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Clocks & Watches

Viewing Friday 10 June 9-12noon, Monday 13 June 9am-4pm, Tuesday 14 June 9am-12noon and sale day from 1pm

Location: The Waveney Room
Date: 16th June 2022
Starts: 2:00 pm

Lots in auction: 72
Online deadline: 16th June 2022, 1:30 pm
Contact: Elizabeth Talbot

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Lot 5005 – Sale Price: £32.00

Thirteen specialist subject clock books relating to skeleton, dial, precision pendulum, French bronze, American, English domestic, Vienna, regulator, and factory clocks (13)

Lot 5008 – Sale Price: £30.00

Ten books relating to clocks and watches, including ''Suffolk Clocks and Clockmakers'' by Arthur L Haggar and Leonard F. Miller; ''Clock and Watchmaking in Colchester'' by Bernard mason, 1969, with dust jacket, signed by the author; ''Britten's Old Clocks and Watches and their Makers'', 9th ed, with dust jacket; and, ''The Old English Master Clockmakers, 1670 - 1820'' by Herbert Cescinsky, 1938.

Lot 5009 – Sale Price: £30.00

''Watches'' by G.H. Baille, 1929. 1 vol. Ex Lib.

Lot 5012 – Sale Price: £380.00

A Georgian oak long case clock, the 28cm diameter face named ''T. Lawson, Keighley'', with earlier 8-day movement. 229cm tall overall. With pendulum and winding key.

Lot 5013 – Sale Price: £200.00

An early 20th Century oak cased striking and chiming three train longcase clock, the 28cm diameter Arabic silvered dial (a/f) with subsidiary seconds, chiming on five tubular gongs. 220.5cm tall. With crank key and pendulum.

Lot 5015 – Sale Price: £250.00

A late 18th Century mahogany long case clock, with 30cm diameter convex circular Roman dial, the 8-day rack and snail striking movement with five pillars and recoil escapement. With weights and a pendulum. 218cm tall overall.

Lot 5016 – Sale Price: £70.00

A Synchronome wall clock, electric driven, made by Mr Berry, an engineer. With documentation.

Lot 5021 – Sale Price: £140.00

A Norwich City Football Club presentation timepiece, presented to Geoffrey Whatling, 1993.

Lot 5024 – Sale Price: £300.00

A 19th Century French gilt brass four glass mantel clock, the enamelled Roman dial with pierced gilt hands, retailed by Goldsmiths Co. London; the 8-day movement with rack and snail striking on a gong. With key and gilded sunburst pendulum

Lot 5025 – Sale Price: £270.00

A 19th Century French gilt brass and onyx four glass mantel clock, the gilded Arabic dial with champleve enamel decoration; the 8-day Japy Freres movement with rack and snail striking on a gong. With key and enamelled mercury pendulum

Lot 5026 – Sale Price: £50.00

A late 19th/ early 20th Century brass carriage clock, with black Roman numerated dial and original silvered platform with Swiss lever escapement, the rack and snail striking on a gong. Slight chip to glass.

Lot 5028 – Sale Price: £290.00

A 19th Century mahogany mantel timepiece, with black Roman numerals to the 9cm diameter chased silvered dial, the gut line on fusee and barrel movement hung with a pendulum; the case with melon-fluted caddy-shaped top, with glass side panels and bracket feet. 31cm tall overall. With door key

Lot 5029 – Sale Price: £700.00

A 19th Century mantel timepiece, with black Roman numerals and foliate spandrel bosses to the 8cm diameter gilt face, the chain fusee movement hung with a pendulum; the rosewwod case inlaid in brass, on brass bun feet, 26cm tall over all. With door key.

Lot 5031 – Sale Price: £150.00

A collection of horological and miscellaneous postcards and greetings cards (5 boxes and a four-drawer cabinet full)

Lot 5033 – Sale Price: £5.00

Two boxes of mainly BHI Horological Journals and other magazines

Lot 5037 – Sale Price: £400.00

A 9ct gold cased hunter pocket watch, with black Roman numerals and subsidiary seconds dial to the white enamelled face.

Lot 5040 – Sale Price: £200.00

A Bueche Girod lady's 9ct gold wristwatch with gold and diamond set bracelet strap. Boxed with paperwork

Lot 5042 – Sale Price: £75.00

An original 19th Century watch fob, a souvenir of the unsuccessful Atlantic Telegraph laying project of 1857; marketed in 1858, engraved and dated. Hung on a silver watch chain with a late 19th Century lady's silver cased pocket watch. With key and original glass (replaced)

Lot 5043 – Sale Price: £180.00

A late 18th/ early 19th century silver pair cased pocket watch, the Arabic enamelled dial with pierced gold spade hands, chain fusee driven movement with verge escapement signed ''Anderson, Liverpool, 2302''.

Lot 5044 – Sale Price: £85.00

A Vertex Allproof 9ct gold cased manual wind gentleman's wristwatch with Arabic dial and centre seconds.

