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Antiques Incl. Silver & Private Residence

Location: The Wensum Room
Date: 11th June 2021
Starts: 10:00 am

Lots in auction: 514
Online deadline: 11th June 2021, 9:30 am
Contact: Lesley Smith

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Lot 1 – Sale Price: £50.00

A pair of George III silver serving spoons of plain form, makers marks rubbed, London 1785, 121g

Lot 2 – Sale Price: £180.00

Seven Georgian and later silver serving spoons including London 1804, some with monogrammed handles, 400g

Lot 4 – Sale Price: £160.00

A matched set of six Georgian silver rat-tail dessert spoons, various monograms, makers and dates, marks rubbed, 309g

Lot 6 – Sale Price: £220.00

Eight Georgian silver dinner forks, various monograms, makers and dates, marks rubbed, 534g

Lot 7 – Sale Price: £170.00

A quantity of Georgian and later silver spoons & teaspoons, various makers and dates marks rubbed (13), 397g

Lot 8 – Sale Price: £140.00

A set of eight William Yates Ltd silver handled dinner and dessert knives, Sheffield 1994 and others

Lot 11 – Sale Price: £70.00

A pair of George III silver shell form sauce spoons, bright cut zigzag design, London 1784 (maker unclear), 76g

Lot 12 – Sale Price: £85.00

A set of six Georgian silver teaspoons, shell terminals, one with eagle engraved detail, marks rubbed, 96g

Lot 13 – Sale Price: £75.00

A Joseph Gloster Ltd silver quaich of plain form, lug handles on circular foot, Birmingham 1937, 182g

Lot 14 – Sale Price: £190.00

A George Nathan and Ridley Hayes silver quaich of plain form, lug handles on circular foot, Chester 1910, together with another smaller, believed to be the same maker and date (marks rubbed) (2), 418g

Lot 15 – Sale Price: £360.00

A George II Jabez Daniell silver oil and vinegar stand, the pair of unmarked silver lidded cut glass bottles upon a scrolled base with plateau joining a foliate design vacant cartouche over shell feet, London 1757, silver weight 367g

Lot 16 – Sale Price: £40.00

A pair of George III silver table salts, the silver bases accommodating cut glass bowls, some chipping, London 1795, with a pair of mother of pearl spoons, 143g silver total

Lot 17 – Sale Price: £65.00

A John Bull Ltd silver pair of salt and pepper grinders, modern hallmark 925

Lot 18 – Sale Price: £40.00

A quantity of silver items including teaspoons, sauce spoon and table salt. Silver weight 154g, together with silver plated items

Lot 19 – Sale Price: £110.00

A Continental silver hot water jug with ebony handle, 18cm tall, 378g

Lot 20 – Sale Price: £50.00

A set of six C.W. Fletcher & Sons Ltd. silver teaspoons with stepped terminals, Sheffield 1921, 51g

Lot 21 – Sale Price: £48.00

An Elkington set of six silver teaspoons and a pair of sugar nips, Birmingham 1911, 103g

Lot 22 – Sale Price: £230.00

A Mappin & Webb silver coffee pot with fluted detail, ebony knop and handle, Sheffield 1915, 21cm tall, 625g (slight dents)

Lot 23 – Sale Price: £48.00

A silver Cooper Brother & Sons Ltd dish together with a pair of William Hutton & Sons Ltd pepperettes and another (4), 149g

Lot 24 – Sale Price: £48.00

A Joseph Gloster Ltd silver set of four table salts with embossed floral design with spoons, cased, Sheffield 1932, 76g

Lot 25 – Sale Price: £230.00

A Marson & James silver three piece tea set, beaded rims, Birmingham 1931, 643g

Lot 26 – Sale Price: £220.00

A Sing Fat Chinese silver bonbon dish with bird engraving and swing handle, 21cm diameter, 304g

Lot 27 – Sale Price: £60.00

A Maurice Freeman silver twin handled sugar bowl, fluted detail, London 1900, 148g

Lot 28 – Sale Price: £45.00

A silver James Deakin & Sons triangular pill box with blue guilloche lid, graze to corner, dents present, Chester 1911, 22g

Lot 29 – Sale Price: £60.00

A quantity of silver including caddy spoons, sugar tongs, butter knife

Lot 30 – Sale Price: £60.00

A Victorian silver ladle and pair of Cooper Brothers & Sons sauce ladles, Sheffield 1913, 150g

Lot 32 – Sale Price: £160.00

Two London Georgian silver milk jugs with ball feet. One marks are rubbed the other is T.R, 1806, 365g

Lot 33 – Sale Price: £55.00

A Tiffany & Co Sterling silver letter opener with pierced handle, 16cm long, 34g

Lot 34 – Sale Price: £140.00

A Barker Brothers Silver Ltd silver card tray, Birmingham 1936, 20.5cm diameter, 344g, wobbles as feet are misshaped

Lot 35 – Sale Price: £260.00

A cased set of silver Cooper Brothers & Sons Ltd mother of pearl dessert knives and forks, 12 knives, 12 forks, hallmarked Sheffield 1960 (24)

Lot 37 – Sale Price: £650.00

A Burmese white metal jardiniere with deep relief of military procession, elephants and horseman, 19cm diameter, 14cm tall a/f, 1132g (dented and leak to side)

Lot 38 – Sale Price: £28.00

An Eastern embossed silver bangle with panels of birds and wild animals, 6cm diameter, 34g

Lot 40 – Sale Price: £75.00

A Victorian silver mustard pot of large proportions, octagonal form with engraved panels, blue glass liner, marks rubbed, associated spoon (2) 152g total

Lot 41 – Sale Price: £95.00

A pair of George III silver salts, fluted rim, shell footed base, marks rubbed, 120g each (240g total)

Lot 42 – Sale Price: £60.00

A William Hutton & Sons Ltd silver seal top spoon, Sheffield 1945 and a Victorian George Unite Apostle spoon, Birmingham 1885, 127g

Lot 43 – Sale Price: £22.00

A pair of Victorian silver backed dressing table brushes, deep scrolled relief, marks rubbed

