, Civil Defence badges etc, together with two Nazi photographs

Lot 7344 – Sale Price: £15.00

A quantity of badges and insignia including Constabulary, Fire Brigade and ''Grip Fast'' Leslie Family white metal badge

Lot 7345 – Sale Price: £48.00

A collection of WWI and later photographs including Salonica, Turkey and France. Some coastal scenes, architecture and cultural themes.

Lot 7346 – Sale Price: £80.00

A US Army Signal Corps telephone set consisting of leather cased Telephone EE-8-A and EE-8-B and cable reel

Lot 7348 – Sale Price: £160.00

A WWI and WWII Scottish Bandsman medal group consisting of 1915 trio named to 10597 PTE. M. MONTGOMERY R. SCOTS (Morris) and George V Efficiency medal named to 3304117 PTE. M. MONTGOMERY 5-H.L.I., WWII war medal and Defence medal with issue box. The lot also includes George VI crown Grenadier Guards staybrite buttons and photographs etc. Entered WWI 19.12.14 and most likely served in Gallipoli.

Lot 7349 – Sale Price: £160.00

MEIN KAMPF by Adolf Hitler, 1939 edition wedding presentation type, no inscription, quarter leather, marbled boards

Lot 7350 – Sale Price: £15.00

Two ethnic spears, one with coiled detail

Lot 7352 – Sale Price: £38.00

A prisoner of war (POW) handcrafted toy boat

Lot 7354 – Sale Price: £50.00

A George VI officer's enamel campaign washstand on folding ironwork base, possibly WWII

Lot 7355 – Sale Price: £95.00

A collection of Militaria and related ephemera relating to 94632 PTE. G.W. ROE R.A.M.C. and family including a pair of WWI medals, booklets, photographs including WWI and WWII era, badges and insignia, service in Palestine etc

Lot 7356 – Sale Price: £130.00

A Jaeger Le Coultre military issue pocket watch, Arabic dial, sweep second subsidiary dial, the reverse marked with broad arrow over 6E/50 over A20919, together with ''Tit-Bits'' pocket watch and silver powder compact stamped 833 (3)

Lot 7357 – Sale Price: £500.00

A collection of WWI, WWII and later Royal Naval / Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve items relating to the service of E.M. LEE and LT. CDR. DAVID MARK LEE (C990126A) including kitbag, officer's peaked cap, HMS Scarab cap tally, cap, service dress jacket (one dated May 22nd 1917), badges, buttons and insignia, HMS Norfolk card, Ross binoculars with case, WWI medal trio, the star named to TY. LIEUT. E.M. LEE R.N.V.R. etc

Lot 7358 – Sale Price: £28.00

A collection of mixed post-war insignia including Police, a Trinidad and Tobago beret, an EIIR Royal Artillery belt and a leather officer's swagger stick / batton

Lot 7359 – Sale Price: £130.00

An early 20th Century Naval officer's sword, gilt brass hilt with lion head pommel, rayskin grip, the blade corroded

Lot 7360 – Sale Price: £130.00

A Victorian 1822 pattern Infantry officer's sword, the slightly curved single fullered blade with signs of engraved detail, joining a gilt brass pierced hilt with VR cypher, blade corroded

Lot 7361 – Sale Price: £300.00

A Third Reich era german Naval officer's dress dagger, the double-edged etched blade by Eickhorn Solingen with celluloid ribbed grip (slight break near pommel) eagle form pommel bent out of shape, with portepee knot and scabbard. This dagger was acquired by the vendor's father-in-law following the D-Day landings

Lot 7362 – Sale Price: £25.00

Four 1939 dated Nazi German 20 Reichsmark (Zwanzig) banknotes and a Hindenburg 5 Reichsmark coin (5)

Lot 7363 – Sale Price: £50.00

A Victorian General Service Medal (GSM) named to 385 LCE. CORPL. E. DARGUE 2d BN. NORTH'D. FUS., no suspender and a/f, together with a WWI Victory Medal, name unreadable, only number 29739, no suspender, together with a damaged Edward VIII Coronation medal (3)

Lot 7364 – Sale Price: £340.00

A Victorian 1853 pattern Enfield musket, the lock dated 1864, three band with socket bayonet and scabbard

Lot 7365 – Sale Price: £38.00

Two Third Reich era German picture books: Adolf Hitler 1935 and Deutschland Erwacht 1933