Lot 5045 – Sale Price: £420.00

Three late 19th Century Continental 18K fob watches, with engine-turned and engraved case backs. Some cases dented. (3 - with a watch key, barrel split)

Lot 5046 – Sale Price: £150.00

Five assorted lady's wristwatches, including three gold cased examples (5)

Lot 5047 – Sale Price: £140.00

Eleven assorted pocket watches and a travel alarm clock, mostly late 19th Century silver cased examples. In a 19th Century rosewood sewing box.

Lot 5048 – Sale Price: £50.00

A box of assorted watch parts including pocket watch cases and wristwatch movements etc

Lot 5049 – Sale Price: £40.00

A Frenca military pocket watch, GS/TP 060437. Two Moeris military pocket watches: GSTP M53581 (black face) and GSTP M57412 (white face, damaged) (3)

Lot 5050 – Sale Price: £50.00

Two Cyma military pocket watches, GSTP T19944 and GSTP M89802. Two Leonidas military pocket watches: GSTP J8944 (black face) and GSTP N7053 (4)

Lot 5051 – Sale Price: £55.00

Two Helvetia military pocket watches: GS/TP P59461 (black face) and GS/TP P59406. Two Damas military pocket watches: GS/TP 185508 (black face) and GS/TP 47645 in a Mars outer case (4)

Lot 5052 – Sale Price: £75.00

Two Doxa military pocket watches: GSTP 235525 and GSTP G15470. A military pocket watch 33484, Adm. Patt. 300. A Waltham 6 seconds stop watch, Patt. 6, U11690. Boxed. (4)

Lot 5053 – Sale Price: £150.00

An early 20th Century A.W.W. Co. Waltham Mass. silver pocket watch, open face, Roman dial. With watch chain, T-bar and vesta case.

Lot 5054 – Sale Price: £380.00

An 18ct gold cased open-faced pocket watch, with enamelled Roman numerated dial and second subsidiary, the three-quarter plate movement with English lever escapement; with engraved monogram to the case back

Lot 5055 – Sale Price: £650.00

An 18th Century gold cased half-hunter pocket watch, with enamelled Roman numerated dial, blue Roman numbering to case; the three-quarter plate movement with English lever escapement

Lot 5057 – Sale Price: £30.00

A Jaegar-le-Coutre General service Timepiece pocket watch, c.1940's, with Arabic enamelled dial. a/f and stem loose.

Lot 5058 – Sale Price: £100.00

An Eternamatic lady's wristwatch, with two diamonds to the case, on a leather strap. Boxed

Lot 5061 – Sale Price: £2,300.00

An IWC ''Dirty Dozen'' WWII watch, the black dial with Arabic numerals, in a stainless stell case with broad arrow mark to dial and case back. Case back also marked ''www'' (watch, wrist, waterproof), no. M16706. Setting lever spring faulty (ie cannot set hands)

Lot 5062 – Sale Price: £2,500.00

ENICAR: A ''Jet-Graph'' stainless steel cased manual wind chronograph wristwatch, black dial with triple chronograph register subsidiary dials, red seconds hand and 24 hour uni-directional bezel, case diameter 40mm, circa late 1960's, case back with presentation inscription and ''Sherpa 300'' Oyster emblem, no. 072-02-02

Lot 5064 – Sale Price: £5,500.00

An Omega Speedmaster Pre-Moon stainless steel, manual wind chronograph wristwatch, calibre 321 movement, serial no. 24537289, made in 1967, model ST 105003 - 65; the black dial with luminous baton hour marks, white outer 1/5th second divisions, subsidiary dials at 3, 6 and 9, for seconds, 30 minutes, and 12 hour recording; the fixed bezel with black tachimetre insert. A/f: stem/crown and top pusher missing/ a/f

Lot 5066 – Sale Price: £360.00

OMEGA: A 9ct white gold cased lady's bracelet watch, with manual-wind movement and ovalised case with silvered brushed dial.

Lot 5068 – Sale Price: £160.00

An Omega lady's wristwatch, gold cased with later 9ct gold strap

Lot 5072 – Sale Price: £100.00

An 8mm watchmaker's lathe, with tool rests, tailstock and centre, motor. All for restoration

Lot 5073 – Sale Price: £2,100.00

A collection of mainly Omega watch casing tools, parts for various calibres, cases and dials including Speedmaster and Seamaster De Ville dials etc.

Lot 5074 – Sale Price: £110.00

A large quantity of mainly Swiss watch dials including Accurist, Bulova, Citizen etc

Lot 5075 – Sale Price: £45.00

A collection of hand tools including needle and slotting files, pin vices, staking block, pliers, hammer, punches, drills etc

Lot 5076 – Sale Price: £65.00

Two boxes of assorted watch glasses, various sizes

Lot 5077 – Sale Price: £180.00

Two boxes of assorted watch movement parts, various calibres including AS, FEF etc. Balance staffs, stems, gear train wheels, balances, keyless works, main springs, crowns, screws etc

Lot 5078 – Sale Price: £95.00

Three boxes of mixed clock spares including English 8-day longcase movements, French, keys, weights, pendulums, bezels, dials etc