The complete service...

Rural Business Services

Farm Agency

  • Sales and Purchases
  • Farm Machinery Auctions
  • Seasonal Grass Lets

Agricultural Consultancy

  • Countryside Stewardship Applications
  • Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) – Greening Advice and Applications
  • Residential Cottage Lettings
  • Local Development Framework Representations
  • Agricultural Tied Dwellings - Lifting ties and obtaining consents for

Estate and Farm Management

  • Day to Day Management and Consultancy
  • Annual reports
  • Net Margin Analysis

Landlord and Tenant

  • Rent Reviews, Succession Application and Arbitration
  • Grazing Licences and Farm Business Tenancies
  • Contract Farming Arrangements


  • Probate, Capital Gains Tax and Stocktaking
  • Family Division and Partnership
  • Insurance

Compulsory Purchase

  • Electricity, Telephone Masts, Gas, Roads, Sewer and Water
  • Rights, Easements and Wayleaves