Lot 44 – Sale Price: £260.00

A Wang Hing bowl with deep relief of dragon stamped WH90 beside character mark and engraved Hong Kong 1901, 12cm diameter, 6.5cm tall, 284g

Lot 45 – Sale Price: £42.00

A square form decanter with silver collar, stamped 925

Lot 46 – Sale Price: £170.00

A Burma of Thai (?) white metal pot with deep relief of deities and figures amongst foliage, 436g, 11.5cm diameter, 9cm tall

Lot 47 – Sale Price: £190.00

A George II John Tuite silver salver, piecrust edge and foliate engraved surface with central coat of arms, four scroll feet, London 1732, 445g, 22cm diameter

Lot 48 – Sale Price: £65.00

A pair of Chawner & Co (George William Adams) silver dinner forks with gadrooned border and bearded man engraved terminals, London 1854, 153g

Lot 49 – Sale Price: £90.00

A pair of Chawner & Co (George William Adams) silver sauce ladles, shell form and vehicle design engraved terminals, together with a shifting spoon (3), 232g

Lot 50 – Sale Price: £95.00

A matched set of four silver dessert forks with shell motif and vehicle engraved terminals, Chawner & Co and John Aldwinkle & Thomas Slater, London 1884 and 1858, 251g

Lot 51 – Sale Price: £170.00

A set of four Chawner & Co (George William Adams) silver serving spoons with shell form and vehicle design engraved terminals, London 1858, 389g

Lot 52 – Sale Price: £75.00

A pair of John Aldwinckle & Thomas Slater silver serving spoons with shell form and vehicle design engraved terminals, London 1884 and 1883, 204g

Lot 53 – Sale Price: £230.00

A matched set of six silver dinner forks with shell motif and vehicle engraved terminals by Chawner & Co and John Aldwinkle & Thomas Slater, London 1858 and 1884, 604g

Lot 54 – Sale Price: £120.00

Five various silver dessert spoons with shell form and vehicle design engraved terminals, London 1858 and 1884, 313g

Lot 55 – Sale Price: £40.00

Four various 19th Century silver teaspoons, various makers and dates, 96g

Lot 56 – Sale Price: £165.00

Silver items including napkin rings, part sets of teaspoons and silver handled butter knives etc, 425g excluding the silver handled knives

Lot 57 – Sale Price: £30.00

A white metal ring handled wine taster inset with two franc coin, possibly 19th Century, 8cm diameter, 89g

Lot 58 – Sale Price: £100.00

A pair of WM. Hutton & Sons silver bonbon dishes with footed bases and scrolled handles, Birmingham 1938, 178g, 10cm diameter

Lot 59 – Sale Price: £32.00

A silver oval snuff box, dented (Birmingham 1909), a cut glass dressing table pot with silver lid and a modern silver pill pot marked 925 (3)

Lot 60 – Sale Price: £55.00

A pair of silver crescent shaped menu holders on circular bases, London 1904, 3.5cm tall, 54g

Lot 61 – Sale Price: £150.00

A sugar bowl and milk jug by William Davenport and a similar sugar bowl and milk jug with different makers, 397g (4)

Lot 62 – Sale Price: £75.00

A silver scroll handled cream jug (London 1929) with a Victorian silver repousse work sugar caster by Rosenthal Jacobs & Co, 165g (2)

Lot 63 – Sale Price: £60.00

A pair of silver Marson & Jones footed bonbon dishes, maker MJ, Birmingham 1935, 10cm diameter, 81g

Lot 64 – Sale Price: £240.00

An S. Blanckensee & Sons Ltd silver three piece tea set on squashed bun feet, Chester 1926, 849g

Lot 66 – Sale Price: £60.00

A cased set of twelve silver coffee spoons by Cooper Bros, Sheffield 1949, 104g

Lot 67 – Sale Price: £750.00

An E. Silver & Co four piece silver tea set comprising hot water jug, tea pot, sugar and milk jug, Sheffield 1946/7, 1756g

Lot 68 – Sale Price: £80.00

Three cased sets of six silver teaspoons including apostle handled, Sheffield and Birmingham hallmarks, 125g

Lot 69 – Sale Price: £30.00

Mixed silver cutlery etc including cake servers, sugar nips, pipe, sugar sifting spoon, salt spoon and teaspoon (7)

Lot 70 – Sale Price: £50.00

A silver cream jug and pin dish, 120g

Lot 71 – Sale Price: £70.00

A silver pedestal Bon-Bon dish with swag border, retailed by Brook & Son, 87 George St. Edinburgh, 179g

Lot 72 – Sale Price: £70.00

A Harrison & Hipwood Deco silver cruet set and associated silver cream jug, 172g

Lot 73 – Sale Price: £160.00

An Imported silver tea caddy of barrel form with decorative Dutch scenes, 12.5cm tall, 238g

Lot 74 – Sale Price: £32.00

A Walker & Hall silver vase with weighted base, pieced frieze, dent to lip, Sheffield 1924, 20cm tall

Lot 75 – Sale Price: £110.00

A Joseph Gloster silver chocolate/coffee pot, marks rubbed, 391g(dents present)

Lot 76 – Sale Price: £30.00

A Chick & sons Ltd silver floral embossed dish 15cm long, Birmingham, 88g

Lot 77 – Sale Price: £430.00

A John Rose silver three piece deco style teaset, Birmingham 1936, 1267g

Lot 78 – Sale Price: £55.00

Atkin brothers silver embossed cream jug and sugar bowl Sheffield 1900 (2) 147g (split to lip of bowl)

Lot 79 – Sale Price: £30.00

A Charles S Green & Co Ltd crystal glass silver necked decanter with facet finial stopper slight grazing to glass, 25.5cm tall

Lot 81 – Sale Price: £60.00

A cased set of six silver cake forks, 145g and cased set of silver handled butter knives (2)

Lot 82 – Sale Price: £55.00

A silver ash tray, pierced twin handled dish and tea strainer with stand marked 800, 220g

Lot 83 – Sale Price: £48.00

Four frames including silver

Lot 84 – Sale Price: £42.00

A tortoiseshell and silver banded dressing table items including mirror, brushes and pots

