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Inspection of all items classified as militaria is undertaken by Ed Taxil-Webber who is able to cast very experienced eyes over all candidates for entry into this specialist sale.

Ed’s area of expertise is edged weaponry but has an excellent knowledge of guns and firearms providing a very comprehensive source of information and guidance to prospective vendors. This is extremely important as the sale of guns and edged weapons in particular is subject to very stringent governance by legislation that can, metaphorically speaking, be a mine field for most of us to navigate.

The breadth of these auctions is extensive, but the calibre of lots is strictly monitored. Everything from arms and armour to Zeplin memorabilia is quite likely to appear in these sales. If lots pass muster they are paraded internationally and marketed in auctions with the additional facility of live bidding.

Three dedicated auctions are held each year and they always have a very loyal following. Bidders “battle it out” in good spirits, with interest being won from museums, collectors, historians, authors and dedicated specialists.

Please flag up any requirements you may have in this field.

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