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Blyth Barn
23 March 2017
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Andre Ling & Tom Miller

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Lot No: 4001
A pair of Morris 1000 doors
Lot No: 4002
A Morris Major with radiator, grille shell and another
Lot No: 4003
A box of assorted horns and a box of assorted vintage screw jacks
Lot No: 4004
An early US Jerry can
Lot No: 4005
Three vintage foot pumps including Kismet examples
Lot No: 4006
Four aluminium hub rings, a scissor jack, a vintage pump and another jack
Lot No: 4007
Three vintage foot pumps including Fordson and Dunlop examples
Lot No: 4008
A circa 1970's VW Beetle body
Lot No: 4009
A set of four Mini 5'' wide wheels (one with tyre) and a standard Mini wheel
Lot No: 4010
A set of four ''BMC'' (Austin/Morris 1100/1300) wheels and tyres
Lot No: 4011
Six assorted tyres, some with tubes including a Dunlop SP68 185/13 and a pair of Skoda ''Minilite'' style 13'' four stud wheels
Lot No: 4012
A pair of rear wheel arches from a Rolls Royce Silver Ghost circa 1910
Lot No: 4013
A pair of Renault 5 ET/ETL rear window glasses and a set of Ford Fiesta window glasses with rubbers
Lot No: 4014
Six Rolls Royce Silver Ghost wheels with brake shroud
Lot No: 4015
A part Land Rover exhaust system and an 1st motion transporter gear/spline
Lot No: 4016
A Recon Ford 8/10 radiator
Lot No: 4016A
A Jaguar racing supply box
Lot No: 4017
Three wire spoke wheels with tyres
Lot No: 4018
A vintage car wheel and a Firestone tyre
Lot No: 4019
Five Austin wheels four with tyres
Lot No: 4019A
Five vintage car spoked wheels four with tyres
Lot No: 4020
A Prima cylinder pump
Lot No: 4020A
A vintage glass ''Esso Lube'' bottle
Lot No: 4021
Various motoring prints including a 1950 8 CLT Maserati
Lot No: 4022
Two framed posters ''Road Racing at Brookland's'' and ''Coupe Gurdon-Bennett 1904''
Lot No: 4023
Two Porsche posters
Lot No: 4024
Three framed MG Le Mans pictures
Lot No: 4025
A quantity of mixed motoring posters and a Unipart calender
Lot No: 4026
A framed Delorean advertising poster
Lot No: 4027
Three framed and glazed F1 racing posters