Lot 85 – Sale Price: £32.00

Five silver and sterling napkin rings including two with elephant detail, 107g

Lot 86 – Sale Price: £180.00

A silver Padgett & Braham Ltd barrel form desk calendar, London 1936, 13.5cm long

Lot 87 – Sale Price: £42.00

A silver D.Bros purse on chain with all over leaf decoration, leather interior with written identification details (dents present), 9cm long

Lot 88 – Sale Price: £90.00

An early 20th Century cigarette case, the front cover decorated with a terrier. Interior inscribed 'Love from mother', 8.5cm x 6.5cm, 95g (areas of scuffing and damage)

Lot 89 – Sale Price: £120.00

A Sanders & Mackenzie Art Deco silver picture frame, 16cm x 12.5cm, Birmingham 1925

Lot 90 – Sale Price: £28.00

Three silver backed brushes, shoe horn, button hook and manicure items

Lot 91 – Sale Price: £32.00

925 and white metal pill/trinket pots, the two smaller ones marked 925 (5)

Lot 92 – Sale Price: £90.00

Six various Cloisonne trinket pots 4 marked 925

Lot 93 – Sale Price: £50.00

A cased set of six silver coffee bean spoons, mustard , salt and pepperette, 135g

Lot 94 – Sale Price: £40.00

Crystal glass scent bottle some with silver embellishment (4)

Lot 95 – Sale Price: £65.00

A variety of silver and Sterling spoons and a fork, 216g

Lot 97 – Sale Price: £42.00

Lockets including gold (4)

Lot 98 – Sale Price: £110.00

A pair of 9ct gold cufflink's and silver pair. Gold pair weighing 9 grams

Lot 99 – Sale Price: £42.00

A ruby set tie pin, another and brooch (3)

Lot 100 – Sale Price: £30.00

A snake skin covered hip flask with engraved lid, 15cm tall

Lot 101 – Sale Price: £50.00

A Waltham USA pocket watch in Dennison case, coins and Medallions including 'The Small holder Championship'

Lot 102 – Sale Price: £170.00

An Edwardian three bottle scent bottle in ornate case, 9cm tall

Lot 103 – Sale Price: £140.00

A modern cast bust of Nelson, 33.5cm tall

Lot 104 – Sale Price: £40.00

A pair of modern candlesticks in the antique style, Dolphin with acanthus sconce, 28cm tall

Lot 105 – Sale Price: £45.00

A Cranberry glass claret jug with plated neck and handle and ruby glass water jug with cup

Lot 106 – Sale Price: £170.00

Three cast metal Thai figures including Buddha, tallest 30cm tall

Lot 109 – Sale Price: £22.00

A pair of porcelain Royale pots with floral cartouches, 11cm tall

Lot 110 – Sale Price: £70.00

A pair of Holkham pottery Egyptian obelisks 44cm tall

Lot 112 – Sale Price: £170.00

A pair of Oriental vases, 22.5cm tall and dish 21cm long (3)

Lot 113 – Sale Price: £22.00

A pair of Sitzendorf style urn vases, 15cm tall

Lot 114 – Sale Price: £20.00

A Dresden lidded pot, Worcester style jug German figure and Oriental saucer (4)

Lot 115 – Sale Price: £85.00

A Vienna lidded urn on plinth (restoration to lid) and vase marked Die Malkunst, 21cm & 25.5cm

Lot 117 – Sale Price: £80.00

A quantity of Royal Crown Derby including miniature vases, plate, and pin dishes (10)

Lot 118 – Sale Price: £75.00

A silver plate desk stand with central globe container, 27cm long

Lot 119 – Sale Price: £32.00

Eastern white metal items including twin lidded pot, ashtray etc

Lot 120 – Sale Price: £30.00

Souvenir spoons, silver and plated photograph frames, marriage certificate holder etc

Lot 121 – Sale Price: £20.00

Quantity of silver plate, wine bottle pourer, pricket sticks, stem vase etc

Lot 122 – Sale Price: £35.00

Crystal glass decanter, cocktail maker and plated cocktail shakers (4)

Lot 123 – Sale Price: £35.00

A silver painted highly ornate mirror with all over floral and leaf design, 39cm x 25cm

Lot 124 – Sale Price: £50.00

Three 19th Century framed Minton tiles

Lot 125 – Sale Price: £55.00

Six Hammersley & Co coffee cans and saucers, one saucer not matching

Lot 126 – Sale Price: £35.00

A Wickwar Manufacturer, Poland Street, London, red box, miniature box and desk tidy (3)

Lot 127 – Sale Price: £15.00

An Edwardian mounted time piece with inlaid decoration, 22cm long

Lot 129 – Sale Price: £40.00

A pair of Cloisonne vases, singular vase and dish (4), 26cm tall

Lot 130 – Sale Price: £70.00

A vintage Manchester Special Constable truncheon, 40cm long

Lot 131 – Sale Price: £70.00

A modern oleograph print of ships in gilt frame, 19cm x 39cm

Lot 134 – Sale Price: £25.00

A 20th Century English School watercolour of sailing boats at sea, framed and glazed, unsigned, 13.5cm x 24.5cm

Lot 135 – Sale Price: £240.00

A 19th Century English School portrait of elderly lady wearing a bonnet and black dress, oil on canvas, relined gilt frame, 26cm x 20cm

Lot 138 – Sale Price: £20.00

Two hand-painted and gilded prints ''The Virgin of the Lamb'' and ''The Visitation of the Virgin to Saint Elizabeth''. 11.5cm x 8cm

Lot 141 – Sale Price: £120.00

A 20th Century oil on canvas depicting boat on the Broads. Signed Lewin 24.5cm x 50cm

Lot 142 – Sale Price: £22.00

After Van Dyck engraved by W Ridgway ''The Marriage of St Catherine'', 44cm x 41cm

Lot 143 – Sale Price: £22.00

A Victorian English School watercolour depicting shepherd and sheep on country lane, 17.5cm x 27cm

Lot 144 – Sale Price: £150.00

E. LE DESSAIN portrait of a seated lady with a dog, charcoal, watercolour and body colour signed and dated 1856, in a gilt and gesso frame, 46cm x 37cm

Lot 146 – Sale Price: £140.00

T. C. HUGGINS ''watering the horses'', oil on board 30.5cm x 45cm

Lot 147 – Sale Price: £170.00

A 19th Century portrait reverse painted on glass, 45cm x 36cm

Lot 149 – Sale Price: £40.00

Three 19th Century etchings including ''The Palace Hotel, Buckingham Gate, Colonua Trajana'' and ''Veduta di Piazza''

Lot 151 – Sale Price: £50.00

Vincent Haddelsey (1929-2010) Limited Edition print 163/175 pencil signed 54cm x 88cm. ''The Royal Wedding''

Lot 153 – Sale Price: £22.00

A framed vintage photograph of ''Mr. William Taylor and his wife the Duchess'' details verso, 16cm x 13cm

Lot 154 – Sale Price: £85.00

A decorative 20th Century Iznik lidded vase, 42cm tall

Lot 155 – Sale Price: £200.00

A modern Oriental blue and white lidded vase on ornate carved wood stand, vase 53cm tall, total height 76cm tall

Lot 156 – Sale Price: £130.00

A modern Oriental canton style vase with lid on carved wood stand, vase 44cm tall, total height 52cm

Lot 157 – Sale Price: £65.00

A Victorian cast iron stick stand painted green, 67cm x 38cm

Lot 158 – Sale Price: £38.00

Various walking sticks including pharaoh headed, horn etc

Lot 159 – Sale Price: £60.00

Three hoop handled walking canes with white metal ends

Lot 160 – Sale Price: £42.00

A three piece Indian handled walking cane and another with weave top (2)

Lot 161 – Sale Price: £95.00

A Victorian & Albert Museum Marie-Antoinette clock in fine porcelain, 42cm tall

Lot 162 – Sale Price: £95.00

The Victoria & Albert Museum Marie-Antoinette clock, fine porcelain in blue, 26cm x 22cm

Lot 163 – Sale Price: £230.00

A late 19th Century French Andre Hoffman ceramic and ormolu clock

Lot 164 – Sale Price: £65.00

A late 19th Century kyingsang province, Korea document box with purchase certificate, 24.5cm x 27cm x 27cm

Lot 165 – Sale Price: £140.00

A walnut Apprentice chest of five drawers. 34cm x 23cm

Lot 166 – Sale Price: £20.00

Two oil lamps with clear glass reservoirs

Lot 167 – Sale Price: £55.00

The Oxford History of England, 15 volumes

Lot 170 – Sale Price: £175.00

A late 19th/early 20th Century Dutch style still life of flowers on mantel piece in highly ornate frame, oil on canvas, unsigned, 90cm x 60cm

Lot 172 – Sale Price: £85.00

Night scene attributed to Sebastian Pether (1790 - 1844) watercolour, 11cm x 18cm

Lot 175 – Sale Price: £190.00

A 19th Century gilt domed top overmantel mirror with acanthus and swag embellishment, mirror plate a/f. 12.5cm x 99cm

Lot 176 – Sale Price: £42.00

A modern painting in the classical style, with ruin, figures and sea, gilt framed, 38cm x 48cm

Lot 178 – Sale Price: £90.00

An Indian watercolour depicting a peacock in tree, 26cm x14cm

Lot 179 – Sale Price: £20.00

A 20th Century English School unsigned watercolour, rowing boat on river with grazing sheep, 17cm x 28cm

Lot 181 – Sale Price: £10.00

A watercolour of a soldier in the 18th Hussars dated 1815. 28cm x 12cm

Lot 183 – Sale Price: £20.00

E DAVIES: ''Richmond Park'' watercolour. 26cm x 37cm

Lot 184 – Sale Price: £4,200.00

A late 19th Century/early 20th Century Chinese silk panel depicting garden scene with figures, foliage, birds. 72cm x 70cm

Lot 185 – Sale Price: £70.00

A modern oil painting depicting Cardinal John Henry Newman now St Johny Henry, in ornate frame, 50cm x 40cm

Lot 186 – Sale Price: £750.00

GEORGE PAICE (1854-1925) from Derby Victorian oil on canvas depicting setters in Clearing with trees and hills to background, heavy gilt frame, 60cm x 90cm

Lot 187 – Sale Price: £160.00

A modern oil painting depictingHelena Snakenborg later Marchiness of Northampton in ornate frame, 65cm x 60cm

Lot 189 – Sale Price: £30.00

An early to mid 20th Century Spanish fan in display case, 63cm long

Lot 191 – Sale Price: £270.00

Two French armchairs with feather filled cushion, 94cm wide

Lot 193 – Sale Price: £220.00

A Georgian mahogany two drawer night table with slide, 72cm x 68cm x 53cm

Lot 194 – Sale Price: £38.00

A green shaded bankers lamp, 39cm tall

Lot 195 – Sale Price: £20.00

A pair of miniature lustre lamps, silk shades, 29cm tall

Lot 196 – Sale Price: £150.00

A bright yellow wingback armchair with stud detail, wear present, 82cm wide

Lot 197 – Sale Price: £140.00

Plumbs Silk upholstered wingback armchair with button back, discolouration to head rest and arms, fire label to cushion, 80cm wide

Lot 201 – Sale Price: £28.00

A Short & Mason, London, Stormoguide barometer, 23.5cm diameter

Lot 202 – Sale Price: £50.00

A late Victorian wall hanging barometer with carved case spindle detail, 56cm x 30cm

Lot 203 – Sale Price: £85.00

A modern French Louis XV style slim chest of kidney form with marble top and pierced gallery, 73cm x 60cm

Lot 204 – Sale Price: £22.00

A pair of antique style Japanese lamps with shades, figural decoration damage to back of one, 74cm tall

Lot 209 – Sale Price: £70.00

An early 20th Century English barometer with barley twist supports and brass face, 88cm tall

Lot 211 – Sale Price: £110.00

A 20th Century bijouterie cabinet on square tapering legs, 76cm x 51cm x 36cm

Lot 212 – Sale Price: £45.00

A 20th Century carved Indian hardwood console table with serpentine top, floral high relief carving, 76cm x 68cm

Lot 213 – Sale Price: £85.00

A Royal Worcester ''Empire Blue'' part dinner service, plates, tureens, soup bowls etc

Lot 214 – Sale Price: £180.00

A part suite of crystal glasses with leaf frieze including champagne, wine and highball glasses, approximately 27

Lot 215 – Sale Price: £42.00

A red Kaydim rug with central row of octagonal guls, 186cm x 102cm

Lot 216 – Sale Price: £100.00

A handwoven Caucus rug with deep blue colouring, 198cm x 160cm

Lot 221 – Sale Price: £180.00

A Royal Worcester highly decorative tea service, incomplete

Lot 222 – Sale Price: £40.00

An ornamental bird cage, 52cm tall

Lot 223 – Sale Price: £60.00

A modern highly ornate mirror with candle sconces, 71cm tall

Lot 224 – Sale Price: £40.00

A modern gilt three-tier mirrored wall shelf, 94cm x 52cm

Lot 225 – Sale Price: £30.00

An Indian hardwood console table in the 19th Century style, 78cm x 107cm

Lot 226 – Sale Price: £440.00

A near pair of substantial terracotta urns on plinths 130cm tall and 140cm tall

Lot 227 – Sale Price: £140.00

A composition urn on plinth with grape and vine decoration, 100cm tall

Lot 228 – Sale Price: £170.00

A pair of urns on socle's, 54cm tall x 63cm diameter

Lot 229 – Sale Price: £80.00

An Armillary sphere on plinth, 118cm tall

Lot 231 – Sale Price: £20.00

An octagonal marble top conservatory table

Lot 233 – Sale Price: £75.00

Two blue glazed planted pots

Lot 234 – Sale Price: £180.00

An early Victorian mahogany extending dining table on melon fluted legs to castors, 148cm long x 106cm

Lot 235 – Sale Price: £320.00

An early Victorian mahogany set of eight (6+2) dining chairs, drop-in seats, melon fluted legs

Lot 237 – Sale Price: £25.00

A gilt figure of a lurcher, 15cm tall

Lot 238 – Sale Price: £200.00

In the manner of ''Maple & Co'' a Victorian carved oak desk with single frieze drawer the tooled leather inset over carved lion heads clutching brass rings on turned legs joined by an ''H'' stretcher, 77cm tall x 120cm wide x 88cm deep

Lot 241 – Sale Price: £20.00

A modern classical gilded overmantel wall mirror with bevelled glass, foliate relief, 79cm x 125cm

Lot 242 – Sale Price: £25.00

ROWLAND HILDER (1905-1993): A framed and glazed limited edition print, ''The Mill at Harlow, Essex''. Pencil signed and No. 87/150, blind stamped. Image size 43cm x 60cm

Lot 243 – Sale Price: £25.00

A pencil sketch depicting a young early Victorian maiden with basket of fruit, drawn by D.J. Walsham, dated July 9th 1849, gilt frame, 69cm x 49cm

Lot 244 – Sale Price: £150.00

A 17th Century pegged oak five panel mule chest, the hinged three plank lid over two base drawers on stile feet, 141cm wide x 79cm tall x 51cm deep

Lot 246 – Sale Price: £20.00

A large modern gilded wall mirror with canted corners, bevelled glass, 116cm x 133cm

Lot 248 – Sale Price: £48.00

An ornate brass five sconce table electrolier with black and white square marble base on brass paw feet, with five silk shades, 68cm tall with shades

Lot 249 – Sale Price: £22.00

A heavy resin bronze figure ''childhood days'' 22cm x 17cm

Lot 254 – Sale Price: £180.00

Circa 1840 a circular tilt top table on carved and turned column over scroll foot carved tripod legs and white ceramic castors, 72cm tall x 113cm diameter

Lot 255 – Sale Price: £130.00

An ''Original'' M.O.D 23 air rifle

Lot 256 – Sale Price: £45.00

A Victorian dial clock with Roman numerated face, 30cm dial

Lot 257 – Sale Price: £120.00

A Victorian carved walnut high back fireside armchair with serpentine front seat and grapevine detailing

Lot 258 – Sale Price: £5.00

Two brass octagonal trays, 25cm long

Lot 259 – Sale Price: £180.00

An 18th Century six plank coffer, on stile feet, 53cm x 100cm x 35cm

Lot 260 – Sale Price: £30.00

Three Art Deco figural prints of females after Erte, framed and glazed

Lot 262 – Sale Price: £10.00

An early to mid 20th Century bowl with cupid support and crystal glass decanter

Lot 266 – Sale Price: £50.00

A Chinnoiserie painted table lamp with shade

Lot 267 – Sale Price: £80.00

An oak height adjustable two shelf bookcase on a plinth base, 117cm x 90cm

Lot 269 – Sale Price: £25.00

A 1920's oak dressing mirror, 127cm x 36cm

Lot 270 – Sale Price: £65.00

A Victorian walnut pot cupboard, round cornered with arched door, plinth base, 75cm x 39.5cm x 34cm

Lot 273 – Sale Price: £28.00

Three green tinted drinking glasses with etched bowls and twisted stems

Lot 274 – Sale Price: £15.00

A selection of EPNS fish knives and forks, coffee spoons, Wedgwood Jasperware, First Day covers, mother-of-pearl tie pin and a bracelet

Lot 276 – Sale Price: £10.00

A 19th Century pewter pint tankard, stamped H. Johnson Hammersmith and a pewter oil lamp (top dented) (2)

Lot 279 – Sale Price: £15.00

A brass effect twin bulb table lamp

Lot 280 – Sale Price: £50.00

A pair of circular wrought brass easel backed picture frames

Lot 281 – Sale Price: £12.00

A Victorian slate and marble mantel clock with key and pendulum

Lot 285 – Sale Price: £42.00

A late 19th Century stick-back grandfather's chair

Lot 288 – Sale Price: £10.00

A six place Colclough teaset

Lot 290 – Sale Price: £80.00

A 19th Century beech four ring ladder-back country elbow chair the rush seat over turned legs and stretcher stamped ''E'' to rear leg

Lot 291 – Sale Price: £30.00

Two Enesco Parastone Mahogany Princess figures ''Motherhood'', 18cm tall and ''The Gift'', 19cm tall, both signed Ed Van Rosmalen (2)

Lot 293 – Sale Price: £90.00

An early 20th Century Westminster chiming mantel clock with a Perivale movement, with keys and pendulum, 28cm high total

Lot 294 – Sale Price: £40.00

A gilt painted overmantel mirror with column mounts

Lot 295 – Sale Price: £18.00

PETER NEWCOMBE (XX): A framed and glazed limited edition print, ''Winter Evening''. Pencil signed and No. 21/100. Image size 35cm x 53cm

Lot 296 – Sale Price: £22.00

Three framed and glazed images of Art Nouveau theatre and advertising prints

Lot 297 – Sale Price: £5.00

A floral decorated wash bowl, jug and chamber pot a/f with a small vase and toothbrush holder (5)

Lot 298 – Sale Price: £100.00

An early Victorian mahogany washstand, the shaped three quarter gallery back over bow fronted twin frieze drawers on turned legs, 100cm x 95cm x 50cm

Lot 299 – Sale Price: £12.00

DAVID SHEPHERD: Framed and glazed print of London, 74.5cm x 49cm

Lot 300 – Sale Price: £38.00

A Rococo style wall mirror

Lot 301 – Sale Price: £20.00

An Enesco Parastone Mahogany Princess figurine ''Millennium'', 30cm tall and another 23cm tall, both signed Ed Van Rosmalen (2)

Lot 302 – Sale Price: £20.00

A George III mahogany corner washstand with single drawer to bow front, outswept supports

Lot 303 – Sale Price: £100.00

A Royal Copenhagen china table lamp, 29cm tall with a Copenhagen figure of boy with horn

Lot 305 – Sale Price: £25.00

A pair of Victorian reverse painted on glass scenes of dwellings and windmills, gilt painted frames, 45cm x 64cm

Lot 306 – Sale Price: £22.00

An ornate brass table lamp with shade

Lot 309 – Sale Price: £95.00

An early 19th Century oak longcase clock, painted metal square 11'' Roman dial signed Warren, Ixworth. 30 hour rope driven movement of birdcage form, recoil anchor escapement and countwheel striking a bell, with pendulum. 206cm high

Lot 310 – Sale Price: £60.00

A pair of cut glass table lamps with silk pleated shades, 61cm tall total

Lot 312 – Sale Price: £22.00

A pair of 10'' x 7'' easel back photograph frames

Lot 313 – Sale Price: £25.00

A pair of white porcelain Teal duck figures

Lot 315 – Sale Price: £290.00

An 18th Century flame mahogany longcase clock with blind fretwork detail to hood. 12'' square brass dial with Roman/Arabic silvered chapter rings and pierced steel hands with calendar wheel, signed Benjamin Anns, Highworth. 8 day movement with rack and snail striking a bell, of four pillar construction with recoil anchor escapement. With keys, pendulum and weights, 216cm high, case a/f in places

Lot 316 – Sale Price: £290.00

A mid Victorian walnut wardrobe, the stepped cornice over large arched mirrored door opening to reveal hanging space and base drawer, on bracket feet, 201cm x 112cm x 68cm

Lot 319 – Sale Price: £10.00

JANINE REEVES: A watercolour of Southwold scene, signed, framed and glazed, 21cm x 30cm

Lot 320 – Sale Price: £20.00

A circa 1970 oil on board, chrysanthemums still life, indistinctly signed, believed by a Greek artist, 44cm x 54cm

Lot 323 – Sale Price: £15.00

JANINE REEVES: A watercolour entitled ''Watergarden'' depicting Trastevere Botanical Gardens, signed and dated lower right, framed and glazed, 55cm x 21cm

Lot 325 – Sale Price: £35.00

A brass cased Metamec ''Self-winding'' mantel clock with mother of pearl effect dial, circa 1960's. 15cm high

Lot 328 – Sale Price: £48.00

A quantity of walking sticks including gnarled and a shooting stick

Lot 329 – Sale Price: £20.00

A brushed brass effect reading standard lamp, 142cm tall

Lot 330 – Sale Price: £45.00

An ornate gilt framed wall mirror, 87cm x 68cm

Lot 333 – Sale Price: £10.00

A brass oil lamp with English burner, 44cm tall

Lot 335 – Sale Price: £32.00

GEOFFREY BURROWS: Norfolk Cottage, Crostwick Common, oil on board, framed, signed lower left, 28.5cm x 20cm

Lot 336 – Sale Price: £170.00

A 19th Century walnut Savonarola chair with carved decoration, 84cm tall

Lot 339 – Sale Price: £20.00

A carved wooden rabbit on pedestal stand, 30cm tall

Lot 341 – Sale Price: £100.00

A Georgian style Gainsboro armchair with matching stool on turned legs and brass cup castors

Lot 344 – Sale Price: £30.00

A large quantity of Johnson Bros. Indian Tree tablewares

Lot 345 – Sale Price: £25.00

A burr walnut patch veneered dining table, 82cm high x 200cm x 100cm

Lot 346 – Sale Price: £28.00

Two 1940's mantel clocks, one Art Deco style oak cased, together with an uncased movement (3)

Lot 348 – Sale Price: £18.00

An Edwardian inlaid carver chair

Lot 351 – Sale Price: £100.00

A George III flame mahogany circular tilt top wine table on vase shaped turned column and pad foot tripod base, 83cm diameter

Lot 355 – Sale Price: £35.00

A set of six Webb crystal glass tumblers, boxed

Lot 357 – Sale Price: £10.00

Four small Oriental eggshell cups and three saucers decorated with peacock and peahens, small chip to base of one cup

Lot 361 – Sale Price: £65.00

An Arts and Crafts walnut bedside cabinet with carved single door and raised back on a plinth base, 83cm x 39cm x 36cm

Lot 365 – Sale Price: £25.00

A set of three dog themed cushions

Lot 368 – Sale Price: £240.00

A Regency gypsy table with central marquetry panel depicting boys playing, with turned faux bamboo legs, 63cm tall x 46cm diameter

Lot 371 – Sale Price: £150.00

A framed and glazed print of London - ''The Bastion of Liberty'' published by Pictorial Maps Ltd., 67.5cm x 55cm

Lot 372 – Sale Price: £200.00

A George III oak country house two door full height corner cupboard with painted interior over a plinth base, with two keys, 218cm tall x 100cm wide

Lot 374 – Sale Price: £45.00

Three Royal Mail first day covers albums with GB covers ranging from 1985 to 1999, all typed addresses (approx. 144 covers)

Lot 375 – Sale Price: £110.00

A Victorian inlaid mahogany display cabinet, central stained glass door revealing drawers, flanked by two glazed sections with shaped shelved interior, raised on square tapering legs to spade feet, 101cm x 82cm x 27cm

Lot 377 – Sale Price: £12.00

A set of green painted Librasco scales with weights

Lot 378 – Sale Price: £140.00

A late Victorian walnut two door glazed bookcase with key, 106cm x 90cm x 30cm

Lot 379 – Sale Price: £170.00

A circa 1900 pair of walnut three drawer bedside chests on turned legs with working key to all locks, 78cm x 44cm

Lot 380 – Sale Price: £20.00

A Victorian mahogany three tier wall hanging display shelf with turned supports, 56cm x 15cm x 17.5cm

Lot 383 – Sale Price: £38.00

A modern adjustable desk lamp with black enamel shade, 50cm tall

Lot 386 – Sale Price: £25.00

Three glass decanters with stoppers and a spare stopper

Lot 387A – Sale Price: £20.00

A Victorian mahogany corner wall bracket

Lot 389 – Sale Price: £20.00

A cannon ball on stand

Lot 390 – Sale Price: £22.00

A handcrafted jewellery box with mixed specimen woods including sapele mahogany, bird's eye, satinwood, rosewood, and a lady's vanity box

Lot 392A – Sale Price: £250.00

A Victorian style decorative brass and cylindrical glass hanging electric lantern, 53cm tall

Lot 393 – Sale Price: £50.00

An Elwell Firemans axe and belt set

Lot 394 – Sale Price: £150.00

A graduating trio of 19th Century rosewood Chinese tables, 64cm tall

Lot 396 – Sale Price: £75.00

An early 20th Century swordstick, tortoiseshell effect covering a/f

Lot 398 – Sale Price: £20.00

A London Clock Company drop dial wall clock, 59cm long

Lot 399 – Sale Price: £18.00

An Art Deco heavily cut glass water jug

Lot 403 – Sale Price: £28.00

An Edwardian walnut low elbow chair with ''X'' frame back, fringing to seat a/f

Lot 403A – Sale Price: £55.00

A vintage ''Peek, Frean & Co. London Biscuits'' tin sign, distressed, 31cm x 41cm

Lot 404 – Sale Price: £70.00

A Brass Star MFG. Co, Boston brass wall clock, 28cm diameter, later quartz conversion

Lot 405 – Sale Price: £50.00

A vintage copper Royal Navy casket rum pourer/measure

Lot 406 – Sale Price: £60.00

A short sword with shagreen handle a/f

Lot 409 – Sale Price: £22.00

Fifteen volumes on horology reference including ''English Lantern Clocks'' (W.F.S. Hana) ''English House Clocks 1600-1850'' (Anthony Bird), ''Britten's Old Clocks & Watches & Their Makers - 9th Edition'', ''Watchmakers and Clockmakers of the World'' (G.H. Baillie), ''The Grandfather Clock Maintenance Manual'' (John Vernon) etc. (15)

Lot 410 – Sale Price: £10.00

Eleven various animal figures including a Beswick ram a/f, Sylvac dog etc

Lot 411 – Sale Price: £30.00

A quantity of flatware

Lot 412 – Sale Price: £20.00

A box of brasswares including miners lamp

Lot 413 – Sale Price: £60.00

A large collection of crystal glass drinking glasses and water jug

Lot 414 – Sale Price: £20.00

A collection of ceramics including Crown Fieldings lamp base and Woods Ivory ware fish design meat plate etc

Lot 416 – Sale Price: £5.00

A Minton bone china dish and cabinet plates

Lot 417 – Sale Price: £5.00

A bygone ''Boots'' ''IDEAL'' bed and douche slipper pan, a Wedgwood blue and white charger and a Leonardo Collection novelty teapot in the form of a village pub together with a Capodimonte figure, children with dove a/f (4)

Lot 419 – Sale Price: £210.00

Royal Mail/Royal Mint first day covers three albums ranging from 1994 to 2015 (63 covers)

Lot 420 – Sale Price: £42.00

Two stamp albums, mixed first day covers etc

Lot 421 – Sale Price: £10.00

An embroidered panel depicting a bird on a branch in flower, together with an assortment of needlecraft books, magazines and a cased Boots cotton reel

Lot 428 – Sale Price: £15.00

An 1830 Baxter print ''Landing of Her Majesty and Prince Albert in Ireland'', 10cm x 14.5cm

Lot 431 – Sale Price: £35.00

DICK BAGNELL-OAKELEY; Fishing boats in Yarmouth 1931, 21cm x 26cm

Lot 432 – Sale Price: £10.00

A Rapport mantel clock, Oriental ceramic mantel clock and Bencraft ceramic mantel clock (3)

Lot 434 – Sale Price: £22.00

A late 17th Century hand-coloured map engraving ''The East Riding of Yorkshire'' after Robert Morden, 1695 date to mount, framed and glazed, 36cm x 42cm

Lot 435 – Sale Price: £5.00

A Briglin studio pottery vase and a Brody Company Ohio glass bowl (2)

Lot 436 – Sale Price: £5.00

Three 19th Century glass measures, one a/f, tallest 19.5cm, including a cased minim measure together with a miniature carafe (4)

Lot 437 – Sale Price: £10.00

Four 19th Century etchings including Batley Abbey

Lot 438 – Sale Price: £20.00

Four pieces of Beswick: two donkeys, one a/f - missing an ear, a foal and a Beneagles Scotch Whisky miniature (4)

Lot 439 – Sale Price: £25.00

A Meissen style ceramic easel back mirror with cherub and floral detail

Lot 440 – Sale Price: £30.00

A vintage mohair bear and monkey

Lot 445 – Sale Price: £12.00

Three Delft ceramic houses, Goebel Hummel Postman figure and a miniature Royal Doulton stoneware vase

Lot 446 – Sale Price: £22.00

Saxton's map of Suffolk 1575, printed by Taylowe Ltd 1962, 45cm x 56cm

Lot 447 – Sale Price: £5.00

Bygones including whistle, purse, level, trinket pot and stereograph photos

Lot 450 – Sale Price: £50.00

JANINE REEVES: Three watercolours of Amalfi coast scenes, signed, framed and glazed

Lot 451 – Sale Price: £22.00

A 20th Century German porcelain family figure group in 18th Century style, seated by a tree admiring a canary, crowned N in blue to base

Lot 452 – Sale Price: £20.00

A Crown Devon jardiniere and bowl on pedestals (2)

Lot 453 – Sale Price: £15.00

JANINE REEVES: Two abstract scene watercolours, ancient site, ruins and Apollo Adaphne, both signed, framed and glazed

Lot 454 – Sale Price: £15.00

A Glyn Colledge Denby mug, a Carlton Ware lustre fruit bowl, a footed bowl and pin dish (4)

Lot 455 – Sale Price: £6.00

A Capodimonte figural scene depicting two seated gentlemen reading a paper (a/f)

Lot 457 – Sale Price: £5.00

Two 19th Century Furnivals ''Charm'' pattern lidded serving tureens one complete with original ladle and under plate, the larger one with an integral draining plate

Lot 460 – Sale Price: £32.00

A metal and brass fitted miners lamp, British made, stamped 392

Lot 463 – Sale Price: £32.00

A cast iron Uncle Sam money box, 28cm tall

Lot 464 – Sale Price: £40.00

A metal and brass blue glass miners lamp with brass maker's plate

Lot 466 – Sale Price: £65.00

A military brass hand bell with broad arrow, possibly ARP and ARP whistle (2)

Lot 468 – Sale Price: £20.00

H. BRAMLEY: Broads scene ''Resting'' dated 1977, oil on board, signed lower right, 31cm x 42cm

Lot 469 – Sale Price: £15.00

Two early to mid 20th Century mahogany timepieces, one with later quartz movement

Lot 472 – Sale Price: £20.00

A box of Ardath cigarette cards, etc many full sets including ''Life in the Services'', ''National Fitness'', other cigarette cards including W.D. & H.O. Wills ''Wild Flowers'', Carreras Ltd ''Dogs & Friends'', etc

Lot 475 – Sale Price: £32.00

A hardwood blood letting tool

Lot 476 – Sale Price: £10.00

A miniature French ormolu timepiece, 16cm tall

Lot 477 – Sale Price: £20.00

A Kienzle marquetry framed clock

Lot 480 – Sale Price: £42.00

A Japanese brass snapper turtle, 8cm tall

Lot 481 – Sale Price: £15.00

A wooden board with a selection of treen, including carved animals, wall plaques, etc

Lot 483A – Sale Price: £200.00

Royal Mail/Royal Mint first day cover GB 2009 Kew Gardens 250th Anniversary 50p coin

Lot 484 – Sale Price: £28.00

A millefiori concentric paperweight/inkwell a/f either a second or with crack

Lot 486 – Sale Price: £45.00

The Lincoln Stamp Album with contents

Lot 488 – Sale Price: £3.00

A vintage Zag-Zaw picture puzzle of York street scene, Happy Families card game, the Practical Engineer pocket book 1905 and ''The Swiss Family Robinson'' book. Books a/f (4)

Lot 489 – Sale Price: £80.00

A box of assorted copper and brass

Lot 490 – Sale Price: £60.00

A collection of items relating to HMS Belfast including Bosun's whistle, telescope and photographs etc

Lot 491 – Sale Price: £45.00

A box of miscellaneous including domino set and whistles

Lot 492 – Sale Price: £22.00

A shoebox of old cigarette cards (many 100's) including Ogdens, Wills, Gallaher, Player's, etc

Lot 493 – Sale Price: £10.00

Four stamp albums, 1930's onwards

Lot 494 – Sale Price: £8.00

A quantity of early 20th Century Ridgways ''Vine'' design table wares including dessert plates, leaf and vine design

Lot 495 – Sale Price: £10.00

A silver Williams Art Nouveau brush marked Birmingham and another silver backed brush marked Birmingham

Lot 498 – Sale Price: £28.00

A limited edition bronze baby frog, boxed with certificate 247/250

Lot 499 – Sale Price: £32.00

A Waterman (Paris) cased fountain pen, spun blue/green colour

Lot 500A – Sale Price: £170.00

A Deco necklace and bracelet

Lot 501 – Sale Price: £160.00

A set of twelve Miller Brothers (Charles Dew Miller) silver napkin rings, all over foliate design, London 1893, with presentation case

Lot 502 – Sale Price: £48.00

A late 19th Century portrait miniature on ivory of an elegant lady a/f

Lot 503 – Sale Price: £35.00

A micro-mosaic floral decorated frame with bone carved central panel depicting deer in a woodland setting, 8cm tall

Lot 504 – Sale Price: £20.00

A Schaeffer gold coloured propelling pencil and fountain pen set and a Kodak Brownie camera, cased (2)

Lot 505 – Sale Price: £20.00

A small quantity of lead soldiers

Lot 506 – Sale Price: £10.00

A silver napkin ring, spoons and pince-nez

Lot 507 – Sale Price: £12.00

R. HEYWOOD: A gilt framed painting of a woodland scene, signed lower right, 50cm x 75cm

Lot 508 – Sale Price: £15.00

A still-life oil on canvas depicting fruit and grapes on table, signed lower right, gilt framed, 50cm x 60cm

Lot 510 – Sale Price: £80.00

A wool rug with red ground, central square, multiple borders and tasselled ends, 230cm x 161cm